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Witcher 3 FAQ


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This FAQ is an attempt to answer some common re-occurring Witcher 3 questions. Please note that failing to follow these steps correctly may damage your game. All modding comes with a degree of risk, and it is completely possible to overload any game with mods, which can result in FPS loss, longer load times, and any other number of other issues.


The essentials that you will need to mod the game are:


Prior to adding any mod you will have to create a folder in your main Witcher 3 folder called: Mods

This needs to be done manually.


Custom Localization Fix: http://www.nexusmods...her3/mods/897/?
This is necessary for any mod that alters the menus in the game.


Custom Localization Fix is a mod that is placed in your Mods folder

Extract "modCustomLocalizationFix" to <Witcher 3 Dir>\Mods\
Copy "modCustomLocalizationFix\bin" folder to <Witcher 3 Dir> and overwrite preexisting files to repair damaged localization.ini from other mods
Use Script Merger as needed if you have other mods that modify the following files: baseEffect.ws, hudModuleBuffs.ws, igmOptions.ws


Script Merger: http://www.nexusmods...her3/mods/484/?
This is necessary to resolve conflicts between mods that modify the same file.


Script Merger is a standalone program that can be placed anywhere; it simply needs you to direct it to your main Witcher 3 directory. In most case the automatic function will solve your conflicts. There are however times when it will present you with an message that ‘x’ amount of conflicts remain. You will have to pick which line of the two mods will get the OK. Some conflicts are un-resolvable because they alter too many of the same lines. Single line conflicts have the best chance of working without major issues.


Creating a Load Order:

Load Order in Witcher 3 is not as critically necessary as with Skyrim plug-ins, this information is provided more as an FYI.

NMM cannot adjust Load Order so it needs to be done manually.

Create a txt file called Mods.settings and remove the txt extension from the file.

It is placed in your Witcher 3 games folder. Usually: Documents\ games\ The Witcher 3

The following first three lines must be added to this file




[<insert the next mod name here>]


The lower the number the higher the mod is in your load order.

Simply go to your Mods folder and copy down the mod folder title and add it to your list.



Video tutorial by Gopher for Script Merger: http://https://www.y...eature=youtu.be


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Iam using a pirated version. link: - link removed - . And I cant seem to get the mods to work. I make the folder named "mods" paste the extracted the mod files and I can get it to work. Any help?


Banned - TVD.

LOL that's funny. That person really thought that a pirated copy of the game would be okay, let alone thought it would be alright to mention it.

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I'm following the installation instructions that are below the mod download links, I've only got to the second or third line where it says copy the keybinds.txt file and paste it into the input.settings file, but it's not there for me. i have searched for it and nothing comes up. i need help

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I like the people who made the game (waiting to direct buy their next title too) and I like how they support mods to some degree (unofficially but some of their programmers made mods on this site).


I don't judge everyone who "steals", but I think most of us can agree that it is wrong to steal from people like this.


LOVE THE GAME (new player here, still trying to install a few basic mods : )

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