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I love the TES Arena Frontier Fortress mod (and I never played TES Arena) but I feel like something is missing. There are no carriages leading to or from the added locations. This is where modders come in. I don't want just any carriages -- no, no, no! They shall be ... Touring Carriages! If anybody could please make a patch that links the carriage-routes in Touring Carriages to the new locations, I would be so happy! I can't really offer you money because... well, let's just say that being a teen doesn't really stop many people from playing Skyrim. But I don't think you would asked for money anyways, right? RIGHT??!! Well, if you do make this patch, please contact me at my email: [email protected]. And hey, if you think it's good enough (not that I would know, because most people don't download Touring Carriages and just watch there character get shown around Skyrim for the entire afternoon) post it on the Nexus! I am sure everyone would love it! I think, at least... Well, I am done with my rant now, but still: DO IT NOW! DO IT NOW!

Thank you and have a nice day!

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