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[REQ] Real Cannibalism mod.


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So, before I start, I beg you guys's pardon if I post this on a wrong place,

and I don't speak english.. so um, yea..


I know this is 2016, and I know it's so late to talk about skyrim modding, but screw fallout, Skyrim will not die.. Not now at least.


So, straight to the point :


I want/need/request a mod that make a cannibalism in skyrim more immersive. I want when my Char eat an NPC, that NPC turned into a bloody skeleton. don't need any stats tweaking or buffing.. just plain simple bloody skeleton after I feast.


Now, We all know that there's already a mod that did that :


"Bloody Cannibalism - by Rhubarbs" a damn fine mod if you ask me, but the thing is, it still in progress since 2013.. :sad: "-like I said, it's too late to jump into skyrim modding-".

And it has a few quite annoying glitches.. and I think it also alters some stats.. well, the stats is fine whatsoever.. because all I care is the immersion of eating the corpses and blood.


Then, there's another one called :

"Real Feeding - by Ziiggiis" Now this is the kind of mod that I want.. simple, no stats change, and not so glitchy I think.. maybe. But over all the mod is works like charms, BUT.. it only works for werewolf feeding.. :wallbash:


So the whole point is :

I want a mod, similar to Real Feeding - by Ziiggiis, but also work on cannibalism, not only werewolf. With as small as possible problem. Well I sure do hope with zero problem, but hey.. life it self is full of it.


Now if someone can make the mod that make this happen.. I.. I don't know, I mean I can't promise to give you anything, but one thing for sure that I can spare .. is my Thanks.


*Important Note :

IF.. there's already a mod that match 100% with what I ask.. Please, tell me. :kiss:

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Hope that TES6 is Valenwood, because no matter what Character you are, in that Region, you Must eat your fallen Dead


Its like the Ring of Namira, instead you dont wear such a thing in Valenwood

Green Pact.. I know, I'm playing as Bosmer btw, coincidence? I think Not...,,. well, where ever will TES6 take place, I don't think it will come out soon enough.. rumor has it that "There won't be any Elder Scrolls , until 2019.".

So ? um, yea.. any news on my request? blah.. what am I saying.. of course there's not. :sad:


All Replies, have my thanks anyway :smile: !

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