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KotOR remake, titled Apeiron


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There is currently an Unreal Engine remake of the original, beloved, Knights of the Old Republic in the works. I'm just trying to spread the word and the Nexus seemed like the best place. They are looking for animators and artists. Check out Poem Studios if your interested in following their progress.


The game is currently in pre-alpha development stages and they are not accepting donations at this time because they would like to get further along in development. A lot of remakes and projects of this sort tend to falter. I certainly hope that will not be the case in this instance.


The game will be released as a mod, at no cost, though you will have to own a copy of the original game.


Please, help me spread the word if you are a fan of this old gem.

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Little late to the thread but I think I heard that there is now an Official remake of KOTOR coming out. If it is I hope EA's BS doesn't screw it up.


Look into your heart. You know the truth. You know they'll screw it up big time.

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I've never felt so elated and then let down by reading through this thread- it's such a shame Apeiron got shut down. KOTOR was/ is a very special game and after watching this youtube clip, I feel even worse about it.


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