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Want to spoil me? Multiple mods I want to see made.


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A Katana with unique animations and can decapitate or remove limb of opponents on death depending on where they are struck(more consistently) and with combo attacks each using some stamina which you can continue like in a hack n slash game. It'd be neat if they could slice enemies in half or diagonally etc but I know thatd require a heck of a lot of work so I dont expect it.


Chameleon armor/effect from stealth boys has you semi-transparent (significantly) with your color changing continuously like Chameleon from Mortal Kombat Trilogy(psx) except more fluidly hopefully.


For eventual anthro mlp mods please make it an undershirt/underarmor with unique perks, so we can change which pony we are on the fly instead of having to change our race mid-game through mods.


For the eventual drug visuals mods, I want stuff to be trippy and colorful, for minutes at a time. Where all colors get more vivid, not blurry stuff. Im for entertainment more than immersion I guess and any would be cool, I just like the stuff that can cause seizures(epilepsy).


Make a drug Equip mod, so you can use it in combination with the drug visual mods which will come out, instead of having to retake drugs constantly, besides a whole box of mentats or whole jar of buffout would be overdosing. Perhaps give them a time limit like a fusion core and we can adjust how long we want the countdown.


Make lasers and flame rainbow colored, and explosions rainbow colored and glittery instead of dusty. Thatd be difficult to do I'm sure, but itd fill my brain with such dopamine.


Excessive blood as an add-on to the blood retexture mod. I wanna see blood gushing out of enemies when they are decaptitated sometimes in unrealistic amounts.


Able to add to clothing and armor and weapons blood stains which gives a perk easier to intimidate enemies, and costs a blood pack in modding or a bloodpack with adhesive/paint. I wanna see some dark stuff, it gets the blood pumping. Perhaps a more immersive or realistic cannibal animation for when immersive first person comes out.

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