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Dantes Inferno Dante (duh) Detailed Cosplay


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Hi everyone this forum is AWESOME, Dark Souls (mainly the 1st of both souls games) is actually my favorite game, gained the throne to the monster hunter series, thats a lot to me XD.


I need some kind of guide or tutorial or details about how make mi own color/texture changes for armor pieces, my knowledgement in graphic desing is a little poor really, but i'm a self-teaching one guy. my english sucks because im from mexico and only can read and some-like undestand "things". i know there a lot of language traductors all around the web but im not affraid to show my ignorance jajaja. excuse me for the criminally write-thing im trying right now.


i want to work in the dante's inferno dante cosplay taking some very impressive models and ideas from another cos'. something like this:


1. Head: Holy/Cleric Helm


* Apply the colours from the Elite Cleric (to avoid the mouth-covering mail) darkened chain mail and top helm and only change the colour from the head-around belt / noise cover from gold/yelowish to the color from the shoulders of the main body piece armor.


2. Body: Elite Knight Armor (i think the most difficult of all) ok lets get started


* Change the colour of the scarf-thing around te neck to the RED colour used in the Assassins Creed texture mod by ImaGonnaGetYou .

PS: Use the same tone for all the RED things in the process.


* The main metal pieces from shoulders/elbow will work the tones of the Ultimate Knight Set by EvilDeadAsh34 that are something like light grey not so polished metal. The leather belts untouched. The rest of the metal pieces around-covering the arms changed to RED.

PS The boots are used in the combo.


* All the chain mail in the piece changed to transparent, making visible the arms.


* the body cover clothing changed to transparent, making visible the body skin. the central vertical part tinted in RED to the cross, the edge (originally in gold colour) changed to DARKER RED. All the other cloth parts below the waisth will be transparents ,including the chain mail piece making visible the legs from the boots BUT excluding all the leather belts/pouchs, they work vey fine untouched.


3. Hands: Paladin Gauntlets.


* Change the chain mail parts ONLY for the gloves to the colour of the leather in armour. the leather stripes/parts changed to RED and the rest of the chain mail parts maked transparents to show the skin of the arm.


* The colour of the forearm small metal plates combined with the used in the shoulders of the armor.


4. Feets: Knight Boots/Leggins.


* improve the colour of the boots, the leather, taking the tones from Ultimate Knight Set by EvilDeadAsh34.


* The knee pad take the colour tones from the shoulders like all the metal pieces in the armour.


* Darken the upper pants with the tones used again in the Assassins Creed texture mod by ImaGonnaGetYou .


* Change the colour for all the hard leather/metal stripes from the tights again from the used in the shouldeers.


Thats all folks, i think im excesive detailed in the process, if no one wants to try it, at least some one please contacto me to give me advice, guide or examples, im really apreciate it.


I love this F*K*N game, im swear it, and really enjoy triying to make it myself if i can.


Thanks for the time wasted in reading this excesive and crazy request.


If it is not posible to make transparents the parts described, at least making it skin toned. THANKS A LOT! Praise the sun! *

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