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Obviously this is something that will need the creation kit to work but anyway: Now, what I mean is the outfit of The Rocketeer and his classic rocketpack from the movie. I mean power armor already has a jetpack so why not have the jetpack man sized too?


Just throwing the idea/request out there 'cause, why not? You can blame my nostalgia.

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I think this is a great idea...Sadly even 5 years after this request no one has made the attempt or has uploaded it.
I've seen wips already of art using blender and whatnot, the outfit looks like it can work perfectly for men AND women if it stroked the modder's fancy.
There isn't any complex designs that would cause glitches like the jacket appearing in first person.
The only hard part would probably be the helmet or jetpack.
The pants could use kelloggs model
The jacket could use...Perhaps the jacket from the nuka world dlc from the disciples, just cut off ALL extra pieces of armor and straps.
Then a retexture for the buttons.
And for the boots just get some combat boots from one of the other mod author's designs.
As for the helmet, the tachanca's helmet could be used, but it would require a lot of focus on shaping the helmet too fit the head more, and finally a retexture to give it that retro robotic look.
With the iron man eyes and the...On second thought I do think the mechanist helmet could be utilized if permissions are hard to get for the tachanca.
I can see a lot of vanilla assets only being used to make the Rocketeer.
But I would prefer if a talented mod author decided to make a fully custom model, with niero level designs.

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