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This section is dedicated to general PC gaming topics (including debates about upcoming titles, gaming trends and so on), and NOT to issues and discussions about games that already have their own dedicated Nexus section. If you want to talk about a specific game, please post your topic in the forum where it belongs.


The game specific forums can be found here:




A few clickable links to the forums of some of the more popular games:


Fallout 4


Skyrim Special Edition

Fallout New Vegas

Fallout 3


Dragon Age - Inquisition

The Witcher 3


VORTEX related discussions


Remember: if you think your time is so precious that you can just post your topic wherever you please, hoping that the staff will move it to the right place... think again. The moderator team consists of unpaid volunteers: their time is just as precious as yours. So if your post is deleted, they probably did not have the time to do what you should have done yourself - pick the right forum.


UPDATE (Oct 1, 2022): Since 2015, a lot of new games have been added to the site and even with the alphabetical sections, it takes admin level access to manually move and arrange the games in alphabetical order, so a lot of sections still do not have alphabetical ordering. For this reason, it is more likely that posts in this section that relate to specific games featured on the Nexus will be deleted rather than moved.


If you read this topic because your topic has been removed, please make sure that you use the "My Content" link in your forum profile menu to check if your topic has been moved (and not deleted). You can also click on the 'Topics' option below your avatar on your forum profile page to find your recently posted topics.


How to get to the game specific forums quickly?


Method A:


  • Visit www.nexusmods.com.
  • Look up the game you are interested in (Use the search bar).
  • Open the Nexus section dedicated to that game.
  • When the home page of that game opens, click Community -> Forum in the menu bar at the top of the page.


Method B:


  • Use this link -> Nexus Site Forums
  • First, use the single letter ("A", "B", etc.) subsections to find your game forum. For example, if you want to find Skyrim, go to sub-section S.
  • If your game is fairly recent, chances are they have not been sorted into the alphabetical sub-sections (the forum is a fossil, it cannot do this on its own, every now and admin needs to manually sort new games). In that case, press Ctrl + F and use the Search function of your browser (e.g. type 'Grand' and the page will scroll to the Grand Theft Auto IV forums; press the down arrow next to the Search box in your browser and it will take you to the next forum whose name contains 'Grand'.)


If you plan to post frequently, it might be a good idea to bookmark that forum.

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