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Request: Silence Raider voices


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This would be great! I am really bummed that they are starting to script "Jesus Christ!" into games. I am not living under a rock. I can play M rated games and wont be bothered because, hey, its a video game. But The name of Jesus means everything to me. I cant compromise on this. Who do I contact to add my petition for this mod?

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The hard-core adult elements are baked into the very fibre of Fallout games, so they most certainly DO NOT become 'child friendly' because someone wastes their time removing the 'sweary' words.


Personally, I'd like to see Bethesda BAN mods that PRETEND to make their games more 'family friendly' because such mods are always a LIE, and therefore can only act to bring Fallout into disrepute.


If you really have kids that love to 'build', go play minecraft with them. If they love to explore, go play one of the excellent LEGO computer games with them. If your kids are too young to handle adult language, they are too young to play Fallout, no matter what mods you use.

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