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KF Animations don't load & exportkf "Non-uniform scale" errors


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I spent several days now on this issue. I use 3D Studio Max 2013, I have followed various tutorials for unpacking and converting hkx files, but no matter what I do, I can't load kf animation files into Max.


I can open (via NifTools plugin) nif files without problems in Max and they are skinned & textured correctly, no problem there. However, when I use hkxcmd to exportkf unpacked hkx files, I get two errors for every bone:


Non-uniform scaling found while processing 'NPC L UpperarmTwist2'.
Non-uniform scaling found while processing 'NPC L UpperarmTwist1'.
Exporting '.\kf\animations\walkright.kf'
(Just one example, this is repeated for every bone)
What's even more strange is that I folowed a tutorial exactly and in the video, even though the same commands were used, no errors showed up.
The kf files are created, but I don't know if they are correct because I don't have the Havok tools. So I don't even know if the scaling error has something to do with it, but if I try to import a kf file into a scene with a skyrim nif model (with skeleton, of course), nothing happens at all.
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