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F4CK release date confusion, help clear it up please?

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All forums I've seen talking about the release date of the GECK have become out of date and incorrectly predicting the release date of the GECK. Then I see Nvidia announcing a modding competition to celebrate fallout 4 and the creation kit on a stream, but, people in the chat were saying the GECK isn't actually out yet. I've heard mention of official statements by Bethesda on the release date, but haven't been able to find them. Does anyone out there know information about the release date of the Fallout 4 Creation Kit?


(Short Version, when will I be able to get sex mods?)

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Yeah I don't know how you missed it. It's been out for a while now. What still isn't out are the tutorials in the Creation Kit wiki, which kinda blows.


EDIT - my use of the term 'blows' was not a reference to your need for sex mods btw.

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