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Poll: What is your favorite Armor/Clothing?


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for Horus Re


armor : Armoured Coats with Ebony greaves and boots


Weapon? : Alexscropion Silver Dragon Katanas


Clothes?: LHammonds mod Armoury of the Silver Dragon ( white clothes)


for Sonia


Armor: Lost Paladin's of the Divines the heavy armour set ( editted Sonia so she uses Heavy Armour) i use others as well but i use this one for big fights ( MQ and big quests) i use Black Luster for Exeams body 50% of the time as well


Weapon: sword in Lost Paladins or in black luster


Clothes: well i try anything will her but mostly EC wardrobe


for the Alchmey Girl ( Juninele)


Clothing : Guardians of the nine Akatosh's Charity robes or Lich Gear by Troilf since i am Paladin i dont tend to use that much i use the EC Wardrobe a bit but always looking for new stuff with her


Weapon: Staff or Dagger ( i am very D&D) Dragon Dagger or Armmanterntuim Staffs ( wrong name but right link) its always Staff but dagger sometimes




Armour: Exnem Leather and Iron Rextextures suits her quite well ( the Iron one - the helm)


Weapon: Metal Fang or something from blackluster but the sheild i use is from here Link


Clothes: whatever in EC wardrobe or what i can find that is good looking


and last the mystic elf sort of class set as divine knight


Armor: Blacklusters Saints Armor


Weapon : same again


Clothes : whatever i can find really



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Heavy: Lost armour of Paladin (Heavens wrath) Shiny with closed helm

Light :Dark Hashashin or blood elven

Weapon: Many. Sword of Odo (made by Adonnay), Ayleid Gwilith Warblade(more Adonnay), Adonnay's Hadhafang, Dark Hashashin Scimitar and Emelfein.

Clothing: Green Brocade Shirt, Foresters shirt.


As you can see, Adonnay is a god :yes:

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I'm gonna chose from Vanilla Oblivion.

Clothing: Black Hand Robes and Hood (because I love black color :) )

Heavy Armor: Ebony ( I think it looks cool)

Light Armor: Shrouded Armor ( because it looks cool and is perfect for my assassin :) )

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Vanilla armors: I use either Amelions (light) or Ebony (heavy). Same mesh, just depends on the character.


Modded armor: Buies Rachel. Hands down my favorite of all time. I've also used Ambassador of darkness and Black Wisteria quite a bit.


Clothing: My character always wears armor, but I like the black and burgundy outfit I suppose.



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For Females:

Heavy Armour - Plate Armor Plus Bronze or Damascus

Light Armor - Eisen Platte Armor by R18PN

Clothing - Mass Outfit Redesign remake of the Black Robe and White Robe


For Males:

Heavy Armor - Rogue Battle Mage Armor

Light Armor - Giger Armour by Slof

Clothing - The Robes agian...

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