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Rey from "The Force Awakens" in Fallout 4 as a follower or playable character including BB-8 with Reys voice and all would be Epic!


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Thanks for taking the time to read this. Long story short I saw A lot of star wars mods, I went to go see The Force Awakens twice, and I tried recreating Rey in fallout during the creation part, failed (mostly because we don't have the mods capable to accurately recreate her yet)... which gave me a very good idea, very good.


Rey (played by Daisy Ridley) is undoubtedly my favorite character from Episode 7 The Force Awakens. What if she was a playable character or follower, fully voiced acted as Rey (probably would need to use the same magic like gamer poops Skyrim series, unless you've got really good connections with Daisy Ridley) who looked extremely identical to Rey (how she looked on Jakku) (Same eyes, nose, ears, mouth, eyebrows, hair (hairs is important), same outfit as Rey, as I said voiced by Daisy Ridley some how, who would wonder the wilderness with BB-8 or located someplace that's isolated. Being a survivor and surviving in a wasteland where her only friend for a bit was BB-8 a droid (see how this can fit in the lore somehow? Domestic robots? Dog meat and the vault dweller?) it could work very well. This mod would surely kick the Vader mods and light saber mods out of the water. I think having both a follower or choose to play as her would be pretty dang epic! It gives me chills just thinking about it.

If you want a story to how she would fit into the lore, just say that she somehow used the force to warp time and space and she ends up on earth, she is a mirror of the relationship of Dog meat and the vault dweller? I don't know I'm not the greatest at story making, who ever mods could easily create the story, it wouldn't be hard to intergrade her, doesn't have to be lore friendly, as we seen with light saber mods. A quest for her would be cool but its up to you the modder what to do, I just gave you the great idea.


I know we don't have the mods to recreate her ourselves (like me) which is why I'm asking for those modders who are extremely talented to take this brilliant idea and incorporated it into Fallout 4 when ever the creation kit comes out. just message me on here or somehow get a hold of me and let me know that you want to run with this idea. You don't have to credit my idea (would be appreciated) just make sure to let me know your making it. Thanks again for reading this I really appreciate it! So stoked to see what you guys think and can do! =)


Ps. Here's some photos of Rey and BB-8 that I found off the internet (you could probably find more on the internet) in case you need a reference or don't know who I'm talking about.

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This would be unreal! Plz somebody make this, I'm a huge fan of Daisy Ridley and Star Wars and this would be a great mod. I'm willing to do whatever I can to help too
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