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Laguage Customization Issues/bug/problem


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I think this is a bug, the thing is, when I try to change the language of any soldier in the customization menu, the language selector just disappears when I click left indicator when selecting Spanish or clicking on the right indicator while English is selected. Also, I see in the DefaultContent.ini file that seems to exist more packs of languages like British English, Australian English and so on, languages that I can't select in game. Didn't found a post about this issue, if someone knows about this problem, I will be grateful for helping. Sorry for my poor English and thank you.

EDIT: I reinstalled the game and the mod in English and the problem dissapears, however I would like to play it in Spanish, if someone knows how to do it, tell me pls : )

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I'm getting this bug too when I'm trying to select voice mods I have installed. I'm not using Long War or TexMod.


Any chance someone has a different suggestion about how to fix it?


By the way, I'm also seeing this issue in the "UI Mod Manager" for one of the mods it manages (the perks-give-charges one).


(This is the only referrence to the bug that my Google search revealed.)

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