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Configure mods without MCM?

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So my MCM stopped working quite some time ago. Woe is me :sad:

I posted about it and everyone seemed to know the cause but no

solution was offered. I understand mod authors have to be the ones

to correct faulty scripts that get stuck, but that doesn't seem like

it will be happening anytime soon.


SO... since I can't even open MCM without it getting stuck, is there

a way to configure mods outside of the game? An .INI or something?

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Have you perhaps tried reinstalling MCM? There has to be a reason it suddenly stopped working.


And no, if a mod is set up to be configured via a MCM menu then it can't typically just be fixed in an INI, at least not without a who lot of re-writing.


You may have seen some mods that once attached configure scripts to things like rings or other objects in your inventory that changes to MCM later on.


I would advise you to try to reinstall the MCM per the exact instructions they give. If I recall the uninstalling and installing instructions are something they mention. Is your MCM up to date? Your SKSE? Does the MCM give any errors at all to you? How many mods do you have using the MCM?


You also can't assume the MCM is the once to have the faulty script. How many mods are you running at present?


Perhaps you could post your load order here along with any other info and we could perhaps try to help you more. I can't make promises and I am really not the one that can delve into all this, it isn't my thing but I would try to help or perhaps set you in the correct direction.

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