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Super Sledge Flame Controller?


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I'm attempting to borrow the jet flame from the Super Sledge to stick on a Power Fist mod, so I thought what I'd do is take RocketHammer.nif and remove the sledge and it's blood decal. I'll explain what I've done so far but I could use any suggestions or ideas to make it function! :confused:




Everything else I left alone so I figure at this point the flame should still work. I replaced RocketHammer1st.nif with it and confirmed that it does.


For the next test I tried renaming this .nif to one of my existing Power Fist Mods and loaded up the game.


It didn't crash, but the flames didn't show up either. The FXWeaponLight showed up with the Power Fist equipped (the orange glow), so now I'm wondering if that works...then why is the flame not rendering/animating?


And that's where I'm stumped. I had thought that maybe it looks at whether the weapon is equipped to start NiControllerSequence partA (idle flames), and when attacking starts PartB (big flames) but apparently it's more specific to the Super Sledge itself...is it a script maybe? Not sure where to start looking for the part(s) that tell it to go. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!




Example of the Power Fist mod "Grillmaster" :tongue: , hopefully with a working jet flame someday:



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