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Hello everyone,


I noticed a few threads on Star Wars Mods and thought I'd contribute to the discussion.


I downloaded the lightsaber mod this morning, and I had a real good time slicing up raiders and super mutants with it. This got me thinking; wouldn't it be fantastic to roam the wasteland as a jedi/sith?


I envisioned a combination of things into one mod: A quest line which centers around the character becoming a jedi/sith, some new items and then some additions/changes to the existing perk trees. I don't know how much of this would be truly possible before the release of the creation engine (not sure if it's out yet) or even with it, but here goes.


So, to start off, you emerge from the vault with the questline to visit home. You don't take 10 steps back towards Sanctuary Hills before you feel a tug towards something mysterious (a journal entry or something directing you towards some random nearby location, maybe the mole rat cave near Sanctuary, the one with the fusion core). You enter the location, and you come across a holocron. You pick it up, and use it. You get some journal entry about awakening to the feeling of a mysterious force, and the holocron interfaces with your Pip-Boy to give you a quest line. The new quest line focuses on becoming a jedi/sith/force user and can be as deep or as shallow as desired as long as it includes something about building a lightsaber and crafting some jedi robes (the lightsaber would be useful because it could be used in VATS/Jedi combat mode at no AP cost, the robes should have about 5-6 upgrade slots).


So, once all that has been introduced, you're now set on the path towards force usage. Now we get into the meat of the mod; the alterations to the perk trees. Ideally, there's one jedi related perk per SPECIAL attribute. If it can simply be added, perfect, if something has to be replaced, I'm really not sure what the best way to handle it would be, (I'll help you cross that bridge when needed lol). If the simplest thing would be to add a whole new perk tree (no idea why that would be simpler) then it would be a Jedi/Sith/Force User tree with 7 perks. Anyways, whatever the easiest way to modify the tree, the goal is to add 7 new perks. These perks would not actually require any points in the given attribute category (example: you don't need any points in strength to get the strength related Force User perk).


Perk List, by Category:


STRENGTH: Level 1: Adds a "Force Blast" - unlimited ammo grenade, a blast of force about 45 degrees in front with a range of maybe 15 meters. Throws human type enemies, knocks down super mutants, staggers deathclaws. costs maybe 30-40 AP to use (Triggered the same as a grenade, hold the button then release)


Level 2: Force Blast is now twice as strong as it was


Level 3: Force Blast costs half as much


Level 4: Adds Force Lightning - basically a weapon that uses AP. Drain rate should allow for roughly 5 seconds of Lightning if character has 100 AP


Level 5: Force lightning drain rate now allows for 10 seconds of lightning of character has 100 AP


PERCEPTION: Level 1: Replaces VATS with "Battle Trance" (the same as VATS, just with different sound effects and maybe a less blocky UI). Adds the ability to deflect ranged attacks (must have lightsaber) as long as the firer is within your field of view (might not be possible).


Level 2: Grants the equivalent of the VANS ability when you hop into Battle Trance


Level 3: Highlights bodies with loot on them


Level 4: Character can deflect Ranged attacks without a lightsaber


Level 5: You can perceive every enemy within a given space (say 150m in every direction, up and down) regardless of whether or not you can see them, whenever you go into Battle Trance



ENDURANCE: Level 1: You now have a "Force Shield" that resists Radiation and all types of damage. Damage will deplete AP until AP are all gone, at which point damage will start taking off health and character will start taking Radiation again.

Level 2: Same as above, but now damage taken is halved


Level 3: You now have an unlimited use stimpack (called "Force Healing") that will restore you to full health and remove all radiation damage (recovery speed is about half that of using a stimpack)


Level 4: same as above, but now health recovers at the same rate as using a stimpack


Level 5: Force healing now happens automatically roughly 5-7 seconds after you take damage (it will pause for 5-7 seconds each time you take damage)


CHARISMA: Level 1: Always pass the first speech check in a conversation (Jedi mind trick)


Level 2: Always pass the second speech check in a conversation


Level 3: Always pass the third speech check


Level 4: Always pass the fourth speech check


Level 5: Always pass every single speech check you ever make




AGILITY: Level 1: AP Cost for sprinting is set to 0. Falling Damage is set to 0. Character can now jump as if he has a power armor jetpack (hold "jump" to fly up) but it drains AP twice as fast as a jet pack


Level 2: Melee attack distance in VATS/Battle Trance is 2x normal. Sprinting speed is 2x normal


Level 3: Melee attack distance in VATS/Battle Trance is 3x normal. Sprinting speed is 3x normal. Jump AP drain is now the same as a jet pack


Level 4: Melee attack distance in VATS/Battle Trance is 4x normal. Sprinting speed is 4x normal


Level 5: Melee attack distance in VATS/Battle Trance is 5x normal. Sprinting speed is 5x normal. Jump AP drain is now half the same as a Jet Pack


LUCK: Level 1: Melee hits are always criticals


Additional Changes: Character no longer jogs, default movement is walking. Action Points are effectively Force Points now. The real purpose of the lightsaber is to give you a weapon that costs 0 AP and so you can use it as much as you want any time.


This mod would not be intended to be balanced, it is intended to turn you into an unstoppable force of nature.


I realize that this mod would most likely be extremely complex. Hopefully, everything I've outlined is actually possible in game. Anyways, if anybody out there likes the idea here it is.



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