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Tribunal Temple; some post-death(?) questions


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Okay, so we know that, more or less, the actual gods the Tribunal Temple worshiped are dead. The only hint to a change in their religion of "the Three" (Vivec, Almalexia, and Sotha Sil) was made by Vivec as the Temple would go back to the practice of worshiping the Daedra (Which could be still herald "as the Three" because the demi-god most likely refers to Boethiah, Azura, and Melpha).


But with the destruction of the city of Vivec, the erradication of most life in Morrowind (due to Red Mountain going 'BOOM' and destroying everything but southern Morrowind and Solstheim), it brings the question of if most Dunmer that escaped both the Kingdom of Argonia and the Red Day event then what does this mean for the various factions of Morrowind? (Morag Tong, Tribunal Temple, House Indoril, Dres, Hlaalu, Telvanni and Redoran)


Not to mention with the mortal-gods dead, the Nerevarine doing battles away from Morrowind, and their homeland destroyed...what does that mean for the Dunmer? Their war-hero/saint is gone and left them to die. Their gods are dead/and or missing. And the daedra did nothing but stand idly by as their land torn from them and all survivors having to relocate to Solstheim. Which no one in Vvardenfell really liked the place.


So what do you think about the Tribunal Temple after all this mess? Do you think they survived or are they just another failed institution in the history of Tamriel that just came to its time.


But, more honestly, do you think the Tribunal Temple actually went back to the previous times of worshiping daedra, giving the poor benefits and aid, being pious and honorable in their world rather than the previous version of the Temple; which was a Hierarchy of strict-orthodox structure which tolerated no stray from the path of the mortal-gods. (Which it seems all three created their own personal armies to protect them or give more 'pious' to their imagery. The Bouyant Armiger for Vivec, Her hands for Almalexia, and all the denizens of Clockwork city for Sotha Sil the Magus.)


Do you believe Vivec would just allow the Tribunal Temple to make him only a Saint (To an extent, he was a "greater saint" as said by the (former?) Patriarch/Archcanon Tholer Saryoni. But then then other demi-gods were 'Greater Saints' as well, and the other exception for a 'Greater Saint' are Lord Nerevar and the Saint Veloth, whom were, more or less, the Founders of Resdaynia/Morrowind. Veloth with the Exodus from the Aldumri who would not worship the daedra and Nerevar for creation of the First Council after the Nord invasion, uniting the Chimer, and being a martyr at Red Mountain. The last part is debatable, really. ) and not see him as a Warrior-Poet-God?


Since an example of one not really liking the loss of divinity would be Almalexia, though Sotha Sil remained sane and orderly.


And do you think there is any possibility for the survival of any of the previous mentioned factions above after the end of the Dunmer reign in the mainland of Morrowind? Or will new factions arrive, that'll have their own influences and backrounds?

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Hmm...a very interesting set of questions you ask. Very well, I shall try to answer as best as I can.


I firmly believe the Tribunal is dead and gone...and good riddance.


As far as the Dunmer continuing to worship the Tribunal, I have no doubt that many Dark Elves worshiped them right up until the time Red Mountain blew its top. Especially with the advent of the Oblivion Crisis, the Daedra would not have been seen in a friendly light by the majority of Dunmer, no matter what Vivec might have said (at least, this is how I see it). In addition, as many characters say in Morrowind/Tribunal...it takes time for people to change. With the Dark Elves of Morrowind having known the Tribunal most of their lives as true divinities, why would they readily accept the view that their "gods" were gone?


Concerning the factions, it is hard to say whether or not they would live on despite the destruction of Vvardenfell. Most of them had holdings on the mainland. I have no doubt that the Morag Tong and House Telvanni live on in some way - possibly even Hlaalu and Dres (though it is quite possible that the latter was wiped out by invaders from Argonia). I have a feeling that Indoril and Redoran both are gone...unable to change with the times and dying to defend their homeland from the Argonians.


I see the destruction of Vvardenfell, the absence of the Nerevarine, and the loss of the Tribunal as methods of brutally wiping the slate clean for the Dunmer, possibly pushing them into a greater minority. Most likely, the future of the Dark Elves will hold new factions, a new religion (possibly Daedra worship), and new Houses. They will be further ostracized and turned into a harder, colder people than they already were.

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That's sad to hear for the (possibility) of the passing of House Redoran and House Indoril. (Honestly as compared to the other houses, they were the most honorable and actually cared about people.)


But, it does leave many unspoken and unanswered questions. Since with the Tribunal Temple (as a structure and hierarchy), then the Dunmri might have to use the same structure but either A; find different gods. Or B; act for the welfare of the Velothi peoples that now reside in the small Island of Solsthiem.


We can already bet that any form of government the Velothi people may take, it won't like the Imperials very much. Since they practically abandoned them in (perhaps we may say) the Second Arnesian War. And King Helseth is most likely dead (From either the "Red Year" or the Second Arnesian War), House Hlaalu (and possibly House Dres, if they somehow survived. Any information to their change is basically a Hlaalu carbon-copy because they are on the rise due to the King being Hlaalu oriented, using the destruction of the slave trade to make any House bend to his will. This lead to Indoril's stagnation and Redoran's loss due to House Redoran most likely getting a losing end of the deal, and the Tribunal Temple dying. This would effect mortal due to the Code being "first Duty is to the House, second to the Temple, third to your family..". And Since House Indoril is a Conservative supporter of the Temple, they would go into a mental break down that would rival the Four-Score War outcome.) will most likely have a loss of Power.


Telvanni...well that is to say? They are wizards with thousands of years to experience, opportunism, and power to persevere throughout the ages. For the Morag Tong; it's more interesting. Obviously they are a goverment-legal organization and MUST exist. Mostly because without the Morag Tong the Great Houses that survive will literally destroy each other for new claims on the small patches of land in Solsthiem. (And let's face it, half of it is forest and the other half is tundra.)


Their loyalty to Melpha will be shaky, or strengthened. Obviously some Velothi people will view this as a daedric sign of another 'grand exodus to escape damnation, repression and death!' while most will see it as the end of days. The days of Morrowind, anyway.


Another, more sad, question is...will any Ashlanders survive? We know the ashlands will not only be the first hit on the Red Year, but the Oblivion Crisis destroyed Ald'ruhn. And this is the Redoran capital, and brought a giant crab to aid them.


Either the Daedric armies there were monsters, or they brought out the Devastator(forgot it's original name) from the voids of Oblivion.


Though I do foresee a grand hatred or antagonism against both the Nords (loss of Redoran, the warrior House. And from their invasion that, ultimately, led to the creation of the First Council when Lord Nerevar Indoril was alive and well) and the Argonians (seeing how the Kingdom of Argonia fully supports the Dark Brotherhood in supplying members, has some business to deal with House Dres, and nearly destroying the Dunmer home..).


Though I don't see that they will adopt slavery, they learnt from the mistakes of House Dres and House Hlaalu from this. (Both Arnesian Wars)


And if we may see our beloved Solsthiem once more...will the Nerevarine ever return? Or will s/he just be another one of the many Myths that will become the new Velothi homeland? (Since, no doubt, the Nerevarine will be the first Saint, and perhaps the Greatest, of the New Temple of the Dunmer. Since he freed them from the evils of the Tribunal Church, House Dagoth, and united them for a time like Nerevar Indoril.)


But thank you for your thoughts.




EDIT; After looking at Tamriel Rebuilt in faction control in the Mainland, I can highly see that House Reodran may survive the destruction of the mainland. Because (for one) if you look at the map (which they kindly at the TR modding community supply, http://tamriel-rebuilt.org/?p=&image=g/maps/map_mw_factions.jpg) it shows House Reodran territory right near the Island of Solsthiem. So unless the Nords of Skyrim did an Operation Barbarossa move, then House Redoran has a likely chance of surviving.

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