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Favourite "old" game?


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Morrowind and Gothic are my favorites.


Good old days of open world where the size of the world was not the most important, but rather that there was something to do in the world (without packing them full of menial tasks...).

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Incoming massive dose of nostalgia...


Earth Defense Force, SNES

SimCity, SNES

Driver 2, PS1

Chrono Trigger, SNES and PS1

Gradius III, SNES

SimCity 2000 CD Collection (a special version for Windows 95 that came on CD)

Command & Conquer Red Alert

Doom (original, MS-DOS)

Roller Coaster Tycoon 1 and 2

Sim Ant (MS-DOS)

Super Mario World, SNES

Super Mario 64, N64

Super Smash Bros, N64

Super Smash Bros Melee, GameCube

Perfect Dark, N64

Super Mario Bros 3, S/NES

Mario Party, N64

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Hey! I'm new :3 I just wanna know what everyone's favourite "old" game is... I meanlike older than 2005.. mine is Morrowind XD Major Elder Scrolls fan... Can I has Fishy Stick...?

Medal of Honor - Allied Assault. I spent my entire childhood playing it

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New to this forum and this section,okay,one of my favourites is RPM Tuning(Midnight Outlaw 6 Hours to SunUp in the US),set in fictional city in the Californian Pacific Coast which most resembles Los Angeles.

The reason I liked it because it had some good 4 soundtracks,had a nice and a long story and my favourite car Dodge Viper GTS-R(named GTSR in the game mostly Babylon didn't had car licenses perhaps).

The sad con I think is that the game lacked cars 5 Career playable and 3 Career NPCs making a total of 8 cars but they had a lot of tuning options.

Another was that Midnight Outlaw 6 version had saturation light glitch when you activated Nitros and did not have licensed tuning logos of Kenwood,Sparco etc.(maybe the license expired when Midnight Outlaw 6 was released but idk correctly why)

One of a good classic racing game for me.

Thank you for this topic to discuss about good old but gold games like these.

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The most favorite game from the past is Oblivion. A huge open world filled with quests and various interesting places. I often go back to it even now.


Wait ... what are you saying?? That we can leave Oblivion?? Where'd you find the door ... is there a door?? Maybe you just put on the right colour shoes and click your heels.


Guess I'll need to do some research.

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