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[LE] [Skyrim] INI Files

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INI Files


Automatically Created Templates

  • steam\steamapps\common\Skyrim\low.ini ( Launcher Settings Presets - For SkyrimPrefs.ini )
  • steam\steamapps\common\Skyrim\medium.ini ( Launcher Settings Presets - For SkyrimPrefs.ini )
  • steam\steamapps\common\Skyrim\high.ini ( Launcher Settings Presets - For SkyrimPrefs.ini )
  • steam\steamapps\common\Skyrim\VeryHigh.ini ( Launcher Settings Presets - For SkyrimPrefs.ini )
  • steam\steamapps\common\Skyrim\Skyrim_default.ini ( Skyrim.ini Preset )
  • steam\steamapps\common\Skyrim\Skyrim\SkyrimPrefs.ini ( SkyrimPrefs.ini Preset )


Used by the game

  • My Documents\My Games\Skyrim\Skyrim.ini ( Only edited manually or with third party tool )
  • My Documents\My Games\Skyrim\SkyrimPrefs.ini ( Edited by Launcher / In game Preferences / Manually )


Used by the editor

  • steam\steamapps\common\Skyrim\SkyrimEditor.ini
  • steam\steamapps\common\Skyrim\SkyrimEditorPrefs.ini



User Defined Custom

Settings in this type of INI should only include settings that you would normally find in Skyrim.ini file / SkyrimEditor INI file, and will override those settings.
Changes to automatically created INI files are reverted by Steam when validating the local game cache. User defined Custom INI files can be used to prevent this.

Used by the game

My Documents\My Games\Skyrim\SkyrimCustom.ini

( Settings in this file override the same settings in Skyrim.ini )

Used by the editor


( Settings in this file override the same settings in SkyrimEditor.ini )



Mod Defined

Settings in this type of INI should only include settings that you would normally find in Skyrim.ini file, and will override those settings.
Mod defined INI files should have the same name as the plugin file and are only applied if the plugin is loaded by the game.
Mod defined INI files are automatically uploaded to Steam Workshop.
If there are multiple Mod Defined INI's, which all include the same setting but with different values, then last to load in the Load Order position of the associated plugin determines which mods ini setting wins

Example Files


Contents of screenhots.ini

Load Order example
Skyrim.ini default grass setting
Grassmod.esp - Load Order position = 05

Bashed Patch, 0.esp - Load Order position = 10 ( Last )
Bashed Patch, 0.ini

Bashed Patch INI setting of 40 for grass will be in effect







Related topics :


Anyone wishing to discuss specific useful INI Settings with regards to the Unofficial Patch Project see the [skyrim] Useful INI Settings topic.


All the research that went into Skyrim Project INI ( linked below ) has resulted in THE most researched INI cataloguing I have ever seen for any of the Elder Scrolls series of games, all thanks to S.T.E.P members and recently in particular DoubleYou's determination contributing to the forums WIKI and the SpINI project, proving beyond doubt the validity ( or not ) of all potential edits :




Recommended Third Party Tool Skyrim Project INI


- Just about everyone has tried to tweak their INI file to get better results than Bethesda. However, most tweaks you will find on the net are completely bogus.
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The above is here because Bethesda in their recent manoeuvering of pages on the Creation Kit Wiki seem to be losing a few pages occasionally

Creation Kit wiki did not lose pages. They changed the structure so that pages specific to Fallout 4 could be added with the same name. See example below:








Fallout 4 specific:


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Seems my search fu sucked on the day :tongue:


Edit : "INI Files" also shows in the Index of pages now too ( which I could not find previously, after failing to find it with the site Search Box at the time, I had a look through the Index )




.. Or maybe it was just one of the many recent site problems which was unfortunately messing with me at the time. Who knows ..


Thanks for spotting where it is now - Amended the OP to remove the reason it was posted here which is no longer valid

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hey I am new to modding. I have seen a few tutorials on how to replace the intro Bethesda log sequence with your own bik file. I am trying to find out if, within the Skyrim.ini file I can set it so that it picks a random bik file from a list as the intro sequence.


I tried something along these lines:





import random




But it didn't work. please let me know if there is a way and how I could go about accomplishing this

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