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Fallout 4 Beginners Guide


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This is not the right thread for this kind of topic this is a thread for beginners only please try to find another thread. I'm not trying to brush you off but I don't want to confuse beginners with advanced knowledge there's plenty of people in the Nexus chat room on discord that will help you
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Ok so

I have been modding for a little while, Had a lot of success with Fallout New Vegas!!!

Fallout 4 on the other hand was a total Nightmare.

First, I loaded my mods with the suggested folder and only about half of them would appear In the Games Mod Menu, No matter what I did, nothing would fix it..

I took it into my own hands and Decided to make my own folder... BIG MISTAKE... After an hour I was Finally able to revert my mod folder back to the Suggested Folder ( After Deleting all my mods to speed up the Process)

But now it seems I have messed everything up.

I have no Idea if the Folder was setup Correctly this time, not to mention It won't suggest a Downloads folder anymore and don't know where I should set it.

PLEASE SEND HELP, I done Goofed and I can't Find a single video where someone actually shows them setting up the Files

Any Help would be appreciated :)

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1) delete the folder for fallout 4, then let steam re-install it


With that many broken mods this is your only safe option


2) I don't know which mod organizer you are using but the ONLY one i suggest is NMM, (nexus mod manager), which is still being updated by an outside team


Located here for download - https://github.com/Nexus-Mods/Nexus-Mod-Manager


As for instructions, here ya go, below, - Ignore what Gopher says about where to download it ( use the link i provided ) , Nexus has moved on to Vortex, which I do NOT recommend


You might want to watch episode 2 of that by Gopher also, i think it will explain a lot to you :)


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Good Day I have recently downloaded A Story Wealth for FO4, I got to play about 4.5 hours of the game and since then I have had nothing but issues trying to load the game again? Please Help! I really enjoyed what I got to play and see in the Sims Story and would really like to complete A Story Wealth for FO4. Thank you! 

Issue: I launch the game either with F4se or with Vortex and all I get is a black screen with a load circle. Then when trying to shut it down I have to log out or restart my PC.

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#1 Did you follow every step of the guide? Because it sounds like you  don't have the bashed patch in place, or activated.

If you do then it's most likely a mod conflict

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