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[Mod Request] Censor nude character models


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I'll throw my support behind this as well. Actually been looking for the past half hour or so for this exact thing. Like you said earlier, decapitating bandits isn't going to make me want to grab my shotgun and go on a rampage, but the nudity in the game can make me want to jump on over to a porn site or get to know my right hand better than I should (both of which I'm trying to stop doing). Y'all can mock us for our beliefs about what's right and wrong, but there's also a sizable non-Christian movement (i.e. the /r/nofap subreddit) that at least somewhat agrees with us.

It'd also be nice to know that I can play the Witcher without having to worry about my GF inevitably coming in during one of the quests where I'm required to run around a brothel filled with naked chicks.

Here's to hoping someone will look kindly on us poor little prudes and throw together a modesty mod.


Well if your believings are SO strong, all you need to do is to download mod_kit and following either it's pdf tutorial or youtube video just to recolor the naked textures black (or whatever fits you).





Seriosly, you have a girlfriend but have no sex so you fap on every "naked" pixel? Well I did it myself, then I was a teen, but this game is 18+, you know.

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I totally agree. Wish there was a mod to remove the nudity. It is unnecessary and frankly quite offensive and degrading to female gamers who don't like to see women be objectified in a game. I'm not a feminist, but the nudity does not add to a story at all for me. I want to play the game, but not if there is a lot of nudity and female objectification. Too bad there isn't a setting to dial such things down so the game can appeal to a broader audience. Yes I am fine with the violence and no, that isn't a double standard. Gore and sex are different things entirely. Comparing them is a logical fallacy. Edited by 8rittany
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I don't want to start a debate thread on my mod request, but open nudity is definitely something to be avoided in any society. Also, it's not my "pain". Sure, it's hard to give up certain things as a Christian, but it's well worth it in the long run. Anyway, as I said, please respect my beliefs, and thanks for replying.



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