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NWN 2 Conclusion Campaign + Tomb of Horrors Revamp


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Updated: 4/09/17


Since 2013 we have been developing a campaign that closes out the OC/MotB/MoWG/SoZ storyline. We have contracted some incredibly talented 3D modelers, artists, programmers and designers to bring our vision to life. We plan on using this thread as our development diary and announcement platform as we push to 1.0. Thank you all so much for the encouragement and support!


NX4 Narrative Summary:

The plot is driven by the Arc-Demon Graz'zt's attempt to usurp Shar's divinity using an unsealed tear in the Shadow Weave. (A hole created in Black Garius's attempt to usurp the King of Shadows... and located in Crossroad Keep's basement). To this end, the demon sent a powerful band of villains to seize control of Neverwinter and sow chaos along the Sword Coast. The Knight Captain, freshly returned from his trials in Westgate and the Unapproachable East is all that stands between the fiend and ultimate power.

Potential NX4 Titles:

Nightsinger's Bane
- A reference to The Kaiser and Graz'zt effectively killing Shar if their coup succeeds.
Thief of Shadows
- The adventure deals heavily with the struggle between the Shadow Thieves of Amn and the Nightmasks, and the titles widens into a double reference when you consider Graz'zt and The Kaiser intend to steal Shar's divinity.

- A Straight up Reference to Graz'zt's plan to absorb Shar's power through the rift in the Shadow Weave left by Black Garius.
The Dark's Corsairs
cleardot.gif- The Demon Prince Graz'zt intends to sieze Shar's portfolio, and the title also serves as a triple reference to The Kaiser's Band usurping the throne in Neverwinter and the Black Dog's Piracy. The antagonists are a triumvirate quite literally "stealing the darkness."

The Void's Advocate
- Although he/she is ignorant of the fact, the Knight Captain is actually Shar's unwitting champion in this entire adventure. Only at the story's close, when the narrator is revealed to be the Nightsinger herself, will the players realize they have been her strongest champion - and the title will suddenly make sense.


Planned features thus far:


- Re-spawning farming grounds for level 1-7.

- Arenas where players can spawn and battle difficult monsters and NPCs.

- An epic-level "bottomless dungeon" - Shandra Jerro's Tomb.

- Integration of the Charlie's Appearance Customization System to personalize equipment.

- Randomized "fetch" style quests from Volo, Daeghun or Axle (Based on alignment).

- Main-quest line play Balanced for a six man party, levels 20-30.

- Merchants, starting zones and player housing is main plot-independent.

- A functioning Thieves Guild with a Brothel, Bar, Dice and Card Games.

- Fifteen unique Figurines of Wondrous Power.

- Silverwand Scripted Weapons: Staves of Power, the Magi, Malak. Silver Sword, Dream Dagger and a Rod of Lordly Might.

- A writing crafting station, giving players the ability to draft letters to place in housing mail boxes.

- 50 types of food, some of which which provides minor physical enhancements when consumed.
- Over 500 new magical items, potions, backpacks and other interesting tools - the latter of which are usable at various places in the game world. Ropes can be purchased to climb sheer surfaces for example.

http://www.dethguild.com/wp-content/uploads/images/nwn/ck_bioware_images/full_icons_set.jpg http://www.dethguild.com/wp-content/uploads/images/nwn/ck_bioware_images/full_icon_set_2.jpg


- A survival element added to the game - Iron Rations or a Food Item must be consumed in the inventory to rest. Additionally a water gauge will track hydration - the players will be required to stock Waterflasks, drink at Inns/Taverns or discover natural water sources, (if they have high survival), to quench their thirst.


- kevL's Hydration System Specifics: All players and NPC's will occasionally need to drink to maintain their Hydration Bar. The Hydration Bar decreases 2% every in game hour, (10 minutes). At 75% the player begins accruing small penalties to their stats, and as the bar decreases, the severity of the debuffs increase exponentially. When the gauge reaches 0%, the character dies of dehydration, (a process taking a bit over two in game days with nothing to drink). Drinking Water, Wine, Ale or Spirits will increase the Hydration bar. Drink Values: Water 5%, Wine 3%, Ale 5% or Spirits 1%.



- All Companions begin a level 1 and auto-level to 20 - offering full customization beyond base class.

- One upgradeable equipment set per companion. There will be three tiers of upgrades. Each tier requires special ores which drop from the monsters in the infinite dungeon below Shandra's Tomb. 10 ores will allow the player to upgrade one suit of equipment: (25% Complete)

  • Tier 1: Asterite Ore - Found on level 10 Monsters.
  • Tier 2: Netherium Ore - Found on level 20 Monsters.
  • Tier 3: Arcanium Ore - Found on level 30 Monsters.

- The return of previous companions: (100% Complete)

  • Kelgar Ironfist - NWN2: OC
  • Neeshka - NWN2: OC
  • Ammon Jerro - NWN2: OC
  • Safiya - NWN2: MotB
  • Gann of Dreams - NWN2: MotB
  • Kaelyn the Dove - NWN2: MotB
  • One of Many - NWN2: MotB
  • Rinara - NWN2: MoW
  • Charissa - NWN2: MoW
  • Mantides - NWN2: MoW
  • Ribsmasher - NWN2: SoZ
  • Finch - NWN2: SoZ
  • Umoja - NWN2: SoZ



- The Return of Popular NPC's from NWN, NWN2, PT, BG, SoA and ToB: (60% Complete)

  • Duncan
  • Bevil
  • Orlen
  • Chir
  • Sand
  • Lastri
  • Quarrel
  • Zhjaeve
  • Cormick
  • Kana
  • Daeghun Farlong
  • Caelryna
  • Jan Jansen
  • Wolf & Minions
  • + Many More

- Five NEW Companions: (95% Complete)

- Four NEW Familiar Types: (100% Complete)

  • - Pseudodragon
  • - Sylph
  • - Skeletal Minion
  • - Intelligent Sword


- Six tiers of multi-player housing: (90% Complete)

  • A Room in Crossroad Keep.
  • A Suite in Crossroad Keep.
  • A Peasant House Outside the Castle Walls.
  • A Merchant House Inside the Castle Walls.
  • A Mansion Inside the Castle Walls.
  • The Deed to Crossroad Keep Itself.

- 18 New Stores and Merchants: (85% Complete)

  • Sand's Magic Mercantile
  • Caelryna's Trade Goods
  • The Beginner's Merchant Caravan.
  • Mur'eil & Mar'tauren Hadwell's Jewelry
  • Stablemaster McGuiness's Leathercrafts
  • Uncus's Shadow Market
  • Raelis Shai's Crossroad Theater
  • Lady Sa'Sani's Merchant Company Headquarters
  • The Church of Tyr
  • The Barracks
  • The Pheonix Tail Inn and Tavern
  • Roger the Fence
  • Edario's Smithy
  • Deekin's Curios
  • Jacoby's Forge
  • Drow Black market
  • Cromwell's Pavilion
  • Ribald Barterman's Traveling Emporium

- Tarim's Katar's are for sale - exotic weapons for exotic characters. (Uses Kama proficiency). Eleven different types of Katars are abaliable from the Caelryna's Trade Goods: Normal, Magical +1-5, Adamantine, Alchemical Silver, Cold Iron, Darksteel and Mithril. (100% Complete)


- Wakizashi are available from the exotic weapons merchant - in normal, +1 - +5, Darksteel, Mithral, Adamantine, Cold Iron and Alchemical Silver varieties.




- 15 Unique Quests broken into 3 Chapters: (10% Complete)

  • Whispers of Turmoil.
  • The Rescue of Casavir.
  • Unraveling The Mystery of Kistrel.
  • Restoring the Construct. (Optional)
  • The Way of Zerth.
  • Delving the Tomb of Horrors. (Optional)
  • Tholapsyx's Curse.
  • Orbakh's Revenge.
  • The Puppet Master Unveiled.
  • The Call to Arms.
  • The Battle of Crossroad Keep.
  • A Red Wizard's Love.
  • The Dreamer's Reverie.
  • Farewell to Old Friends.
  • One well hidden Easter-egg style quest. (Optional)



- Featured Areas: (75% Complete)

  • Cromwell's target/weapon/spell testing range.
  • The Crossroad Keep Vault.
  • The Crossroad Keep Barracks.
  • Safiya's Laboratory.
  • Shandra Jerro's Tomb.
  • Ammon Jerro's Lair.
  • The Crossroad Keep Caverns.
  • The Crossroad Keep Theater.
  • The Pheonix Tail Inn & tavern.
  • The Shadow Thieves Gambling Hall & Brothel.
  • The Rashemi Consulate.
  • The Neverwinter Consulate.
  • The Church of Tyr's Catacombs.
  • Startear's Tower.
  • The Training Grounds.
  • The Planar Arenas.



NX4 Files:


- Tomb of Horrors - Hard Edition (85% Complete)



We have been working for the past 5 months to revamp Morbane's Tomb of Horrors, drastically upgrading the visuals/effects, and increasing the difficulty many fold - to the point of it being nearly certain death to any player group of any level and configuration. Even a fully upgraded MotB Evil-campaign Soul Eater will have great difficulty with this module. The intent is to make this module the gold-standard for brain-bending deathtraps, punctuated by demonic-spider type enemies - worthy of any Nintendo-Hard optional content.


The focus here is not only learning the tool-set but experimenting with dialog options, working out the logic which will be used for the scripting of the entire project, and setting the foundation so that our dialog options/behavior are consistent throughout the campaign. We also plan to release it when completed as a stand-alone campaign - for those multiplayer fiends who want to murder their friends on game night.


- NX4 - NWN2: Nightsinger's Bane (Working Title, 33% Complete)
- https://www.dropbox.com/s/tpunsfj1sa95gz0/NX4_Nightsingers_Bane.zip?dl=0


Optional Files:
- https://www.dropbox.com/s/18ptehek6t6vw0e/portraits.zip?dl=0
- https://www.dropbox.com/s/hjgaz5zzb5328ac/localvault.zip?dl=0


- NX4 - NWN2: Nightsinger's Bane Campaign Overview (Plotting 40% Complete, Narrative 65% Complete)

- https://www.dropbox.com/s/mjxcdeygmptlzli/CK_Story%20.doc?dl=0


The plan here is three-fold - create a MMORPG style NPC community, with a functional housing zone and market, which is accessible at any level as stand alone content. Running concurrently, at a pace dictated by the player, will be a side-campaign that ties off the dangling plot threads of the Knight Captain/Spirit Eater's story. One last hurrah so to speak. Old friends are set to return, past actions may come back to haunt the KC, and new friends will turn up in unexpected places.


A dialog is planned when loading into the module's Lobby, that will adjust plot details and NPC interactions based on a series of questions the player will answer. The complexity of this will be dictated by our resources. We'd like the option to cater to Evil, Neutral and Good, wile still keeping with the canonical endings of The OC.





Map Key:
- Map Note - GOLD: 255, 255, 255

- Guest Book - ORANGE: 250, 133, 0

- Merchant - BLUE: 0, 174, 239

- Player House - GREEN: 6, 161, 55

- Wolf's Minion - PINK: 255, 0, 255

- Area Exit - RED: 121, 0, 0

- Quest Giver - PURPLE: 68, 14, 98



Neverwinter Nights 2 Path Assumptions:
Plot Points Considered Canon For Expansion Development.

While the players have a great deal of latitude in determining the course of the NWN 2 franchise, there are several paths considered canonical with regards to both the game series and the campaign setting. For example, a quick perusal of the official history presented in the Forgotten Realms Wiki proves that regardless of how evil or heroic the Knight Captain is, they never side with The King of Shadows. For evidence of this, we can plainly see that following NWN2: OC, The Sword Coast was not plunged into an eternal night under the thumb of an eldritch abomination.

Continuing this logic, we’ve made several assumptions about the “true” decisions made in the OC, MotB, SoZ and MoW, and adjusted the setting accordingly. We take into account:

1: What is the logical outcome.
2: What is a thematically satisfying outcome.
3: What happened in The Forgotten Realms Campaign setting during this time.
4: What has been revealed in the following games.
5: What is possible to include given the development budget.
6: What fits the narrative we want to tell.

Listed below are the assumptions we’ve made with regards to The Knight Captain’s choices over the course of the series and leading up to NX4. While these might differ slightly from some of the possible outcomes, they mesh well with how “modern” Faerun ends up. Additionally, these elements still offer concessions to the more important, character defining events of the preceding titles, while still working within the scope of our development resources.


OC Assumptions:

This is the assumed path taken by the KC in the OC. The sequels and published campaign lore help fill in the blanks as to how events played out in canon.

- Amie Fern is dead, killed by the Githyanki.

- Shandra Jerro dies in Ammon Jerro's Haven.
- Neeshka successfully robbed the collector and killed Leldon with the KC.

- Khelgar claimed the belt, hammer and gauntlets of Ironfist, and became the leader of the clan.
- Elanee does not depart after her circle is destroyed.
- West Harbor's known survivors are Tarmas, Bevil Starling, Orlen, the KC, The Lannon Family, Lazlo Buckman and Daeghun Farlong.

- The KC was given command of Crossroad Keep.
- The KC rebuilt the Church of Tyr and the Wizard’s Tower.
- The Construct is restored to working order.
- Jailboun of the Two-Blades is recruited.
- Bevil Starling is recruited.
- Light of Heavens is recruited.
- Katriona is recruited.
- Deekin is recruited.
- Jacoby is recruited.
- Edario is recruited.

- Axle Devrie survives.
- Koraboros is defeated at Shandra Jerro’s farm.
- Ammon Jerro shows some signs of remorse.

- Daerred's adventuring company is sent on missions by the KC.
- Daerred's adventuring company survives the war.

- Qara allies with the Black Gairus and is killed.
- Bishop dies.
- Grobnar gives The Construct free-will.

- The Construct choses Grobnar and the KC over Bishop and Black Gairus.

- The KC fought and destroyed the King od Shadows.

- The Illefarn ruins collapsed on the party.
- The Construct is badly damaged in the cave-in.
- Elanee and Grobnar die in the collapse.

- Sand polymorphs into an Iron Golem and survives the falling rubble.

- Neeshka dodges her way clear of the collapse. (If she resisted Black Garus).

- Khelgar is buried in debris trying to rescue the KC, but survives.

- The KC is taken by Nefris’s servants.

- Ammon Jerro pursues the kidnappers and is overpowered in the Plane of Shadow.

- Zhjaeve plane-shifts to Limbo shortly after the final battle.

- Casavir survives the collapse with a shattered spine and is captured by Luskan.

- The KC either moves on to Gann or Safiya, or gives up on personal attachments if they romanced Casavir or Elanee.


MotB Assumptions:

This may or may not be assumed, depending on development resources and time - ideally, the MotB assumptions will be variable, and player selectable. At a Minimum, the player will be able to choose between Gann, Safiya or neither for relationships, and whether they created One of Many.

- Bishop is consumed by the wall of the faithless.

- The Knight Captain does not kill The Founder.
- Ammon Jerro is rescued from the Academy of Shapers and Binders.

- Myrkul is not consumed or put to rest by the KC.

- The KC retains the Sword of Gith.
- The KC retains the Dream Weapon.
- The KC sides with the Crusade.
- The KC betrays and then destroys Rammaq in self-defense.
- The KC fights and defeats Araman.
- The Spirit Eater Curse is forever ended by completing the Mask of the Betrayer.
- The KC does not battle their companions after ending the curse.


MoW Assumptions:

Currently, having the player "become" a vampire is simply not feasible, as the restrictions (daylight, running water), and changes necessary to the campaign plot would be monumental in scope.

- Mantides is fully redeemed.

- Rinara returned to help the KC after leaving the party.

- Orbakh's offer of vampirism is rejected.
- Obid is slain by the Night Mask vampires.

- Orbakh's human cattle facility is destroyed.
- Tobias is outed as a vampire, but survives the battle.

- The Domino Mask Curse is lifted.

- The Ebon-Claw wererats are destroyed.

- Zymena is unmasked and banished back to the hells.

- The KC flees Westgate to avoid the retribution of Orbakh and his Night Masks.


SoZ Assumptions:

As with MotB, we plan to vary the plot/story based on player input, to better keep in line with their experience, but we also recognize that we are not Bioware. At a minimum we'd like to account for some of the larger events and decisions the PC could make.

- Tarmas survives the black dragon attack on West Harbor.
- Lazlo Buckman survives the black dragon attack on West Harbor.
- The Lannon Family survives the black dragon attack on West Harbor.
- Khelgar’s stolen Ironfist relics are recovered by the PC.
- Port Llast is saved from Luskan control.
- Port Llast is saved from the undead army.

- Sa'Sani's Merchant House becomes powerful and wealthy thanks to the PC.

- Chir is saved from the Mind Flayers and accompanies the party.
- Most of Captain Lastri’s crew is rescued by the PC.

- Umoja is recruited and accompanies the PC to The Sword Coast.
- Ribsmasher is recruited and accompanies the PC in their adventures.

- Finch has his name cleared, and accompanies the PC in their adventures.

- Sa'Sani's more vicious tendencies are curtailed thanks to arguments made by the PC.

- Zehir's avatar is destroyed, and the plot to take over The Sword Coast thwarted.


The Protagonist - Knight In Sour Armor?


Presented below is the world as our protagonist, The Knight Captain, has experienced it thus far. The information following helps the reader see things from the perspective of a character who has, by the beginning of our story, become more than a bit jaded . (With very good reason).


One thing to consider about the KC's sarcastic tone is everything the poor sod has been through. At this point, the Kalakcha has to be getting more than a bit cynical, or he/she would go insane/collapse emotionally. When you consider the KC's lot in life, being a smart-arse becomes a survival mechanism. Their entire existence has been a case-study in "from-bad-to-worse."


He/She began their adventure as an orphan exiled from their hometown by their own foster-parent, (after potentially watching their childhood crush die), was shortly thereafter framed for murdering an entire village, used as a pawn by both Neverwinter and Black Garius, watched Shandra Jerro die at the hands of her own grandfather/great-grandfather - in the act of saving them, fought a war against a horrifying eldritch abomination, was betrayed by at least two long-time companions, had the ceiling dumped on their head as a reward, and finally watched many of their companions die protecting them, (Including possibly their first real lover).


And that's just Book 1.


By the Knight Captain's second tale, he/she found themselves kidnapped by polymorphed gargoyles, endured ad-hock open-heart surgery at the tender hands of Nefris, was made the unwilling host of a horrifying, life destroying entity, regarded at best as a serious threat to the Unapproachable East, simultaneously manipulated by a cabal of Red Wizards, a dead deity's minion, a fanatic Half-Celestial (with an impossible agenda), a Titan Demi-lich, a Wyrm Blue Dragon, a Fallen Solar, a coven of man-eating Hags and no less than two gods. Also, we'll note that the poor Spirit Eater - an endearing title if there ever was one - had to commit quite a laundry-list of highly amoral acts in the process of saving his friends, surviving the long chain of entities who'd just as soon see them dead, and twisting the machinations of those using him/her to save their very soul from oblivion.


By Book three, the KC is de-powered substantially after the separation from Akachi, being slowly driven insane due to a cursed domino mask, separated from their entire circle of friends (and possibly their new/first lover), and again finds themselves a chess piece in a deadly game between a cabal of were-rats, a vampireized Manshoon clone and a horrifying Demon looking to kill all of the above, protagonist included. For allies, the KC has fire-forged friends and lovers replaced by an amoral former assassin (who near everybody in Westgate wants dead), a severely disagreeable Tyrian cleric and a washed-up fallen Paladin - with a serious drinking-problem. Things look bleak. With this band of misfit toys, the Kalakcha has to play the competing agendas against each other, outwit a creature who annihilated Elminster - twice - and somehow un-curse themselves before they go stark raving mad.


Now we get to Book 4 (Our Story), where the poor KC, having been through all of that, begins the tale nearly dying to Nightmask retaliation, returns to a less than pleasant homecoming in Neverwinter, becomes a pariah due to the machinations of a Cambion - who's all but taken the place over - (and is considered a hero of Knight Captain proportions by the general population no less), gets sent on a series of deliberate suicide missions, has their reputation tarnished in a chain of out-of-context distortions and winds considered by the population of the Sword Coast to be a Black Network level threat. Amidst all of that, they have to deal with a foe who is their true equal in not merely physical terms, but at the game of Xanatos Speed-Chess. In The Kaiser, The Knight Captain is opposing someone capable of matching his/her ability to play sides against each other, making this quite possibly their deadliest foe. Our hero has stood down stronger entities - even gods - but this creature can match the KC in manipulation - which as we've seen in the entire story, has been the TRUE power of our hero.


When one considers the biography above, (which is in reality a testament to human suffering), a narrative that our protagonist only survived by outwitting everybody and everything they've encountered, The Knight Captain might be forgiven for having a few jerkish tendencies - developed purely as a coping mechanism.


The Kalakcha's entire story reminds us of "The Odyssey." He/she simply can't catch a break, and when they do, often times they screw it up through their own missteps. While the protagonist is truly a legend, they have real flaws, and even on a good play-through must delve well into black and grey morality to survive. Like any real person, they're exasperated by a lifetime of torment and mental abuse. They've been the playthings of fate, have been subjected to every imaginable injury and suffering, watched their friends and/or lover(s) die and their typical reward is mere survival. Even a lawful-good paladin is going to show some rough edges after that level of emotional trauma.


Tying It All Together:

Question: "How did you tie Mysteries of Westgate into the Knight Captain's Saga?"
Answer: What a great question - here is our answer:


MoW was left open enough in its timeline - and was in the Knight Captain's direct path home after MotB - so there's nothing in the cannon precluding our hero from having experienced it. The whole narrative ties together nicely. (Here is our timeline of events, cross-referenced with the Forgotten Realms Wiki Events of Note: Timeline).


1: If you play MoW directly after MotB, the game will deduct ten levels from your character - you can explain this as the portion of your soul surrendered to restore Akachi. Achieving the optimal ending did not come without cost.

We assume the optimal conclusion (or, at a minimum, the ending where Akachi is expelled from the Knight Captain), as cannon. Simply put, we lack the resources to account for every possible choice the player might make. Additionally, if the Knight Captain chose to remain in Kelemvore's realm or consume Akachi, they would either not be returning home, or would be returning to The Sword Cost as a literal god of destruction, a greater threat than anything unleashed on the realms EVER. While a fun game notion, it's far beyond the scope what we can convincingly shoe-horn into the narrative. Dark-god-mode-Knight-Captain would simply consume any adversary that gets in his way. What could stop him? The Chosen of Mystra? The Heroes of Mithral Hall? Orbakh? The Seven Sister? The Simbul? The Zentarium? Cult of the Dragon? Bedtime snacks all. Pretty much the only cannon heroes who could reasonably stand up to DGMKC is the party of the Bhaal-spawn pre-losing their divine essence.

As much fun as that sounds like, we'd need to make a whole separate campaign just to account for it. So for out purposes, the Knight Captain either saved Akachi or expelled him from their soul.

2: There are numerous very good reasons Safiya, Gann, Oku, One of Many and Kaelyn would not accompany the Knight Captain for a time directly after MoTB.


- The Knight Captain was long absent their duties, friend and family. (Or, if evil, they would be fearing the loss of their power and land). They were anxious to return home as quickly as possible, so he/she left ahead of his companions. On the sea-voyage to Westgate, their ship was driven ashore to avoid a storm, and in a dungeon on this nameless, forgotten island, the KC discovered the Cursed Domino Mask. Being unable to rid themselves of the thing, (even OOM cannot to consume the spirit possessing it), and with it slowly but surely driving them to madness, the KC had no choice but to seek salvation in Westgate.


- Safiya had to conclude her business at the Academy for a time. It was her entire life, and she had many loose threads to tie up before abandoning everyone she ever knew. Friends, responsibilities, students and all of her possessions needed to be collected. Even if she loved the Knight Captain, one does not simply walk away from their old life. Once Safiya finished her business, she reached their intended meeting place, and found no sign of the Knight Captain. She spoke with Khelgar, relaying her tale, and he gave her a room in Crossroad Keep to use as a laboratory. The Cursed Domino mask thwarted all attempts at scrying or magically communicating with The Knight Captain. Safiya's magic was powerless to locate them.


- Gann, (being... well, Gann), wished to indulge himself for a time among the elated spirits of Rashemen. Even if he was in love with the Knight Captain, the hagspawn still harbors a substantial selfish streak, and there is no reasonable way he could be talked out of his richly earned victory. Eventually, he grew bored, (or decided to seek out his lover), and departed his homeland. He arrived at Crossroad Keep and found no sign of his companion, and waited for a time at the Phoenix Tail. When his friend/lover failed to appear, the Hagspawn communed with the Spirits, but the Cursed Domino Mask concealed the Knight Captain's whereabouts. Gann was powerless to locate them, and was preparing to depart in search of the KC.

- Kaelyn wished to return to her Crusade, and did so with renewed vigor. After a time, Ammon Jerro sought out the Menagerie and informed them the KC didn't return to Crossroad Keep. She immediately returned with the Warlock to The Sword Coast to help in the search.


- One of Many followed the Knight Captain around until they ran across the Cursed Domino Mask. The Mask grafted itself to the KC, and OOM attempted to consume the artifact's malign consciousness to free its master - it nearly lost control of the many in the attempt - similar to how other powerful consciousnesses can wrest control of the collective. (Myrkul for one example, The Child for another). While OOM managed to save itself, its physical form was dispersed, and it was some time before the monster could once again manifest. Once OOM reformed its body, it began seeking its master, (Thus explaining it's appearance in SoZ), eventually catching up to them shorty after the KC returns to the Sword Coast.


- Okku will not leave Rashemen - the bear is tied to it, and he returns to his barrow to sleep. In the final battle, if the KC is in love with Gann, the Hagspawn will summon Old Father Bear to save them from The Kaiser.

3: The Knight Captain's other companions were not idle:

- Ammon Jerro, after having his soul restored to his body, helped the Knight Captain hold off the Tana'ri at the Gates to Kelemvore's city, (using a host of devils he bargained with The Still Lord to obtain). Immediately after the battle, Jerro returned to the hells to pay off that debt. Once he finished serving The Still Lord, Jerro appeared in Crossroad Keep and found not only the Knight Captain still missing, but discovered an intolerable, fawning drow named Quarrel - who simply would not LEAVE HIM ALONE! Jerro was preparing to tear Faerun apart in search of the Knight Captain, but they returned before the Warlock could put his plan in action.


- Bevil Starling, (a short time before the events in MoW), lead an elite group of Greycloaks East in search of the Knight Captain. They become lost, and were eventually rescued by Daeghun (as the ranger conducts his own search). They catch up to the Knight Captain when they [the KC] is ambushed by a huge force of revenge seeking Night Masks.

- Daeghun Farlong, on advice gained from Tarmas, began slowly making his way towards the Unapproachable East, in his own fruitless search. On his way, he finds Bevil's group and rescues them. Together they make their way to Westgate, but the Knight Captain has already left. They turn around and pick up the Knight Captains Trail - and that of a large group of Night Masks sent by Orbakh to kill them.

- Khelgar Ironfist was preparing to launch a large expedition - in direct defiance of his orders from Neverwitner - spearheaded by Ammon Jerro, Gann, Kaelyn and Safiya. The Knight Captain makes it back before the dwarf can do it.


The NX4 Team:


Writing: Sabranic.

Art: Chad Springer.

Editing: The NWN 2 Community.

Play Testing: Xaylla, Injate, Littlepirate, Aramina, Arenaceusmaga, Swaygr, Injate, Akamas.

Level Design: Sabranic, Swaygr, SGK73, Super Midget, Ugly_Duck, Alaster Wolf, seraphimsage, Morbane, Chaos_Theocrat, botumys, Gremlin, Issacjr, Glimmlampe, Ladyelvenstar, SDJ, Ho5a, RWS, and Ithalyan.

3D Modeling: Escrimator, Schazzwozzer, MisterBritish, FokSiGen, Xaltar, rjshae, ArtEChoke, jestemwlodzimierz, Cyphre, Cyric_the_Dark, Hellfire, Daronas, Dann Pigdon, Arpharazon, 4760, Vivaldi, VPJ, glee, Xaltar, The Grypon, Barry the Hatchet, Geshi, Daggerknight, Nurgoth Do'Urden, cacysunlee, RunnerDuck, Jonny Ree, botu, paladin3333, Sim Aleph, and Anon-Team-Member. (He or She has requested to remain anon. But they are good - VERY GOOD).

Texturing: SilkD, Barrel of Monkeys, Amphibious Bagel, Kamal.

Programming: Injate, the above Anon-Team-Member and a very honorable Mention to kevL, who has made it very clear that he is not a part of the team per say - he's a knowledgeable helper who has gone above and beyond what you could call help, creating the thirst system and some extra-nasty goodies in the ToH. He also did a great deal of work in the Morbane Branch of the ToH - so he has no small ammount of interest in our adaptation of it.

Item design: Sabranic, Kaldor Silverwand, Clangeddin86.

Game System Design: kevL, Kaldor Silverwand, brockfanning, ChimneyFish, WarmachineX.

Installer Set-up/Programming: Injate.

Music: Manabu Namiki, Fukasawa Hideyki, Kawai Kenji, Azusa Chiba, Norihiko Hibino, Kimihiro Abe, Takahide Ayuzawa, Yoshitaka Suzuki, Ukihiro Jindo, Masayoshi Soken, Thomas J. Bergersen, Nick Phoenix, Matt Uelmen, Jeremy Soule, Russell Cox, Rebecca Evans and Curtis Schweitzer.

Technical Support: Clangeddin86, Tchos, Kaldor Silverwand, ColorsFade, _Knightmare_, kevL, PJ156, kamal_, Lance Botelle


Special Thanks:

(Without the help of these people we'd have a pretty looking map that does nothing interesting).




Kaldor Silverwand






Lance Botelle


Note: Please feel free to use anything we have created in any way you'd like. This is a labor of love, and if any module, script, conversation, icon item, NPC or anything we've build is helpful to your own projects, it's yours. (And if you want fork our work and do better than us... GREAT! We're trying to make the game we want to play here - if you can do it better, we're all ears).

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NX4 Material Spell Component System:
A Description of the Material Spell Component Mechanics.

Detailed below is the system we’ve engineered to institute the necessity for material spell components with in Neverwinter Nights 2. The concept is two-fold – as all Vanican spell casters, (wizards, clerics, druids, rangers and paladins), will now require a spell focus to recover spells, (for example, spell books, ritual kits and holy symbols), and all magic users, (including the spontaneous magic users such as sorcerers, bards, favored souls, and spirit shaman), will need a consumable pouch of material components to invoke a magic spell.



We feel the introduction of material components will improve gameplay in several important ways:

- The inclusion of material spell components will bring Neverwinter Nights 2 closer to the Dungeons and Dragons 3.5 ruleset. In our opinion, bringing the video game closer to its pen and paper roots is almost always a desirable goal.


- Spellbooks and material components were some of the chief balancing mechanisms used to restrain Arcane casters. Without a cost associated to casting spells, (and the vulnerability spell books), Vanican casters are “one nap away” from solving most any form of adversity. We believe adding material requirements will lessen the tendency of high level spellcasters to basically “throttle the heavens” at will. Scenario developers can also limit/target spell component pouches and spell foci, and in doing so, bring the magic user a bit closer to parity with other classes.


- We believe adding a few elements of resource management will improve immersion in the game. Suddenly there is a gold or time cost associated with detecting all the traps in a caster’s line of sight - or waving one’s hands and opening every locked chest in a dungeon. Maybe that lowly invisibility spell will do the same job as going ethereal – at substantially less cost. Material components reward tactical gameplay - while encouraging players to become more familiar with the various spell effects and their most cost-effective application. This helps them become more intimate with the game universe.

- We believe adding a cost to spells will enhance the value of non-spellcaster contributions. How much worth does a party rogue have when a caster can detect traps, make themselves immune to them, and then proceed to trigger them unharmed? Or when a magic user merely snaps their fingers to spring locked objects? Why bother with a fighter, when one can summon a hulking demon or towering elementals to tank the legendary beast of yore? Why… with proper spell selection, a magic user can even transform themselves into an engine of melee devastation - while still retaining ranged AoE damage and extreme puzzle solving utility. That changes when spells cost resources, as spellcasters are encouraged to intrude less upon their teammate’s roles. This enhances the worth of a rogue’s thief skills or a fighter’s durability… since they can do these things for free.

- Adding components and spell foci create an excuse for introducing a variety of non-combat enchanted items. For example, a mystic belt which summons a few pouches of spell components, (or a Boccob’s Blessed Book for that matter), has no value in the previous chapters of Neverwinter Nights 2. There’s little value in magical devices which don’t kill creatures, solve puzzles or enhance a character’s attributes. Now, with the addition of material spell components, we’ve added an entire category of highly desirable and utilitarian magical items. Part of creating an immersive game world is engineering difficulties for the player characters - and then creating wondrous and exciting ways for them to overcome the problems.

- Material components create opportunities for dramatic tension. It opens the door to several new plot twists and unique combat situations. For example,
now enemy rogues can swipe a component pouch, rendering whole levels of spell unusable in the heat of combat. Another possibility is the creation of low resource/scavenging scenarios, where the players have to carefully salvage and manage their scant belongings – saving powerful enchantments for exactly the right moment. And… just maybe… the genre-savvy evil warlord of ultimate doom might confiscate a wizard’s tomes before he locks the party up in his dungeon – just to be safe.


- We see the addition of material components as an opportunity to round out neglected character skills. For example, Survival has little use in the combat dominated world of Neverinwter Nights 2. However, when the ability can be used to scavenge food, drink and expensive spell components, it’s suddenly worth considering - as opposed to simply tossing a few extra ranks in tumbling, healing, use magic device, or concentration.


Survival Skill Component Harvesting Values:
(Number of components harvested = Survival Skill / 2, rounding fractions up).
Survival Skill 1: Level 0 Material Components
Survival Skill 2: Level 1 Material Components
Survival Skill 4: Level 2 Material Components
Survival Skill 6: Level 3 Material Components
Survival Skill 8: Level 4 Material Components
Survival Skill 12: Level 5 Material Components
Survival Skill 16: Level 6 Material Components
Survival Skill 22: Level 7 Material Components
Survival Skill 28: Level 8 Material Components
Survival Skill 33+: Level 9 Material Components

Characters with high degrees of “Survival” can harvest resources points available in most zones. The areas are interactive, and they check survival skill via a dialog tree before allowing players to extract valuables. The resources points can contain spell components, food, drink, crafting materials and other useful objects – which can both save money and potentially lives if the party is dying of thirst. Each resource point can be harvested once per visit, and they reset when the players exit and re-enter the zone.

All natural environments, (non-city), will have a place where a druid or ranger’s ritual kit can be assembled with a 20 difficulty survival check.

Required Material Components By Class:
Presented below are the required material components by spell casting class.

- Mages & Specialist Wizards: 1 Spellbook for each level to recover spells. 1 stack of consumable material components for each spell of each level.

- Clerics & Paladins: 1 Holy Symbol of proper alignment to recover spells. 1 stack of consumable material components for each spell of each level.

- Druids & Rangers: 1 Ritual Kit to recover spells. 1 stack of consumable material components for each spell of each level.

- Bards, Favored Souls, Spirit Shaman, Sorcerers: 1 stack of consumable material components for each spell of each level.

Some Examples of In-game Component Use:
Below is a few examples of the material spell components and foci in use.

Rath, a Generalist Mage, has the following:
- 3 First Level Material Component Pouches
- 2 Fourth Level Material Component Pouches
- 1 Seventh Level Material Component Pouches
- A full set of spell books, levels 0-9

With this load-out, our hero can cast 3 first level spells, 2 fourth level spells and 1 seventh level spell before he’s exhausted his supply of components. Since he has a full set of spellbooks he is free to rest and regain all of his daily spells, however, until he buys or scavenges for some material components, he won’t be able to cast anything.

Rath continues his adventures, and, after re-supplying in town, he’s carrying large stacks of spell components. However, in earlier in the day, he was briefly captured by an Ogre Magi, who took some of his spellbooks before fleeing.

Rath, a Generalist Mage, has the following:
- 20 Zero Level Material Component Pouches
- 20 First Level Material Component Pouches
- 20 Second Level Material Component Pouches
- 20 Third Level Material Component Pouches
- 20 Fourth Level Material Component Pouches
- 20 Fifth Level Material Component Pouches
- 20 Sixth Level Material Component Pouches
- 20 Seventh Level Material Component Pouches
- 20 Eighth Level Material Component Pouches
- 20 Ninth Level Material Component Pouches
- Spellbooks Levels 1-6 (7, 8 and 9 were taken by the Ogre Magi).

With this load-out, Rath can cast his full repertoire of spells and still have ample components left for later. Before dark, a lich is encountered, and the battle is desperate - our hero uses up all of his 9th, 8th, 7th, 6th and three of his 5th level spells. Because the Ogre Magi swiped his 7th, 8th and 9th level spellbooks earlier, when he rests that night, Rath won’t be able to recover his 7th, 8th, and 9th level spells. He will regain all of his missing 6th and 5th level spells however.

Mundane Material Spell Components and Foci:
Below is a list of mundane spell components, holy symbols, ritual kits and spell books, commonly available in stores and shops throughout the realms.

Material Spell Components:
Stack Size:
Item Tag: mca_comp_0 to mca_comp_10
Other Info: Material components are consumed upon successfully casting of a spell, deducting one from the stack.
Description: “Spell components are the requirements any arcane or divine caster must fulfill to conjure magical effects. Some components are properly spoken invocations, chants or command words. Others are complex gestures, body movements or hand motions. Finally, some spells require material objects, which are often times consumed to invoke the power of a spell. The more powerful the spell, the more powerful the material components necessary to invoke it.”

“These small pouches contain all of the necessary material components needed to cast the spells of the appropriate level. They are commonly sold by enterprising hedge-wizards throughout The Sword Coast, and characters with a high enough survival skill can harvest components in wilderness areas for free.”

- 80% Item Weight Reduction
- Useable by: Wizard
- Useable by: Cleric
- Useable by: Druid
- Useable by: Paladin
- Useable by: Ranger
- Useable by: Sorcerer
- Useable by: Bard
- Useable by: Favored Soul
- Useable by: Spirt Shaman
Cost Per Unit:
- Level 0 Material Component Pouch; Gold Value: 10
- Level 1 Material Components Pouch; Gold Value: 20
- Level 2 Material Components Pouch; Gold Value: 30
- Level 3 Material Components Pouch; Gold Value: 40
- Level 4 Material Components Pouch; Gold Value: 50
- Level 5 Material Components Pouch; Gold Value: 60
- Level 6 Material Components Pouch; Gold Value: 80
- Level 7 Material Components Pouch; Gold Value: 100
- Level 8 Material Components Pouch; Gold Value: 140
- Level 9 Material Components Pouch; Gold Value: 180

Mage/Specalist Wizard Spellbooks:
Stack Size:
Item Tag: mca_spell_wfocus_0 to mca_spell_wfocus_10
Other Info: Spellbooks are non-consumable, and required to recover Vanican spells on resting. Each tome is keyed to a specific spell level, so a level 1 book is required to recover level 1 spells, and a level 5 book is required to recover level 5 spells.
Description: “This large, leather-bound book serves as a wizard's spell reference. The tome has reinforced pewter corners and a lock securing it shut. The pages have been treated to resist water, rot and other hazards an adventuring wizard is likely to face. This particular spellbook is capable of holding more than one-hundred XXth level spells, with one spell transcribed on per page.“

“Without their spellbooks, a mage or specialist wizard will be unable to recover their spells while resting. Each tome is is keyed to a specific spell level – i.e. without a first level spellbook, a wizard cannot recover their first level spells. Because of this vulnerability, most casters take great pains to safeguard their library.“

- 80% Item Weight Reduction
- Useable by: Wizard
- Lore +1
Cost Per Unit:
- Level 0 Spellbook; Gold Value: 100
- Level 1 Spellbook; Gold Value: 150
- Level 2 Spellbook; Gold Value: 200
- Level 3 Spellbook; Gold Value: 250
- Level 4 Spellbook; Gold Value: 300
- Level 5 Spellbook; Gold Value: 350
- Level 6 Spellbook; Gold Value: 400
- Level 7 Spellbook; Gold Value: 450
- Level 8 Spellbook; Gold Value: 500
- Level 9 Spellbook; Gold Value: 550

Holy Symbols
Stack Size: None
Item Tag: mca_spell_focus
Other Info: Holy symbols are non-consumable and required for clerics and paladins to recover their magic spells on resting. The icons come in three types – Evil, Good, and Neutral, and are only useable by casters of the proper alignment.
Description: “A holy symbol is a small medallion, icon or figurine which represents a deity's power and portfolio. They can be made of any solid material, from simple hardwoods to precious metals, with higher ranking members of the priesthood often owning expensive, ornate or even enchanted symbols.”

“Clerics and Paladin's use their holy symbol to turn undead, promote their god and as part of the religious rites in which they replenish their spells. Without their icon, it becomes impossible for these classes to recover their magic when resting. “

- Useable by: Paladin
- Useable by: Cleric
- Useable by: Good
- Diplomacy +1
- Useable by: Paladin
- Useable by: Cleric
- Useable by: Neutral
- Bluff +1
- Useable by: Paladin
- Useable by: Cleric
- Useable by: Evil
- Intimidate +1
Cost Per Unit: Gold Value: 100

Ritual Kit
Stack Size: None
Item Tag: mca_spell_focus
Other Info: Ritual kits are non-consumable and required for druids and rangers to recover their magic spells on resting. In all wilderness areas, there is a resource point where a druid or ranger’s ritual kit can be assembled with a 20 difficulty survival check.
Description: “A ritual kit is a collection of various objects used by Druids and Rangers to prepare their magical spells for the day. Usually there are several small containers of pure water, a sickle, bones and various other natural charms and talisman which venerate the land or the perhaps deity the owner serves.

Without a ritual kit, Rangers and Druids are unable to restore their magic spells when resting. Characters with advanced Survival skills can scavenge a ritual kit from most wilderness areas.
- Useable by: Druids
- Useable by: Rangers
- Survival: +1
- Concentration: +1
- Cast Spell: Awaken, 1 charge per use.
Cost Per Unit: Gold Value: 75



Magical Material Spell Components and Foci:
Below is a list of magical versions of the spell foci and component pouches.

Ornate Holy symbol

Stack Size: None
Item Tag: mca_spell_focus
Other Info: Holy symbols are non-consumable and required for clerics and paladins to recover their magic spells on resting. The icons come in three types – Evil, Good, and Neutral, and are only useable by casters of the proper alignment.
Description:“These enchanted holy symbols enhance the power of any properly aligned cleric or paladin wielding them - improving their ability to heal wounds, influence followers, and repel undead creatures.”
- Useable by: Paladin
- Useable by: Cleric
- Useable by: Good
- Diplomacy +2
- Healing +2
- Bonus Feat: Extra Turning
- Bonus Feat: Ioun Stone - Charisma
- Useable by: Paladin
- Useable by: Cleric
- Useable by: Neutral
- Bluff +2
- Healing +2
- Bonus Feat: Extra Turning
- Bonus Feat: Ioun Stone - Charisma
- Useable by: Paladin
- Useable by: Cleric
- Useable by: Evil
- Intimidate +2
- Healing +2
- Bonus Feat: Ioun Stone – Charisma
- Bonus Feat: Extra Turning
Cost Per Unit: Not available for sale.

Boccob's Blessed Book
Stack Size: None.
Item Tag: mca_spell_wfocus_11
Other Info: Spellbooks are non-consumable, and required to recover Vanican arcane spells on resting. A Boccob’s Blessed Book serves as a spell focus for all wizard spells, levels 0-9.
Description: “This well-made tome is ten inches tall, eight inches wide, and one inch thick. It is waterproof, covered in dragon-hide, and boasts a stout mithral lock, hinges, and corner protectors. Despite its diminutive size, a wizard opening this spellbook will quickly discover it has over one thousand pages, each capable of holding a single spell of any level.”

“These tomes are greatly prized by mages as traveling libraries, and most would count such an item among their most valued treasures. A wizard with such a book could discard all of their other spell tomes in favor of this one.”

- Useable by: Wizard
- Lore +10
Cost Per Unit: Not available for sale.

Captured Level X Enemy Spellbook
Stack Size: None.
Item Tag: mca_spell_wfocus_1 to mca_spell_wfocus_10
Other Info: Captured enemy spellbooks behave like any store-bought spellbook of their level in all respects except one: They have a 1 time use unique ability that generates three random scrolls of the spellbook’s level when used – representing potential new spells the enemy caster knew that the player did not.
Description: “”This is a captured spellbook – what new and powerful magic dwells within its cover is impossible to imagine. You open the covers with great anticipation…

“Use the captured spellbook to generate several magical scrolls, which you may then scribe, sell, or use in combat. Once you’ve extracted the scrolls, the tome is in all respects a normal spellbook of its level.”
- 80% Item Weight Reduction
- Useable by: Wizard
- Lore +1
- Unique Power: Self, 1 charge per use – Summons 3 random scrolls of book’s level.
Cost Per Unit: Not available for sale, sells as a normal spellbook.

Pouch of Conjuration
Stack Size: Unlimited.
Item Tag: mca_master_comp
Other Info: Material components are consumed upon successfully casting of a spell. This pouch is unlimited in its uses and functions as a material spell component for all spells of all levels for all classes.
Description: “This astonishing pouch instantly produces any material spell component required by a caster. The value of this small bag to any magic user is indescribable - you'd best keep it well hidden, as the unscrupulous would certainly kill to possess such a treasure.“

- Useable by: Wizard
- Useable by: Cleric
- Useable by: Druid
- Useable by: Paladin
- Useable by: Ranger
- Useable by: Sorcerer
- Useable by: Bard
- Useable by: Favored Soul
- Useable by: Spirt Shaman
Cost Per Unit: Not available for sale.

Hierophant's Ritual Kit
Stack Size: None
Item Tag: mca_spell_focus
Other Info: Ritual kits are non-consumable and required for druids and rangers to recover their magic spells on resting. In all wilderness areas, there is a resource point where a druid or ranger’s ritual kit can be assembled with a 20 difficulty survival check.
Description: “This particular Ritual Kit must have belonged to a powerful Druid - perhaps the leader of a circle or a Hierophant. Its talisman and other implements seem especially potent, as they not only enhance the potency one’s summons, but allow a caster to call forth a powerful elemental spirit to fight on their behalf.“

- Useable by: Druids
- Useable by: Rangers
- Survival: 2
- Concentration: 2
- Cast Spell: Summon Orglash, 1x per day
Cost Per Unit: Not available for sale.

Neverwinter Nights 2 Series Timeline:
The Dale Reckoning Timeline Covering NX1-NX4.

Presented below is a timeline covering the important events in the Knight Captain’s Saga. We used the Dale Reckoning calendar, as this seems the most popular dating convention for pre-spellplague activates. Everything depicted here accounts for canon events and publications, and have been meticulously researched to avoid conflicting with official published materials.

- 1350: Year of the Morningstar -


DR: 1350 - A blackguard tiefling known only as "The Kaiser" appears for the first time, riding from Hellgate Keep with a small host of demons.


- 1353: Year of the Arch -


DR: 1353 - Alustriel Silverhand dispatches a company of her Knights in Silver and members of the Spellguard to investigate demonic incursions near Sundabar.


- 1356: Year of the Worm -


DR: 1356 - The Kaiser leads a host of demons and evil mercenaries against Sundabar - which is ultimately routed.


DR: 1356 - The Blackguard flees southwest, pursued by the Knights in Silver Spellguard members who defeated his force at Sundabar.

- 1357: Year of the Prince -


DR: 1357 - The heroes catch up to the tiefling near the Luskan village of Ember - they never report back to Silverymoon.

DR: 1357 - Kistrel is polymorphed into a giant spider and flees into the caverns below Ember. Her companions are all destroyed by The Kaiser.


DR: 1357 - The Kaiser secretly travels east, passing through Westgate, The Pirate isles, Bezentaur and eventually into Shou Lung.

- 1364: Year of the Wave -


DR: 1364 - House Oroshi of Wa is destroyed by Isho Oroshi and The Kaiser.


DR: 1364 - Terakawa Ukami vows vengance against Isho and The Kaiser, and eternally pledges himself to the Li lung dragon Hayate in exchange for the power to slay his enemies. He begins following their trail westward.

- 1367: Year of the Shield -


DR: 1367 - Isho and the Kaiser gather a mercenary force and travel west. They operate near Bezantur in Thay for a year, where they gain a reputation for fearlessness, efficiency and cruelty.

- 1369: Year of the Gauntlet -


DR: 1369 - The Kaiser and Isho participate in a successful plot to Install Edwin Odesseiron as supreme Zulkir of Thay... for three days.

DR: 1369 - The Kaiser and Isho spring Edwin Odesseiron from his prison cell.


DR: 1369 - Alongside Odesseiron and his followers, the Kaiser and Isho flee Thay following the Red Wizard's ouster.

- 1370: Year of the Tankard -


DR: 1370 - Edwin, The Kaiser and Isho travel to Tethyr and revive an aspect of Sendai Ri'fialle, (using a statue overlooked by the Ward of Gorion and a small portion of The Kaiser’s near-divine essence).


DR: 1370 - The Kaiser and his force make a year-long journey to the Spine of the World, using long forgotten roads in the Underdark to avoid their many pursuers.

- 1371: Year of the Unstrung Harp -


DR: 1371 - The group clears and takes over the long abandoned Granite Hold Castle northeast of Mirabar.

- 1372: Year of Wild Magic -


DR: 1372 - The company descends to the Underdark in search of plunder and to rally Sendai's scattered forces.


DR: 1372 - The Kaiser's group slays the Shadow Dragon Das'mag'Xallyion, claiming his extensive hoard of gold and magical items.

- 1373: Year of Rogue Dragons -


DR: 1373 - The Kaiser’s party journeys to cities of Ched Nasad and Menzoberranzan, recruiting a substantial army of Drow still loyal to Sendai’s house.

- 1374: Year of Lightning Storms -


DR: 1374 - The Kaiser’s surrogates spread rumors throughout the Northlands of an impending invasion by the Uthgardt Thunderbeast tribe, raising fear and tensions in the area.

DR: 1374 - Sendai's army, (while rallying to Granite Hold), attacks the Uthgardt Thunderbeast tribe to conceal evidence of their movement. The tribe is all but destroyed.

DR: 1374 - Bodvarr barely survives the scouring of his people and slowly recovers his strength for a year in the wilds near Mirabar.

DR: 1374 - The Kaiser and his forces take credit for the slaughter of the Uthgardt Thunderbeast tribe. The governments and citizens of the Northlands rejoice and consider them heroes.

DR: 1374 - Deep within the mountain fortress of Granite Hold, Sendai's force establishes itself as a Drow Colony, continuing to grow in strength.

DR: 1374 - Edwin, Sendai, Isho and The Kaiser hatch a plot to seize control of the Sword Coast.


DR: 1374 - The surviving followers of Edwin Odesseiron finally arrive at Granite Hold.


DR: 1374 - The Kaiser is summoned by his patron, the Abyssal Lord Graz'zt to report on his progress.

DR: 1374 - The events detailed in the Neverwinter Nights 2 Official Campaign begin.

DR: 1374 - During the war with the Knight of Shadows, The Kaiser’s force successfully repels an undead host besieging the Gates of Neverwinter. Their heroics spare the city total destruction and the group is knighted by Lord Nasher in gratitude.

- NWN 2: Official Campaign -

DR: 1374 - The King of Shadows is destroyed and its lair collapses.

DR: 1374 - Zhjaeve plane-shits back to Limbo, her mission accomplished. She continues to watch over and aid the KC from afar.


DR: 1374 - Elanee shoves the KC from under a falling column and is crushed by it in their place.


DR: 1374 - Casavir braces a collapsing doorway – he manages to hold it open long enough for the party to pass – his spine then shatters and he’s buried in rubble.

DR: 1374 - The KC is knocked unconscious by Nefris’s minions, who flee to Rashemen via the Plane of Shadow with their hostage.

DR: 1374 - Khelgar attempts to pursue the KC’s abductors, but is buried in falling debris.

DR: 1374 - Ammon Jerro pursues the KC’s abductors, and is overpowered by Nefris in the Plane of Shadow.

DR: 1374 - Grobnar dies shielding The Construct from tons of falling rocks.

DR: 1374 - The Construct is damaged and disabled by rubble.

DR: 1374 - Neeshka nimbly dodges her way out of the collapsing ruin, escaping unscathed. (If she resisted Black Garus).

DR: 1374 - Neeshka surveys the ruins and helps Khelgar free himself from the collapsed structure. (If she resisted Black Garus).

DR: 1374 - Luskan agents pull a crippled Casavir from the rubble and spirit him away.

DR: 1374 - Daeghun consults with Tarmas and the pair manages to divine some hints as to the KC’s location.

DR: 1374 - Daeghun and Bevil separately strike out in search of the KC when their pleas for Neverwiner’s aid are refused and ignored.

DR: 1374 - Khelgar remains at the CK, pressuring Nasher to launch a massive search, but his efforts are in vain.

DR: 1374 - Neeshka returns to The Black Cats, her former guild in Neverwinter, where she tries to use their contacts to locate the KC. (If she resisted Black Garus).

DR: 1374 - The survivors of the war return to West Harbor and Highcliff to begin rebuilding their lives and homes.

DR: 1374 - Neverwinter and its territories descend into economic ruin from the war.


- NWN 2: Mask of the Betrayer -
(Run's Concurrently with SoZ)


DR: 1374 - The last shard of Gith’s Silver Sword is messily extracted from the KC by Nefris.

DR: 1374 - Ammon Jerro has his soul removed from his body, and is then left to die in The Academy of Shapers and Binders.


DR: 1374 - The dying KC is taken to the Bear King’s Barrow and restrained there. He is possessed by Akachi the Betrayer, and contracts the Spirit Eater Curse.

DR: 1374 - Safiya rescues the KC from the Bear King’s Barrow, and the duo battle their way free.

DR: 1374 - The KC recruits Gann and Kaelyn.

DR: 1374 - The KC recruits either Okku or consumes him after a pitched battle.

DR: 1374 - The KC possibly creates One of Many using Okku’s husk.


DR: 1374 - The KC romances Gann, Safiya or neither.

DR: 1374 - The KC destroys or spares The Slumbering Coven.

DR: 1374 - Zhjaeve and her fellow Zerth conjure the Dream Weapon and pass it to the Knight Captain.


DR: 1374 - The KC ransacks the Academy of Shapers and Binders battling Araman and his forces.


DR: 1374 - The KC rescues Ammon Jerro, who then accompanies the KC to the Fugue Plane.


DR: 1374 - The KC meets The Founder, and she informs him of her plan and returns the Silver Sword of Gith to him. The KC spares her despite her cruel treatment of them.


DR: 1374 - The KC commits to the crusade and leads his allies through the betrayer's gate.


DR: 1374 - The KC first aids Zoab, followed by Sey'ryu.

DR: 1374 - Araman attacks the KC one final time and is defeated.

DR: 1374 - Ammon Jerro summons devils and helps the KC hold the gates to The City of Judgment.


DR: 1374 - The KC betrays Rammaq - then slays the enraged demilich in self-defense.


DR: 1374 - The KC ends The Spirt Eater Curse by uniting The Mask of the Betrayer and freeing Akachi.


DR: 1374 - Kelemvor returns the KC and companions to Thaymount.


DR: 1374 - Safiya stays at the Academy for a time to tie up loose ends - agreeing to meet the KC in their homeland.


DR: 1374 - Gann takes his leave to "indulge" in the presence of grateful Rashemi spirits before heading to see the KC’s home.


DR: 1374 - Kaelyn departs to continue her crusade on the wall with The Menagerie.

DR: 1374 - If the KC created One of Many, the creature accompanies them as they return home.

DR: 1374 - If the KC spared Okku, the Bear God returns to his barrow and sleeps.


DR: 1374 - Ammon Jerro journey's the planes for a time, contemplating the purpose of his existence and his many sins.


DR: 1374 - The KC departs for home by sea, with plans to meet Gann and Safiya at CK.


- 1375: Year of Risen Elfkin -

DR: 1375 - The loss of the Spirit Eater Curse significantly weakens the KC. A part of his own essence was surrendered to Akachi in the process of restoring the betrayer. (Thus explaining the level cap in MoW).

DR: 1375 -
Rhea Corvianna is abducted from Waterdeep by Edwin Odesseiron and The Kaiser. The mage is held hostage in Granite Hold, and forced to concoct an untraceable and incurable poison which slowly debilitates and kills its victim.

DR: 1375 - The remains of The Construct are located by salvagers scouring the rubble of The King of Shadows’ fortress. After being examined by The Many Starred Cloaks, the creature is returned to Crossroad Keep, although it remains inactive.

DR: 1375 - Daerred and company purchase an empty building in CK and establish an adventurer’s guild.


- NWN 2 : Mysteries of Westgate -
(Run's Concurrently with SoZ)


DR: 1375 - The KC acquires the Cursed Domino Mask on his journey home, and is drawn to Westgate in his attempt to be free of it. (If One of Many is present, the powerful spirit possessing the mask nearly seizes control of “The Many” and damages One of Many’s husk in the struggle. The abomination is cast into the Plane of Shadow while it regenerates. The Cursed Domino Mask interferes with One of Many’s bond to the Knight Captain, making it impossible to locate or speak with its master).


DR: 1375 - The KC allies with Mantides, Charissa and Rinara, and they help one another overcome personal demons and the dangers of Westgate.


DR: 1375 - The KC refuses the “gift” of vampirism from Orbakh.


DR: 1375 - The KC helps Mantides regain his faith in Lathander.


DR: 1375 - The KC and allies foil Orbakh’s plan to create enough clones to fed a vampire army.

DR: 1375 - The KC stops the devil Zymena from taking over Westgate’s underworld.


DR: 1375 - The KC breaks the domino mask's curse.


DR: 1375 - The following morning, the KC, Mantides, Charissa and Rinara flee Westgate.


DR: 1375 - Orbakh swears vengeance, and sends a large force of Night Masks after them.

DR: 1375 - Obid rises as a powerful vampire, controlled by Orbakh.

DR: 1375 - Tam Bakk and Tobias are dispatched to Neverwinter to rout the Shadow Thieves and establish a Night Masks branch in the city.

- NWN 2: Storm of Zehir -
(Run's Concurrently with MotB & MoW)


DR: 1375 - Nevalle is given wide latitude by Lord Nasher to save The Sword Coast’s floundering economy.

DR: 1375 - Edwin Odesseiron’s followers establish Thayan enclave in Neverwinter’s Black Lake District with Nevalle’s blessing.

DR: 1375 - Nevalle sponsors a campaign to promote Waukeen’s church throughout Neverwinter’s territory, in the hope of bringing wealth and prosperity to the struggling lands.

DR: 1375 - Khelgar is made temporary Commander of Crossroad Keep - over his objections.


DR: 1375 - Kana takes a leave of absence to perfect her combat arts.


DR: 1375 - Kistrel driven into the Crossroad Keep caverns by frightened merchants and traders.


DR: 1375 - Sa'Sani's cargo ship wrecks off the coast of Samarach. Adventurers traveling aboard it rescue the crew and Volothamp Geddarn from a hungry goblin tribe.

DR: 1375 - Casavir is taken to the Luskan Host Tower, where he is repeatedly tortured for information.


DR: 1375 - Sa'Sani hires the mercenaries stranded by the shipwreck to track down the cause of the disaster. She correctly suspects sabotage.


DR: 1375 - The sell-swords gain Sa’Sani’s favor and quickly rise through the ranks of her organization.

DR: 1375 - One of Many, disoriented, separated from its Master and badly wounded, (by the Cursed Domino Mask), wanders Samarach in search of the KC. (Providing the player made the creature - if not, it is an unrelated monstrosity seeking nourishment).


DR: 1375 - Sa'Sani branches her organization into the sword coast as part of a gambit to thwart the interloper deity Zehir’s takeover of Samarach’s yuan-ti.


DR: 1375 - Desperate to generate revenue, Nevalle allows Sa'Sani to establish herself in Crossroad Keep, granting her run of the place.

DR: 1375 - Upon Nevalle’s orders, the Church of Tyr in CK dismantled in favor of a temple to Waukeen.


DR: 1375 - Sa’Sani’s mercenaries gather adventurers from all over the world, and grow her merchant house into the Sword Coast’s most powerful trading organization.


DR: 1375 - Sa'Sani reveals her true nature as a yuan-ti infiltrator, kills her second in command and explains the danger posed by Zehir to her employees.


DR: 1375 - The adventurers successfully convince Sa'Sani to cease some of her more mercenary ways. Moving forward, she manages her organization without resorting to nefarious methods.


DR: 1375 - The adventurers return to Samarach and confront the yuan-ti, eventually destroying them and one of Zehir’s avatars.


DR: 1375 – Victorious, the mercenaries part company, and their story eventually becomes a popular novel by Volothamp Geddarm.


- Post Storm of Zehir -

DR: 1375 - Kana returns to the CK to help a flailing Khelgar manage the keep.

DR: 1375 - A cemetery is built near Crossroad keep, dedicated to those who fell battling the King of Shadows.

DR: 1375 - Neeshka attempts to kill Raines - the psychopathic leader of The Black Cats - by tricking him into raiding Khelben Blackstaff’s residence. (She
surreptitiously tipped off the mage beforehand). (If she resisted Black Garus).


DR: 1375 - The Kaiser sponsors the restoration of the Neverwinter Merchant District and the construction of a large orphanage for the many children left without parents after the war.

DR: 1375 - The Kaiser and his forces rout the Orcs of Old Owl as they attempt to rally under a new chieftain.

DR: 1375
- Khelgar becomes suspicious of these new "champions," but his attempts to unmask them fail in an escalating series of embarrassments, costing him standing with Lord Nasher and the Neverwinter Court.

DR: 1375 - The Kaiser's agents hatch a plot with the Host Tower Mages to depose Nasher Alagondar, with the full intention of betraying the Arcane Botherhood.

DR: 1375 - The Kaiser and companions thwart the very assassination attempt they sponsored. Vinara Omis of the Neverwinter Nine is killed by Luskans during the attack.

DR: 1375 - The Black Dog Pirates and their fleets begin savaging shipping along the Sword Coast, laying waste to the economies of Luskan, Neverwinter, Waterdeep and Baldur’s Gate.

DR: 1375 - The Kaiser is inducted into the Neverwinter Nine as a replacement for the presumed dead Knight Captain. Neverwinter celebrates their new hero.


- 1376: Year of the Bent Blade -

DR: 1376 - Lord Nasher's health begins to fail, and steadily more of his administrative duties are handed to his trusted guardian - The Kaiser.

DR: 1376 - The Lord’s Alliance tasks a fleet of ten ships to track down and destroy The Black Dog Pirates. They never return.

DR: 1376 - Isho Oroshi is inducted into the Neverwinter Nine to replace Vinara Omis.


DR: 1376 - Khelgar orders the temple of Waukeen to be cleared from the CK. He returns the building to the Church of Tyr.

DR: 1376 -
One by one, Nasher's closest advisors are alienated, re-assigned or sent abroad on suicidal missions. Their replacements are loyal to The Kaiser and his allies.

DR: 1376 - Sand relocates his business to Crossroad Keep, hoping to increase his profits and escape the growing instability in Neverwinter.

DR: 1376 -
Nevalle’s suspicions grow regarding The Kaiser and his allies. He and Colonel Brelaina begin investigating the warlord’s affiliations, nearly uncovering Granite Hold in the process.

DR: 1376 - Tam Bakk arrives in Neverwinter, and, on behalf of Orbakh, gives The Kaiser compromising information regarding Sa’Sani’s Merchant House. He then proposes an alliance between The Kaiser’s forces and The Night Masks.

DR: 1376 - Rhea’s poisons have begun to seriously impact Lord Nasher’s health and sanity. The ruler is reduced to little more than The Kaiser’s puppet.

DR: 1376 - The Kaiser and his companions expose Sa’Sani as a yuan-ti before the entire Neverwinter Court. When it is also revealed that Khelgar and Nevalle were aware of her true nature, Nevalle is expelled from the Nine and Khelgar loses any remaining favor he held with Lord Nasher.

DR: 1376 - Nevalle is exiled to the Neverwinter Consulate, and made Neverwinter’s “ambassador” to Daggerford - punishment for “deceiving” Nasher and almost surrendering the Sword Coast’s economy to a yuan-ti infiltrator.

DR: 1376 - Tam Bakk and Tobias deal a devastating blow to Neverwinter’s Shadow Thieves, driving them entirely from the Merchant District and reducing their presence in the Docks and Warrens to a fraction of its former strength.


DR: 1376 - In recognition of his service against the Shadow Thieves, Tam Bakk is appointed to the Neverwinter Nine, filling Callum’s empty post.

DR: 1376 - The Night Masks open their first branch in the Neverwinter Merchant District, and begin filling the void left by the Shadow Thieves. Orbakh secretly arrives in Neverwinter, leaving Obid behind as “Acting Faceless” in Westgate.

DR: 1376 - Lord Nasher orders Sa’sani’s merchant warehouse expelled from CK, and has her headquarters demolished. In an act of defiance, Khelgar secretly allows her to retain ownership of a small estate within the keep.


DR: 1376 - Ammon Jerro returns to the CK and informs Nevalle, Khelgar and Kana of the Knight Captain’s survival – the group decides to conceal this information from Neverwinter, fearing the growing conspiracy within Nasher’s inner circle.


DR: 1376 - Ammon Jerro begins to study the “unusual summoning circle” in the basement.

DR: 1376 - Ammon Jerro funds the construction of an elaborate tomb for Shandra, which also serves as a powerful planar gate.

DR: 1376 - Edwin Odesseiron is appointed to the Neverwinter Nine to fill the vacancy left after Nevalle’s ouster.

DR: 1376 - Quarrel returns to the CK in search of his "messiah." Jerro is not impressed by the lad’s attentions, and mistreats him horribly.

DR: 1376 - At The Kaiser’s urging, Lord Nasher sends
Sir Darmon and a large Greycloak force to slay the green dragon Haxarcanalon – the party is never seen or heard from again.

DR: 1376 - Sa’Sani’s merchant house begins to collapse. Now that her heritage is known, few towns allow her caravans inside their borders, and Sa’Sani’s many warehouses are piled high with goods she cannot sell. Unable to return to Samarach and unable to make a profit in The Sword Coast, her merchant house flounders.


DR: 1376 - Gann, Safiya and two of her students arrive at Crossroad Keep. They panic upon discovering the Knight Captain has not returned. They seek out Ammon Jerro and Khelgar.


DR: 1376 - Captain Lastri uses her share of the mercenary band’s earnings to commission the construction of a new ship – the Vigilant II.

DR: 1376 - Neeshka returns to CK, having discovered nothing of the KC’s location. (If she resisted Black Garus).


DR: 1376 - Daeghun rescues Bevil Starling and his men after they became hopelessly lost. Following information obtained from Tarmas, the group heads east, arriving in Westgate several weeks after the Knight Captain departed west.

DR: 1376 -
A series of punitive taxes are levied on all lands protected by Neverwinter – the funds are secretly diverted to finance further pirate attacks along the Sword Coast. The citizenry begin to stage tax revolts and angry protests against Lord Nasher.

DR: 1376 - Sendai Ri'fialle is appointed to the Neverwinter Nine, filling the vacancy left when Aaron Rathmar IV resigned his commission. He was exposed to a mysterious poison, which left him permanently crippled.

DR: 1376 - The Raven’s Allies, (a mercenary company run by the half-orc
Granton Granholmn), is retained by The Kaiser to carry out orders Neverwinter’s Greycloaks might refuse. The sell-swords roundly crush all opposition, from bandits to peasants chaffing under heavy taxation.

DR: 1376 - The Lord’s Alliance condemns the manner in which the peasant uprisings in Neverwinter are quelled. Nasher’s government is officially sanctioned, and relations with Silverymoon and Mirabar begin to sour.

DR: 1376 - On The Kaiser’s advice,
tariffs are placed on goods shipped to Neverwinter from Waterdeep, Mirabar, Silverymoon and Baldur's gate, resulting in economic retaliation and further driving the region into ruin.

DR: 1376 - Ammon Jerro, Gann and Safiya begin to search for the missing Knight Captain. The trio journeys to the Fugue Plane, and possibly recruits Kaelyn the Dove. (If the KC created One of Many, Kaelyn will refuse her aid).

DR: 1376 -
Luskan, Neverwinter, Baldur's Gate and Waterdeep enter a severe economic depression due to political instability and rampant piracy.


DR: 1376 - The Sunken Flagon falls onto hard times as Neverwinter’s merchant and sea trade falters. Duncan is forced to shutter his tavern and travel to Crossroad Keep, where, in a humiliating reversal, he tends bar for his former employee Sal.


DR: 1376 - Granton Granholmn is appointed to the Neverwinter Nine to replace the presumed dead Sir Darmon.


- NWN 2: Nightsinger’s Bane -

DR: 1376 - A diplomatic escort mission from Baldur’s Gate goes horribly awry, and Duke Belt is nearly killed by The Kaiser and his Greycloaks. The Lord’s Alliance is thrown into chaos, and there is talk in Waterdeep of expelling Neverwinter from the organization.

DR: 1376 - Sendai Ri'fialle has now drawn a host of nearly 10,000 Drow to the colony below Granite Hold.


DR: 1376 - Early Spring - NX4 Campaign begins. The Knight Captain and his companions from Westgate return to the Sword Coast, pursued by a vast force of vampire Night Masks. They approach the ruins of Dragon Spear Castle, exhausted, wounded and very nearly out of options…


Campaign Dialog Methodology:

As we are working through the character interactions, we thought it might be interesting to share our thought process behind it. The goal is to provide a dialog option that caters to the Alpha, Beta, Delta and Gamma mindset. I.E. a confident leader, a supportive follower, the rational every-man, and the creative snarker. The Omega and Sigma mindsets would result in the game careening off on wild tangents, which we could not hope to realistically cope with given our means. (Even a large studio with resources we can't even imagine would find this task difficult - which is consequently why one very rarely sees plot options catering to the Sigma and Omega mentality... unless they are the ONLY options available. as they'd essentially result in an entirely different game).

Currently, the player to NPC interactions, (for the most part), lack Delta representation, and the Beta is not what it should be. Our intent is to add them during the first round of content edits and revisions. (Several astute readers have noticed the lack of more neutral dialog options, and this is why). The Alpha selections tend to be confident and brash, the Gammas are wise-asses, and the Betas, (what there is of them), are very duty-bound towards Neverwinter and Lord Nasher. The Delta arc-types, once added, will be less judgemental and more passive in their NPC interactions. They dislike the disruption to the status-quo and don't crave the sort of turmoil and disruption the campaign is inflicting on The Sword Coast.


Dialog Methodology:


The socieo-hierarchy is a way to categorize human behaviors into broad groups. The premise of this system is that every personality type we see reflected in modern society was, (from an evolutionary standpoint), useful to human survival. This is why we see certain mindsets and behaviors continually repeated throughout different generations and cultures. Each personality arc-type serves a role in the human tribe, and the tribes possessing this range of personalities were successful - thus they propagated, and spread those traits to their offspring.

(I believe it was Strauss and Howe - the gentlemen behind generational theory - who did much of the legwork on this - but don't quote me on that, as I'm operating on twenty-plus year old recollections here).

Below is a rundown of the personalty types we are catering the responses to. As we mentioned earlier, the Beta is under-represented and the Delta almost universally missing, a situation we will correct during the revisions.


Dialog Personality Arc-type Rundown:

Alpha - An Alpha mindset is a leader and a risk taker. They are the first to charge into stressful situations, willing to face danger, and rarely need to be coerced into action. They tend to be highly athletic, very skilled or incredibly intelligent. An Alpha has the prowess within their field to emerge victorious most of the time. Members of the opposite sex find Alphas attractive, and the Alpha is usually successful with them - sometimes too much so, as easy access to women/men can lead them to infidelity or taking for granted devoted relationships. The upside of an Alpha mindset is they are successful, tend to take the initiative, cope well with defeat or adversity and are not afraid to gamble. The downside of an Alpha is they tend to be arrogant, cope poorly with "maintaining the peace" and their devil-may-care risks can endanger the tribe - particularly when they venture outside their field of expertise or fail to properly appreciate loyalty.

Alpha examples in fiction: Aragorn, Han Solo, Robin Hood
Alpha examples in NWN: Lord Nasher, Black Garious, Cormick, Brelaina, Zeeaire, Daehgun Farlong

Beta - A Beta mindset is a supporter - an enabler. They continually seek out strong leadership, and once the leader has earned their respect, they work to support them in their ambitions. Betas are loyal, dedicated, and typically develop a close bond with an Alpha, whose goals they co-opt for their own. Often times, a beta lacks the judgement to assume leadership positions once the Alpha is out of the picture, and chaos ensues in the resulting mismanagement. The upside of a Beta is that they work exceedingly well with good direction, and are nearly unfailingly loyal once their trust is gained - they are the "best man" who has a leader's back through thick and thin - without the Beta, an Alpha cannot achieve their goals. The downside of a Beta is they may end up following a bad leader to their doom, or, if their Alpha leaves/dies, they tend to find themselves thrust into positions that exceed their competence.

Beta examples in fiction: Gimli, Chewbaca, Little John
Beta examples in NWN: Khelgar Ironfist, Safiya, Neeshka, One of Many

Delta - A delta mindset is the every-man - the hard working, dedicated person who makes any functioning society run. These people are dependable, consistent, and do the majority of the work. They are critical in maintaining any society once it has been established. They tend to be non-judgemental, dispassionate and highly results oriented. Judgement is reserved until success or failure is proven. The Delta likes the status quo, and once they have seen failure or success, become highly resistant to change - even when change is necessary. The upside of a Delta mindset is that they will show up and work hard everyday, (rain or shine), their work tends to be of good quality, and they will temper some of an Alpha's potentially ruinous impulses. The downside of a Delta is they tend to be highly risk-adverse, not terribly imaginative in problem solving, and can stifle innovation or stand in the way when dramatic change needs to take place.


Delta examples in fiction: Bilbo Baggins, R2D2, Friar Tuck
Delta examples in NWN: Okku, Casavir, Elanee, Zhjaeve, The Construct


Gamma - A Gamma mindset is a creative thinker and one of the more complex personalities. They are tend to be poets, writers, musicians and artists. These folks are always using their imaginations to conjure interesting stories, fashion attractive art or improve upon existing systems. They are typically deadpan snarkers, are quick to criticize, and tend to be good orators who enjoy the limelight as much or more than an Alpha. A gamma's confidence can fluctuate wildly - from supreme overconfidence to total self loathing - based on their most recent successes and failures. A Gamma tends to place the opposite sex on a pedestal, which can make relationships difficult when the object of their attraction fails to measure up to the idealized version. The upside of a Gamma is they tend to be exceptional at creating unorthodox methodology to solve complex problems, very good at identifying societal/structural faults, are entertaining and tend to be extremely inventive. The downside of a gamma is they can come up with needlessly unorthodox and convoluted methodology to solve mundane problems, they can be unnecessarily critical of sound leadership, and it is often difficult to maneuver their creativity in a direction that benefits the tribe.

Gamma examples in fiction: Pippen Brandybuck, C3PO, Will Scarlock
Gamma examples in NWN: Grobnar, Sand, Gann, Shandra Jerro

Omega - An Omega mindset is the outcast. They stand alone, outside the tribe, and desire no part of the order. Usually ostracized, feared, or hated, the Omega loathes the hierarchy which froze them out and stigmatized them. They tend to be resentful, fixated on revenge, emotionally damaged, and will often times commit to self-destructive actions in fits spite or anger. They tend to be defined by their failures, and have great difficulty moving beyond them. An Omega is usually impulsive or greedy, and they have problems weighing long term repercussions of rash actions. An Omega is ultimately destructive to any form of social order - however, sometimes the social order is flawed or corrupt - and thus needs to be destroyed. When an Omega attains any degree of power, they almost immediately set about using it to revenge any slight or injury. The upside of an Omega is they resent all authority/structure, and will frequently help upstarts oust tyrannical or poor leadership. The downside is the Omega will quickly turn on their former friends once they replace the previous leadership.


Omega examples in fiction: Dart Vader, Gollum, Prince John
Omega examples in NWN: Bishop, Qara

Sigma - A Sigma mindset is a person who operates outside the societal hierarchy - they ignore it completely and pursue their own objectives. Unlike an Omega, they do not resent or seek the destruction of the social order, nor do they tend to harbor deep grudges. They simply chose to work around the hierarchy when chasing their desires. Also unlike an Omega, a Sigma is typically highly successful and competent, succeeding in their ambitions and goals in most circumstances, and they tend to not dwell long on failures. Sigma's are often highly manipulative, and at times amoral in pursuit of their desires. A Sigma can also serve as a negotiator, bringing disparate Alphas together and coordinating them so long as this furthers the Sigma's plans. Alphas in general tend to be greatly threatened by a Sigma unless their goals align. The upside of a Sigma is they tend to be highly competent, unconstrained, and confident allies when the tribe's goals align with theirs. The downside of a Sigma is they can be incredibly mercenary, callus, and ruthless - if they no longer see the tribe advancing their goals, they can abandon them, swap allegiance, or even attempt to destroy them.


Sigma examples in fiction: Luke Skywalker, Gandalf, Guy of Gisbourn
Sigma examples in NWN: Araman, Ammon Jerro, Kaelyn the Dove

Edited by Sabranic
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Presented below is a guide to the new monsters we have thus far created for the tomb of horrors. As it expands into the CK, we will add updates with the new beasts:


Updated: 6/05/16


<color=darkred><b>Elminster's Ecologies</b></color>
<color=darkred><b>Volume 2 </b></color>
<color=darkred><b>Issue IIX</b></color>

This wyvern-hide bound tome was penned by the mage Elminster of Shadowdale, and is apparently part of a much larger body of work containing detailed studies of most of creatures most strange. This appendix seems to refer to some of the beasts found on the world of Oerth.

<color=blue><b>Aberrant Umber Hulk:</b></color>

This hulking, powerfully built creature looks something like a cross between a great ape and a beetle. The low, rounded head is dominated by a massive pair of mandibles and rows of triangular teeth. It has two big compound eyes like a beetle's, with two smaller eyes like an ape's in between. Armor plates cover virtually all of its chitinous body, whose scattered feelers resemble sparse hair.

These creatures have the power to confuse their victims to a much greater degree than their lesser brethren. Take care to ward your front-line against these effects.


This lean, long-legged bipedal creature has wicked-looking claws on its feet and a brightly colored hide that reminds you of a tropical bird. It stands about as tall as a human, and its outstretched tail makes it least twice as long as it is tall.

These creatures are stealthy pack hunters, and never encountered alone. Beware their lethal sneak attacks and ability to vanish into dense foliage and tall grass.


These giant creatures have vicious rending claws and rows upon rows of steak-knife like teeth. They are deceptively agile for their size, and could quite easily make a meal of an armored knight and his mount.

These beasts are pure brutes and massive eating machines. Their tooth filled maws inflict incredible damage, but are otherwise, a rather strait forward battle.

<color=blue><b>Hellspawn Firenewt:</b></color>

This tall humanoid looks like a cross between a powerfully built human and a lizard. Its eyes are the color of charcoal and it's entirely covered in deep red scales.

While very dangerous and immune to flaming attacks, cold damage is positively lethal to these creatures. Be sure to ward your party against heat when encountering these beasts - and take care to have a good set of backup weapons, as these beasts are fond of disarming their prey.


This creature appears to be nothing but a set of glimmering red, animated bones. Pinpoints of red light smolder in its empty eye sockets.

These creatures are virtually invulnerable to melee damage - and most elemental and spell attacks. They regenerate at a tremendous rate, and their sickly red flails steal the life force of anyone struck. Fortunately, they are rather... flammable, and prodigious use of flame magic will quickly reduce them to ash.

<color=blue><b>Greater Death:</b></color>

This creature is a sinister, spectral figure robed in darkness. It has no visible features or appendages except for the glowing red pinpoints of its eyes. It wields a gleaning scythe made from the bones of victims, and as a servant of the death gods, will attempt to reap the souls of any mortal it encounters.

Such creatures are lethal beyond words. Their every swing can bring instant death, and they attack with a terrifying speed. The best advice is to avoid summoning these creatures in the first place - summoning usually takes place through a chime, organ, gong or other musical instrument. If encountered, these creatures CAN be turned by good and neutral clerics, (although difficult), and the positive energy of healing spells is very harmful to them.

<color=blue><b>Pit Fiend General:</b></color>

Cloaked in fire and as tall as two humans, this hulking monster spreads its batlike wings and cracks its whiplike tail. Great scales cover its body like armor. It smiles, revealing large fangs that drip with a hissing venom.

These creatures are powerful fighters at close range, but even more lethal from a distance, as they command the hellish powers of a warlock, dark energy that pierces all defenses and wardings. These creatures are vulnerable to cold iron weapons and holy magic damage, and it is very unlikely, but possible to turn them if a good cleric is a paragon of their order. If one can overcome the Pit Fiend's resistance to magic, they can be greatly hampered by silence spells.

<color=blue><b>Imp Servitor:</b></color>

A tiny humanoid with leathery batwings, a barbed tail, and sharp, twisted horns flutters at about eye level, winking into sight from out of thin air.

These nimble creatures are highly agile, but rather... shall we say... squishy. A strong front-line warrior will have no problem with these beasts, but they are very dangerous if they should sneak behind and harry party casters. They can see invisible objects and their high levels of spell resistance make them difficult to harm with magic.

<color=blue><b>Balor Commander:</b></color>

A dark aura of power surrounds this towering humanoid with huge bat wings. Lurid flames dance over its skin. In one of its massive clawed hands, this creature bears a sword that looks sharp enough to cut even to the soul.

These creatures are powerful melee combatants, wielding vorpal weapons - capable of beheading a target instantly. In addition, they are masters of many powerful spells. These creatures are exceedingly vulnerable to cold iron weapons and holy magic damage, and it is very unlikely, but possible to turn them if a good cleric is a paragon of their order.

<color=blue><b>Bound Hezrou:</b></color>

This creature looks like a massive, rough humanoid toad with arms in place of forelegs. Its wide mouth has rows of blunt, powerful teeth, and long spines run down the length of its back.

These creatures are brutish and stupid. In a pure melee battle, party tanks should have no trouble with them. Be cautious of their retched continence however, for their stench is so foul that it can bring a hardened warrior to his knees in a fit of gasping and gagging.

<color=blue><b>Succubus Concubine:</b></color>

This creature is stunning, statuesque, and extraordinarily beautiful, with flawless skin and raven hair. Her form, so tempting, also has an otherworldly side. Large bat wings unfurl from her back, and her eyes glow with sinister desire.

These creatures are powerful sorceresses, with command over a devastating array of mind effecting magic. Unless you have properly warded your entire party, they will quickly charm, dominate, paralyze and render your entire party unable to control themselves.

<color=blue><b>Imp Thrall:</b></color>

A tiny humanoid with leathery batwings, a barbed tail, and sharp, twisted horns flutters at about eye level, winking into sight from out of thin air.

A weaker version of an Imp Servitor. Not terribly dangerous to a party, but they often work closely with stronger creatures to harry your casters.

<color=blue><b>Elder Dryad:</b></color>

The creature blossoms out of the bark of the ancient tree, at first appearing as a new branch before solidifying into a decidedly female shape. She has a wild, unfathomable look in her large, almond-shaped eyes, and her hair has a pronounced, leafy texture, while her skin looks like burnished wood.

These creatures are so beautiful they can strike a person dead instantly simply by gazing at them. Additionally, they are very powerful druids with a wide array of nature based magics. Normally these creatures are not overly hostile, (unless one is defiling their forest), however, if they have been bound or charmed, the Elder Dryad is a fearsome enemy.

<color=blue><b>Gorgon Golem:</b></color>

This automaton has been sculpted from green soft clay. It's about 18 inches taller than a normal human, and its features are grossly distorted from the human norm. Its chest is overly large, with arms attached by thick knots of muscle at the shoulder, hanging down to its knees, and ending in short, stubby fingers. It has no neck, and the large head has broad, flat features. Its legs are short and bowed, ending in wide, flat feet. It smells faintly of clay.

These creatures are vastly more dangerous than they seem - in additional to being nearly immune to non-adamantine weapons, there is a chance every strike from a Gorgon Golem will transform the target into stone. Be certain to have numerous ways to return stone to flesh, least your entire party be transfigured into lawn ornaments.

<color=blue><b>Grim Gargoyle:</b></color>

This creature looks like a grotesque, winged humanoid with a horned head and a stony hide.

These beasts have been blessed by their dark gods, and have the ability to cast numerous powerful clerical spells, as though they were a favored soul. They require magical weapons to strike, and can be greatly weakened by silence spells or other enchantments which impede spell casting.


These strange, humanoid-shaped beings stands about as tall as a human. Their flesh is rubbery and smooth, glistening with slime. These creature's heads looks rather like a four-tentacled octopus, made all the more horrible by their bloated white eyes.

<color=darkred><b>- Mindflayer Flesh Reaper:</b></color>
These creatures, in addition to the normal mental powers of their ilk, have mastered all manner of throwing weapons, tearing apart their foes from a distance, then closing and attempting to suck their target's brain from their skull. Enchantments that grant damage resistance are very helpful when battling these horrors.

<color=darkred><b>- Mindflayer Mind Bender:</b></color>
A Illithid of this variety has a vast array of mind controlling and debilitating magic, which it hurls with reckless abandon. Anything that hamperes arcane spellcasting or blocks domination will be invaluable in this battle.

<color=darkred><b>- Mindflayer Dark Priest:</b></color>
Dark Priest mindflayers have access to a large body of profane and lethal divine spells. Do not assume them defenseless in melee, as they are quite capable of cracking a fighter's skull like an acorn, and slurping up his brain.

<color=blue><b>Spirit Reaver:</b></color>

This horrible creature is hunger personified. It seeks to not just devour the body, but one's very essence as well. To fall before this beast is to be utterly and irrevocably destroyed.

These creatures are a terror to behold. A form of undead, their ties to the negative material plane are such that no cleric or paladin of any power can turn them. Additionally, they regenerate at a horrific rate, making it almost impossible to outpace their self healing. Their attacks drain the life energy of their targets, (level drain), and no elements besides divine magic, magical force and the hellish powers of warlocks have any hope of overcoming their resistance. Fortunately, these creature's unstable nature render them incredibly vulnerable to any form of status effect - from mind control to instant death to transmutation into stone. Nearly any debilitating magic will be effective on these creatures.

<color=blue><b>Bone Knight:</b></color>

This creature appears to be nothing but a set of animated bones. Pinpoints of red light smolder in its empty eye sockets.

These creatures are magically empowered skeletons. They have been granted mastery of various weapons, and their bones strengthened to the durability of steel. They are best dealt with in close quarters by powerful fighters, as they are difficult - but not impossible - to turn. They have massive resistance to piercing and slashing attacks, so a stout bludgeon is recommended.

<color=blue><b>Bone Archer:</b></color>

This is the animated skeleton of a dead person, covered in rotting bits of flesh and armor.

Bone archers are skeletons who have been imbued with far more power then normal. They have been given mastery over the longbow, and given a large cache of enchanted arrows to pepper their targets with. They are very difficult to damage with blades or stabbing weapons, although in melee they are at a disadvantage. Spells that grant damage reduction or cause ranged attacks to miss are life savers when confronted by these undead.

<color=blue><b>Ju-Ju Zombie:</b></color>

This foul creature appears more or less humanoid, but has mottled, decaying flesh drawn tight across clearly visible bones. It is mostly hairless and has a carnivore's sharp teeth. Its eyes burn like hot coals in their sunken sockets.

These creatures enter battle recklessly, raging as a berserker. They have no wit or tactics beyond killing the nearest thing to them. They are best dealt with by a cleric turning them or simple melee.

<color=blue><b>Hell Wraith:</b></color>

This creature resembles a shadow, cloaked in a moldering cloak. Red pinpoint highly their eyes, and their touch will drain life energy levels.

Unlike most of their kind, these wraiths are nearly impossible to turn. Additionally, their level of corruption is such they can wield the dark power of a warlock. Spells that silence them are helpful, as is simply hacking them to pieces with a magical weapon - as only an enchanted weapon will harm them.

<color=blue><b>Iron Shadow:</b></color>

This creature seems to be nothing but a patch of mobile gloom, more or less humanoid in shape.

These shadows are all that remains of an order of Monks who challenged Acerak in ages past. He bound their souls to his domain, and in un-life, these tormented spirits possess all of their formidable hand to hand skills and immunity. They are quite vulnerable to magical attacks, particularly those based on flame, force and light.

<color=blue><b>Soul Thief:</b></color>

This creature resembles a human corpse. Its wild, frantic eyes burn with malevolence. The leathery, desiccated flesh is drawn tight across its bones, and the teeth have grown into sharp, jagged needles.

These roguish undead are far far more nimble than their desiccated form would lead one to believe. They are almost cat-like, and can given even an experienced thief a run for their money. They resist turning and bludgeoning, but are unable to stand toe-to-toe long with melee. Be cautious, as they will attempt to approach spell casters from stealth, and launch devastating sneak attacks.

<color=blue><b>Wretched Sailor:</b></color>

This animated corpse is sopping wet, as if it just crawled from the water. The air around it is thick and cloying, exuding the essences of the corpse's watery grave.

As undead swashbucklers, these creatures fight with more grace than one would expect. Fortunately, they can be dealt with in a rather strait-forward manner using piercing or bludgeoning weapons - they resist slashing damage.

<color=blue><b>Death Knight of the Emerald Vale:</b></color>

Two pinpoints of orange light glow within the eye sockets of this creature's blackened skull. Charred, battered armor covers what remains of its decayed body.

More powerful than a standard death knight, these creatures have powers not seen in most death knights for many years. They can conjure powerful fireballs, symbols and even instantly slay a weakened opponent with a single word. They are exceedingly difficult to turn, and quite powerful in melee. Only a combined effort of magic, brawn and divine power will bring these terrible foes down.

<color=blue><b>Tucker's Kobold:</b></color>

Kobold hides are typically a rust-brown or reddish black color, with ivory-colored horns. Their heads are vaguely draconic, and their eyes glow red - letting them can see accurately in lightless conditions up to 60 feet away. Kobolds smell like a cross between damp dogs and stagnant water.

Something about this particular tribe is... off. While not significantly more powerful than their lesser ilk, these kobolds seem possessed of a malevolent intellect and sinister cleverness. Exercise extreme caution, as these creatures make up for their weakness through masterful use of terrain and traps.

<color=blue><b>Tomb Golem:</b></color>

This lumbering construct appears to be nothing more than an animated suit of blackened armor, with two red pinpoints of light in place of it's eyes. It clutches a cursed two-handed sword that brings doom upon anything struck.

The Tomb Golem is a rare automaton created by powerful clerics to guard tombs or other important locations from desecration. These creatures are ferocious in battle, swinging deadly two-handed swords which lay vicious curses upon anything they strike. Even more distressing, the constructs are nearly immune to physical and most magical attacks. Their only real vulnerability is sonic damage, which deals a terminal blow with every strike.

<color=blue><b>Bone Steel Skeleton:</b></color>

These strange undead creatures appear to be the customized handiwork of the Necromancer Ithefelle. They seem to possess no free will, and are capable of following only the most simple instructions. On the other hand, given the morally questionable acts their master, this might be seen as a "design feature."

The skeletons seem to have been magically coated with some manner of porous metal, rendering them highly resistant to most physical and magical attacks. However, a quirk in their construction renders them extremely vulnerable to acid - something a canny adventurer would do well to exploit!

<color=blue><b>Great Mimic:</b></color>

Mimics are strange aberrations which assume the form of furnishings, chests and other household objects. When prey attempts to interact it, the hapless creature often finds itself stuck to the mimic by its powerful adhesive. Thus trapped, the monster commences chewing the victim into jagged hunks of kibble.

While these aberrations are quite lethal, an astute observer can often identify them at a distance, and prepare appropriate counter-measures. Stationary traps, barrier type magics, (or more prudently.... leaving the creature be), are all helpful in dealing with these horrors.

<color=blue><b>Adamantine Clockroach:</b></color>

Constructed from solid adamantine, these creature resembles giant clockwork cockroaches. They swarm over targets, tearing them to pieces with their vicious, acidic bites. The constructs are often created by the truly depraved to keep crypts of dungeons clear of detritus. Such as, (for example), the remains of slain adventurers.

Fortunately, these contraptions are quite vulnerable to electrical attacks, which can make short work of the abominable mechanical bugs.

<color=blue><b>Skeletal Champion:</b></color>

These horrors are created from the corpses of powerful and evil heroes, wielding titanic swords and clad in battered Mithral Plate Armor. Their eyes glow with a malevolent light and their actions are guided by the evil powers responsible for their un-life.

This creature is susceptible to bludgeoning attacks, holy magic and clerical turning attempts - but thrusting and slashing attacks are nearly useless against their hardened bones and Mithral Plate Armor.

<color=blue><b>Rust Monster:</b></color>

The size of a large wolf, these insect-like creatures are the bane of warriors and smiths. The Rust Monster's squat body is protected by rust-red armor plates that fade into a softer lumpy yellowish hide on its underside. The creature has an armor plated tail with bony paddle-like projections extending from it's rear, and sports the two greatly feared prehensile antennae on its head.

While Rust Monsters have no particular strengths or weaknesses to attack types, a prudent combatant kills them out at range - and quickly... lest their equipment be destroyed. Any metal object which strikes or is struck by the creature has a chance to quickly corrode away into a pile of red powder and rust flakes!


One intriguing bit of behavior - should metal objects be dropped on the ground, there is a chance the beast will race to the items and ravenously consume then - giving savvy adventurers a moment to slip by or slay the wretch with a ranged assault.

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Welcome to the Crossroad Keep housing zone manual! We hope this helps clear up your questions and helps speed along your enjoyment of the area.

- Table of Contents
- Overview
- Buying a House
- Selling your House
- Housing Amenities
- Available Housing
- Payment Slugs


Player housing is a great way to foster community, provide needed - secure - off-character storage and for creating long-term character goals. Additionally, the various types of housing introduce numerous role-playing options - and delicious mind-traps for those of us who like sorting their M&M's by color. (Don't be shy - feed the OCD!)

For the more practical hero, player housing streamlines some of the game's more tedious elements, and allows them to focus on the parts of Neverwinter Nights 2 they enjoy.


Buying a house is easy - simply purchase a Master Key from Master Veedle in the War Room on the 1st Floor of Crossroad Keep. Congratulations! You now own that room or dwelling! You can then begin moving in, emptying your bags into chests and making liberal use of your new home's features!

IMPORTANT: Don't misplace your Master Key! If you lose it, not only will you be unable to sell your room or house, you will find yourself locked out! Should you lose your Master Key, you will need to contact the administrator to generate a new one.

There are five Spare Keys located in the chest at the foot of your dwelling's bed. These keys will grant one-time entry to your residence, so don't hand then out to anyone untrustworthy! Additionally, once per day, your Master Key can generate a single Spare Key.


To sell your home, simply return to Master Veedle, and sell him your Master Key. It will then be available for other interested players to purchase. Please note that Master Veedle will charge 10% of the home's value when you sell it - so you will receive slightly less than you paid for the property. Also be certain you empty the house or room of your belongings - once you sell the key, you will lose access to the property for good.


- Bed: (All)
Every hero needs a place to rest, and even the most basic rooms have a bed. Sleeping in a bed causes a player to regain all of their hit points, limited-use skills, and spells for the day.

- Mail Box: (All)
All rooms, suites, mansions and houses have a mailbox near the door. Players may use these to transfer messages, items, payment slugs, or crafted equipment to one another when offline. Please note that mailboxes are insecure, and anyone can open and remove items from them.

- Locking Doors: (All)
All houses and rooms can only be opened by a player with the proper Master Key. DO NOT LOSE YOUR MASTER KEY! If this happens, you will be unable to get into your house or room!

- Master Key: (All)
Every residence has a Master Key - a small magical item that not only unlocks your door, but can create one Spare Key per day. The Spare Key can be given to a trusted ally to enter your residence one time before vanishing.

- Spare Keys: (All)
Every room and house, regardless of size, has five one-time use spare keys in the chest by the bed. Be very careful with these, as anyone possessing the key can enter your room! Your Master Key can also generate spare keys - one per day.

- Storage Containers: (2-10)
Rooms and houses have containers for storing items and equipment. The more expensive the room or house, the greater the number of storage receptacles. These can take the form of chests, cupboards, desks, dressers, barrels and more. A storage container can hold 142 objects before becoming full.

- Bookshelves: (0-8)
Bookshelves are a great way to sort books and scrolls, (although they can hold other types of items as well). Bookshelves can store 142 items total.

- Waste Bin: (0-1)
Waste bins destroy anything placed in them. Be careful what items you put in the trash - the bins are capable of destroying some quest-items as well as mundane junk! To use the waste-bin, drop an item into the waste bin, and then pull the disposal lever.

- Washtub: (0-1)
Washtubs are a great way to relax and unwind - and they also purge a most long-term status ailments when used.

- Kitchen Table: (0-1)
Kitchen Tables allow players to eat and regain their strength. Any player eating at their kitchen table gains a temporary +1 bonus to all attributes. (Lasts 15 minutes or until resting).

- Guestbook: (0-1)
A guestbook enables the party creation window. Using this interface allows a player to create a group using their local saved characters.

- Crafting Tables: (0-1)
For players with trade-skills - such as "Alchemy" or "Create Wondrous Object" - crafting tables are necessary to forge powerful and exotic items. Players with their own crafting centers never need to wait in line for other players - and they can rest to re-shuffle spells on-the-spot, without needing to return to their residence or the Phoenix Tail Inn.

- Crafting Merchant: (0-1)
Crafting merchants sell a wide array of items that heroes with trade-skills can use to build powerful weapons, armor, scrolls, potions, and miscellaneous magical items.

- Crafting Shelf: (0-1)
This is a specialized crafting shelf with numerous containers, sacks, chests and barrels for organizing and sorting the wide array of crafting materials.

- Rest Anywhere: (0-1)
An exclusive property of houses, players inside their home can rest in any room at any time. This is an especially useful feature for those using trade-skills, who often need to re-memorize different spells to enchant magical objects.

- Personal Fence/Merchant: (0-1)
A representative of the Shadows Thieves of Amn will set up a small store in your home. He will pay more than standard vendors for items, (even stolen ones), and is willing to buy almost anything. He has a larger than normal gold pool, and will take quite some time to go broke.

- Hidden Room: (0-1)
Some houses boast a hidden chamber, accessible by a secret door, for storing valuables or just showing off.

- Wolf's Minion: (0-1)
All houses feature one of Wolf's "Minions" patiently waiting near the door. These small children can take players nearly anywhere within the keep instantly, by selecting from a list of options.

- Armory: (0-1)
Warriors oftentimes collect weapons in such staggering variety that simply dumping them in a chest won't do. For these connoisseur of cleaving, only a fully appointed armory can properly sort, store and, (more importantly), show off their collection of glistening steel death.

- Bar: (0-1)
For the most elite nobles, only a household bar, complete with barkeep, will do. Here players can purchase alcoholic drinks drinks for a moderate fee.

- Treasury: (K.C. Quarters Only)
The treasury - accessible only by secret door - is fully stocked with a fortune in gold, precious jewels, crafting materials and rare magical objects from the Knight Captain's many adventures.



- Rooms in Crossroad Keep:
COST: (5,000 Gold)
The simplest accommodations available to a player, the rooms are located on the 2nd and 3rd floors of Crossroad Keep. Rooms have:
- Mailbox
- Master Key
- Spare Keys
- Bed
- 1x Trunk
- 1x Armoire




- Suites in Crossroad Keep:
COST: (25,000 Gold)
A big Upgrade from rooms, suites are more spacious and elaborately decorated than simple rooms. All suites are located on floors 2 and 3 of Crossroad Keep, and feature the following amenities:
- Mailbox
- Master Key
- Spare Keys
- Bed
- Washtub
- 1x Trunk
- 2x Armoire
- 1x Desk
- 1x Bookshelf




- Houses Outside Crossroad Keep:
COST: (100,000 Gold)
The simple thatch and wood houses outside Crossroad Keep's walls are sturdy and practical. They certainly provide a good value for the cost! These homes have two floors and host these features:
- Mailbox
- Master Key
- Spare Keys
- Bed
- Washtub
- Kitchen Table
- Guestbook
- Waste Bin
- Rest Anywhere
- Wolf's Minion
- 2x Trunks
- 2x Armoires
- 1x Desk
- 2x Bookshelves
- 1x Weapon Rack
- 1x Armor Rack




- Houses in the Courtyard:
COST: (250,000 Gold)
The courtyard homes are clean and well-appointed merchant-class dwellings. They are a superb choice for tradesmen who want access to their own personal crafting centers. Mercantile houses have three floors and a host of wonderful amenities including:
- Mailbox
- Master Key
- Spare Keys
- Bed
- Washtub
- Kitchen Table
- Guestbook
- Waste Bin
- Rest Anywhere
- Wolf's Minion
- Hidden Room
- Crafting Benches
- Crafting Merchant
- Crafting Shelf
- 3x Trunks
- 2x Armoires
- 1x Desk
- 1x Nightstand
- 1x Small Chest
- 3x Bookshelves
- 2x Weapon Racks
- 2x Armor Racks




- Estates in the Courtyard:
COST: (1,000,000 Gold)
For the truly wealthy adventurer, it's possible to purchase a grand estate in the courtyard. These three story structures are opulently attired in the finest of furnishings and feature a absolutely staggering array of storage options and utility. Estates have the following features:
- Mailbox
- Master Key
- Spare Keys
- Bed
- Washtub
- Kitchen Table
- Guestbook
- Waste Bin
- Rest Anywhere
- Wolf's Minion
- Crafting Benches
- Crafting Merchant
- Crafting Shelf
- Personal Fence/Merchant
- Armory
- 10x Trunks
- 4x Armoires
- 2x Desks
- 2x Nightstands
- 2x Small Chests
- 8x Bookshelves




- The Knight Captain's Quarters:
COST: (25,000,000 Gold)
Live the legend. Own the keep.
- Master Key
- Spare Keys
- K.C. Bed*
- Washtub
- Hidden Room
- Armory
- Treasury
- Harvest Cup**
- Harvest Mead**
- Deed to Crossroad Keep***
- Treasures Chronicling the travels of the Knight-Captain
- 1x Trunk
- 1x Armoire
- 1x Desk
- 1x Nightstand
- 1x Small Chest
- 1x Potion Case
- 1x Weapon Rack
- 1x Armor Rack
*The Knight Captain's Bed has the combines effects of a Bed, Kitchen Table and a Washtub.
**Special Trophy Items.
***This special item marks the player as the rightful owner of Crossroad Keep - the Knight-Captain. As such, they are given a huge discount on all goods and services within the keep. Additionally, the character is given 10,000 gold per month - their cut of the taxes and rents payed by the various merchants working on the property. Finally, as the military commander of the base, the hero may requisition an entourage of Greycloaks to follow them on adventures.




Payment slugs are small trade-tokens which can be bought with gold, transferred, and then sold to Master Veedle to be redeemed for a cash value equal to 90% of their cost. (10% of the value is kept by the vendors as a service payment - and to account for the "appraise" non-weapon proficiency.

Payment slugs are very useful when transferring gold to alternate characters, storing cash in one's house/room, or depositing payments in the mailboxes of tradesmen for crafting services in advance of a big project.

Slugs exist in the following denominations:
- 10 gold
- 50 gold
- 100 gold
- 500 gold
- 1,000 gold
- 5,000 gold
- 10,000 gold
- 50,000 gold
- 100,000 gold

NPC Interaction:


Welcome to Crossroad Keep! I am Master Veedle. I've been changed by Lord Nasher Alagondar with maintaining, improving, engineering, and allotting housing for the fortress and it's surrounding lands.

I'm interested in your services.
That's nice... see ya later.

How can I be of assistance?

I'd like to purchase or sell some property.
Most excellent - please choose a property and buy the appropriate Master Key! Each key includes a short description of the property and it's amenities.

I need to purchase or exchange some Payment Slugs.
Very well then.

How do I buy a house?
Please refer to the Housing manual, which you can purchase from me for a small fee.

How do I use Payment Slugs?
Payment slugs have an equivalent gold value. You can trade them in to me at a 10% buy-back fee any time you'd like. They are useful as a medium of exchange when cannot interact face to face with another person - perhaps as a gift to your descendants, or as payment tucked into a blacksmith's mailbox.

I've lost my Master Key!!
Oh dear! I am afraid you are in quite a pickle! I hope nothing too valuable was stored on your property! Were I you, I'd attempt to contact the nearest omnipotent authority figure - someone with even more power over the world than Elminster Aumar! A tall order indeed, but without some divine intervention, I am afraid your situation is hopeless!

I need nothing at the moment, thanks.

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Meet Kistrel:




Name: Kistrel Elsydar

Race: Half Elf

Age: ??? (Appears to be late 20's)

Class(s): Sorceress

Favored Weapon: Quarterstaff

Favored Spells: Ice Magic

Deity: Sune

Alignment: Chaotic Good

File Download: Click HERE to Download Lvl 1/10/20/30 version of Kistrel

Equipment Files: Click HERE to download






Kistrel is usually cheery and optimistic, her bubbly personality often times annoying her companions. Her bright blue eyes contrast with her dark hair, and she's quick to crack a beaming grin - especially when catching the gaze of those who rescued her. She harbors somewhat simplistic notions of the world, nearing the point of naivete, and takes most anyone at their word. Whether this is her natural personality or a result of her transfiguration into a spider is unknown.

When asked about her history, Kistrel furrows her brow and stutters a bit. After her many long decades imprisoned in arachnid form, much of her past is little more than a misty, half remembered dream.

The sorceress vaguely recalls refining her magical prowess serving with the Spellguard of Silverymoon, and thinks she participated in the Battle of Keepers Dale alongside the defenders of Mithral Hall. Or perhaps not. Like so much of Kistrel's past, the specifics are foggy at best.

While most of the faces and the names behind them have long since faded, one remains - and it's recollection brings equal measures of revulsion and terror - "Kaiser." Kistrel has long lost the why or the how of it, but this title has been indelibly burned into her memory.

Despite the difficulty recalling her past, she fights like a seasoned veteran, hurling destructive magics in all directions with precision. What Kistrel has lost in refined spellcraft, she more than compensates for with instinctual brilliance.




Kistrel's Signet Ring:
This strange ring bears the seal of the elven house Elsydar upon it. It is the only piece of equipment Kistrel retained after being transformed into a spider - though she has no memory of how she came upon it.


- Sorceress Bonus Spell Slot Level 4

- Sorceress Bonus Spell Slot Level 5

- Sorceress Bonus Spell Slot Level 6

- Immunity: Paralysis

- Cast Spell: Detect Traps, 1/Day

- Usable by: Sorceress, Chaotic Good, Half Elf


Kistrel's Banded Ring:
This lovely ring was commissioned from Sand by Qara. Initially, the elf refused her request out of pure spite, but after careful consideration, pretended to recant. The mage intended to secretly weave powerful divination and abjuration spells into the ring, which he could then trigger - with her as the target, Qara was killed before it's completion, and Sand later sold the unfinished project to the Knight Captain at a discount.


- Sorceress Bonus Spell Slot Level 1

- Sorceress Bonus Spell Slot Level 2

- Sorceress Bonus Spell Slot Level 3

- Bonus Charisma: 7 Points

- Usable by: Sorceress, Chaotic Good, Half Elf


Kistrel's Traveling Backpack:
Kistrel keeps this bag packed with an eclectic collection of objects, both mundane and magical. Perhaps she's holding onto some of this junk because it's special to her. Or, maybe these objects serve as a focus for her innate magical powers. Or... they could just be shiny.


- None

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Meet Bodvarr:




Name: Bodvarr Falgeirrson

Race: Human

Age: 36

Class: Barbarian

Favored Weapon: Dual Battleaxes

Deity: Uthgar (Exarch of Tempus)

Alignment: Neutral

File Download: Click HERE to download level 1/10/20/30 versions of the character.

Equipment Download: Click HERE to download .UTI versions of his equipment.






Bodvarr was born among the Uthgardt Thunderbeast tribe, son of Falgeirr and Astrid. His clan had long clung to a tenuous foothold in the frozen tundra near Bryn Shander. (Having been driven north by their ancestral enemies, the Grey Wolves).

Life was harsh, but despite this - or perhaps because of it - Bodvarr grew into a strong and powerful warrior, honoring the traditions of his people. His tribe survived by raiding caravans, hunting and trading the ivory of the Knucklehead trout to the inhabitants of the Ten Towns. It was a difficult but rewarding life... until the day the dark ones came.

The creatures looked like elves to Bodvarr's eyes, but their skin was the color of ebony and their number beyond counting. Although the Thunderbeast tribe slew ten of the invaders for every one of their proud warriors, they were gradually but surely overwhelmed. Bodvarr himself was struck down by their leader - a vicious woman wielding a morning star and the perverse magics of her dark goddess.

Three days following the massacre, Bodvarr awoke, and pulled himself from beneath a half burned pile of corpses. Though a breath away from dying, the barbarian was filled with a terrible new resolve - he would track these monsters across this world, (and into the next if necessary). He would know no rest until they had tasted vengeance for the slaughter of his kin.

Recovering his axes, he rose from the ashes and began his journey south, following the cold trail of his sworn foes...




Surtr's Rage:
This battleaxe is part of a matched set, and is one of the ancestral weapons of the Thunderbeast Tribe. The weapon gained its power over the years through a combination shamanistic ritual, the blessings of Uthgar and ancestral bond of being passed down for many generations from father to son.

Named for the scorching flames continually licking it's razor edges, Surtr's Rage cleanses tribal enemies with fire and blood. It is the bane of Trolls, Frost Giants and White Dragons.
- Enhancement Bonus +4
- 6d6 Fire Damage
- Keen
- Fire Resistance + 50%
- Usable by: Human, Barbarian, Neutral


Fafner's Breath:
This glistening battleaxe is the mate of Surtr's Rage. Ritual magic, Uthgar's blessing and ancestral worship have empowered this axe with great power over the many decades since it was forged.

Much like it's namesake, this weapon's bite freezes it's foes to their very soul, bringing on frostbite and slowing their actions with each cleaving blow.
- Enhancement Bonus +4
- 6d6 Cold Damage
- Massive Critical + 2d10
- On Hit: Slow, 25%, 2 Round Duration
- Usable by: Human, Barbarian, Neutral


Hrungnir's Stride:
Tribal legend claims these boots channel the raw physical power of the jotnar Hrungnir. When worn, the fur-lined boots greatly magnify the strength of their wearer, granting the might might to crush granite with their bare hands. Such is their might that no foe may knock their owner to the ground, and even powerful magics such as entangle or web fail to slow one's charge.
- Strength +6
- Immunity to Knockdown
- AC Bonus +4
- Freedom of Movement
- Usable by: Human, Barbarian, Neutral

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Meet Terukawa:




Name: Terukawa Urakami
Race: Human
Age: 43
Class: Fighter
Favored Weapon: Katana
Deity: Grumbar
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
File Download: Click HERE to download level 1/10/20/30 versions of the character.
Equipment Download: Click HERE to download .UTI versions of his equipment.






Terukawa Urakami's life is a tale of loss and rewards denied. Heralding from the distant island of Wa, this former samurai spent many years fighting loyally for his empire, earning prestige and the respect of his peers. Unfortunately, his canniness in the arena of warfare translated poorly into the peace which followed. Underhanded political maneuverings quickly saw the Samurai stripped of fiefdom and title. In the government's eyes, Urakami was a relic - an outmoded instrument of little utility to a shogunate transitioning to a lasting peace.

Branded a ronin, Terukawa Urakami wandered the islands of Wa for years, trying his hand at mercenary work, fishing and even farming. Whatever the vocation, he found no enlightenment, contentment or joy in his labors. Despairing, he sought escape in sake and opium dens, until at last he was reduced to a penniless vagrant, sleeping in alleys and clothed in filthy rags.

Out of options and nearing the point of starvation, he hid aboard a merchant vessel and returned to the mainland of Tsukishima. Urakami was seeking the Sakurayu Dojo - home of his beloved sensei, the Kensai Inshin Oroshi. Perhaps in the school of his youth, he might quell his many demons and regain some measure of his lost honor.

Oroshi was a stern but kindly man, and took no pleasure in his cherished student's disgrace. Inshin refused the ronin's request to instruct students - however, Terukawa was allowed to stay as a gardener - and at night, was granted free reign of the Dojo's facilities. Urakami gratefully accepted. Finding a measure of peace in this simple existence, Terukawa began to regain his sense of self, while his body slowly recovered from its many slights. But such contentment was not to last.

Isho Oroshi, Inshin's eldest son, was the master's finest - and most arrogant student. By all accounting, he was among the greatest duelists of the era. The boy knew nothing of patience or humility, and despite his prowess, was the least favored of Kensai's children. When the aging master revealed the dojo was passing to his brother, Isho flew into a rage, and drew steel upon his sire. Even at the age of fifteen, the lad battled his father to a standstill, pressing him dearly. But as is so often the case, experience triumphed over youthful passion - badly wounded and disgraced, Isho was banished forever from his home.

At Sakurayu Dojo life was peaceful and quiet for some time - until one fall evening, as Terukawa was preparing to train, Isho Oroshi returned, alongside wicked allies from the western continent. The group slaughtered many of the students and set the school aflame with dark sorcery. Inshin ran to Urakami and ordered the ronin to escape with the youngest students, while the he took the battle to his despised son.

Fleeing with the children into the darkness, Terukawa witnessed from afar the final defeat of his master, and Isho's triumphant claiming of the Oroshi family blade. Upon reaching safety, he pledged himself to Inshin's surviving son - the three year old Harada. Bowing before his new master, Terukawa Urakami swore upon life and honor that he would recover the sword and avenge their mutual father-figure.

Once again finding purpose in duty, Urakami sent Harada into hiding, and began the long journey west...


Stone Blossom:
Forged from the scales of the mighty Li lung Hayate, this katana retains a fraction of his mastery over elemental earth. When grasped by a worthy warrior, the blade's bite is capable of transmuting anyone struck into stone. Additionally, the sword can call upon benevolent earth spirits to protect its owner from the strikes of enemies, restore those who have been transformed into stone and cause mighty earthquakes.

Stone Blossom is intelligent, and unwilling to serve those lacking a lawful outlook. Duty and honor above all is the weapon's creed and calling. Those who forsake such a path find themselves abandoned by the blade.
- +4 Enhancement bonus
- Flesh to Stone on Hit (Level 15)
- Stone Body , 3 uses per day
- Earthquake, 1 user per day
- Usable by: Human, Fighter, Lawful Neutral

Terukawa's Do: (Mithral Banded Mail)
This masterwork suit of banded mail is peculiar to the eyes of westerners. Forged on the island of Tsukishima, the armor reflects the sensibilities and fashion of the distant province. Each strip of metal is laminated to prevent rust, and wrapped in fine silk bands - to both cushion blows and enhance the suit's aesthetics.

- None

Terukawa's Kote: (Gloves & Arm Guards)
These armored gauntlets are made from supple silk, sewn to a backing of fine mithral chain and laminated plates, forming flexible yet strong protection for their user's hands and arms. They have been enchanted by a powerful Wu-Jen to enhance their owners martial prowess and to resist attacks.
- +5 Dexterity
- +7 AC (Armor Bonus)
- Bonus Feat: Power Attack
- Cast Spell: True Strike, Unlimited Uses
- Usable by: Human, Fighter, Lawful Neutral

Terukawa's Kabuto: (Helmet)
An heirloom of the Oroshi family, this beautiful helm is forged from russet strips of laminated mithral, held together by rivets and delicate silk lace. A fierce Oni was bound to the helm, and his rage fuels its magic. On nights of a full moon, when all is still, the wearer can hear the demon's whispers, attempting to entice them to acts of brutality and wickedness.
- +4 AC (Deflection Bonus)
- +4 to all Saving Throws
- Immunity: Instant Death
- Immunity: Paralysis
- Usable by: Human, Fighter, Lawful Neutral

Terukawa's Suneate: (Greaves & Shoes)
These strips of slender laminated mithral protect their wearer's shins and knees from strikes.

- None

Terukawa's Hiadate: (Belt & Thigh-guards)
This supple silk sash is attached to a flexible mesh of burgundy laminated plates and chain mesh.

- None

Terukawa's Hitatare: (Robe & Cloak)
An elaborately patterned silk garment which wicks sweat, aids in extracting arrows and cushions bludgeoning attacks.

- None

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Meet Eirinn: (Secret Companion)




Name: Eirinn Mac Cathmhaoil

Race: Sirine

Age: 421

Class: Fey

Favored Weapon: Spear

Deity: Lurue

Alignment: Chaotic Good

File Download: Click HERE to download level 1/10/20/30 versions of the character.

Equipment Download: Click HERE to download .UTI versions of her equipment.






This beautiful woman's skin has a greenish tinge, and her hair is the color of burnished platinum. Her voice is silken, and Eirinn is nearly always softly humming a haunting melody. Her violet eyes are mournful and distant, and while she certainly has a many sad tales to tell, she is unwilling to share more of her background.

You freed her from eternal bondage in Acererak's labyrinth, and the grateful sirine has sworn to aid in your adventures - heedless of danger or motivation. She is now a life-long companion, and she will follow you to her death - and beyond - if necessary.

As a sirine, Eirinn is naturally resistant to weapons unless they are magical or forged from cold-iron, (a lethal substance to fey). If forced into unarmed combat, her attacks drain 1d4 points of intelligence with every blow - another gift of her fey heritage.




Gae Bulg:
This spear is crafted from intricately carved ironwood, with a point of tempered adamantine. Its carvings depict numerous Celtic runes and legendary figures from fey lore. The weapon is of such might that only fey royalty would ever be permitted to touch the relic.

In battle, Gae Bulg is capable of piercing multiple foes in a single thrust - and anyone wounded by its point finds their intelligence drained away.
- Enhancement Bonus +4
- Bonus Feat: Cleave
- Keen
- On Hit: Drains 1d4 Intelligence, DC 24
- Usable by: Fey, Fey, Chaotic Good


Feywild Charm:
This charm is made from glittering darksteel, and channels the power of the feywild. It can only be donned by the ranking members of the seelie court or their descendants.

- +4 AC (Natural)
- Dominate Animal - 2 uses per day
- Dominate Human- 2 uses per day
- Dominate Monster- 2 uses per day
- Charm Animal - 2 uses per day

- Charm Human - 2 uses per day

- Charm Monster - 2 uses per day

- Bonus Feat: Spell Focus - Enchantment
- Usable by: Fey, Fey, Chaotic Good


Stormlord's Helm:
This fey helmet has the weight and texture of supple leather, but resists cuts and blows as though it were hammered steel.
- Charisma: 5

- Wisdom: 5

- Strength: 5
- Immunity to Stat and Level Draining
- Usable by: Fey, Fey, Chaotic Good

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Meet Ithefelle:




Name: Ithefelle of Hellgate Keep

Race: Human

Age: 59

Class(s): Necromancer

Favored Weapon: Quarterstaff

Favored Spells: Acid Magic

Deity: Velsharoon

Alignment: Neutral Evil

File Download: Click HERE to Download Lvl 1/10/20/30 version of Ithefelle

Equipment Files: Click HERE to download






The Necromancer has no interest in sharing his past when asked, although, given his temperament and habits, it's easy to imagine it wasn't pretty. His pale skin is stretched so tightly across his gaunt frame that it threatens to tear if he so much as sneers. Ithefelle's brittle and unkept hair is the color of decaying bone, shot through with vanishing strands of deep midnight. His presence is always heralded by the sickly sweet perfumes of funeral oils and embalming herbs - and in poor lighting, one could be forgiven mistaking the man for undead.

When asked as to why he dared Acererak's Labrynth, Ithefelle's craggy face splits into a vicious grin, exposing his rotten and gnarled teeth.

"Why... I came here for the same reasons as you.... there is power to he had in this place... and like yourself... I mean to possess it!"




The Staff of Malak:
This horrible quarterstaff is fashioned from dense ebony and topped with a shrunken head - forever frozen in its death grimace. The weapon seems to drink the very light of any room it's brought into, and anyone touching it can hear the maddened whispers of the damned.

A powerful tool for evil, the Staff of Malak can be recharged by casting spells upon it, which the artifact consumes to replenish itself.


- On Hit, Cause Serious Wounds (Level 12

- +4 Enhancement Bonus

- Animate Dead (15) - 2 Charges

- Avasculate - 2 charges

- Circle of Death - 3 Charges

- Control Undead - 2 Charges

- Mass contagion - 3 Charges

- Negative Energy Protection - 1 Charge

- False Life - 1 Charge

- Living Undeath - 1 Charge

- Usable by: Wizard. Human, Neutral Evil


Necromancer's Garb:
A suit of vile armor - perfect for anyone dabbling in the dark arts.

This disgusting apparel is made from Kir-rin scales, black unicorn pelts and sylph wings. Scores of contemptible acts were committed in just the acquisition of the materials - let alone whatever profane rituals were responsible for its enchantment.


- Bonus Wizard Spell to Level 6

- Bonus Wizard Spell to Level 7

- Bonus Wizard Spell to Level 8

- +10 Concentration

- +10 Spellcraft

- Cast Spell: Greater Invisibility (I use per day)

- Usable by: Wizard. Human, Neutral Evil


Necromancer's Hood:
A hood of midnight black silk, spun from the thread of a phase spider and dyed with the blackened remains of a baby silver dragon.


- True Seeing

- Immunity to Spell School: Necromancy

- +5 Intelligence

- Bonus Feat: Augmented Summoning

- Usable by: Wizard. Human, Neutral Evil

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Meet the Villains:




The Kaiser Sendai Ri'fialle Edwin Odesseiron Isho Oroshi




Name: The Kaiser

Race: Tiefling

Age: ???

Class: Blackguard/Fighter

Favored Weapon: Unholy Reaver

Deity: Cult of Graz'zt

Alignment: Chaotic Evil


Name: Sendai Ri'fialle

Race: Drow

Age: 172

Class: Cleric/Warpriest

Favored Weapon: Matron's Morning Star

Deity: Lolth

Alignment: Chaotic Evil


Name: Edwin Odesseiron

Race: Human

Age: 39

Class: Conjurer/Red Wizard of Thay/Arcane Scholar of Candlekeep

Favored Weapon: Staff of the Magi

Deity: Gargauth

Alignment: Lawful Evil


Name: Isho Oroshi

Race: Human

Age: 21

Class: Fighter/Weapon Master/Red Dragon Disciple

Favored Weapon: Fang of the North Wind

Deity: Bane

Alignment: Lawful Evil


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