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NWN 2 Conclusion Campaign + Tomb of Horrors Revamp


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Development Diary 7/13/16:

- Finished the new icon set for the additional throwing weapons.

- Created several Easter-egg items.

- Updated the Throwing Weapons entry.

- Updated the icons 2DA files.

- Working on some less "lawful-jerk-ass" dialog options.

- Updating the Icon Pack HERE.

- Creating 3 Legendary throwing weapons:


Vasavi Shakti

This potent dart was the magical weapon of a foreign deity named Indra. It was given to the great hero Karna and used against Ghatotkacha in the Mahabharata war. One each day, the weapon can generate 20 copies of itself, which may be hurled at one's foes.


Pangu's Throwing Axe

In a distant land it is believed the god Pangu forged the world. To create order from the primordial chaos, he separated the light and darkness with a swing of his giant axe. One each day, the axe can generate 20 copies of itself, which may be hurled at enemies.


Munetoshi's Star

This mysterious shuriken was said to have belonged to a powerful and mysterious ninja clan far beyond the Unapproachable East. Once per day, the weapon can create 20 copies of itself, which can be hurled at opponents in battle.




Note: I removed the .2da file from the zip file until I have time to sync it with the reserved 2DA list provided by rjshae.







Development Diary 7/15/16:

- Spent 6 hours working on the campaign overview/story/area description document.

- Creating the legendary throwing weapons /use functionality.

- Training a fellow graphic designer to use the toolset this weekend so I can get some more help in area creation.






Development Diary 7/17/16:

- Tomorrow will be spent training Swaygr, a fellow Designer, to use the toolset. He's going to help us create new areas. Once he does a few test maps, the plan is to turn him loose on the infinite dungeon, which will free some time up for me to focus on story and plotting.

- Our 3D modeler/programmer is currently tidying up the ToH, getting some nasty surprises ready and making their glorious Juggernaut Golem squish people. Once they finish, ToH is ready for open Beta Test.

- The epic throwing weapon's /use inventory items will now properly generate 20 throwing weapons 1 time per day. Still need to tidy up their script's due to some... let us say... redundancies that kevL pointed out. But they work. Honest. This time.... for real....





Development Diary 7/20/16:

- Our artist has started on the portraits for Female Charissa and One of Many.

- Our 3D Modeler is continuing with the final polishing of the ToH.

- We're working on the throwing weapon conversations with Jacoby.

- Working on a magically refilling Bag of Goodberries, usable only by druids.

- Creating Goodberry food item and Icon. Goodberries will heal a very small amount of damage or serve as a food item.

- Creating Goodberry bag item and icon.

- Continuing to train Swaygr in the toolset.

- Creating a blank module containing all of our scripts, creatures, icons and other resources for Swaygr to use for the Infinite Abyss zone.




Bountiful Bag of Goodberries

This supple buckskin pouch will, on command, create a small handful of magical berries each day. The user may elect to eat the "Goodberries," which provide an entire day's nourishment, or use them to heal 4 points of damage. Only Druids can command the magic of this pouch.



- Power 1: Create Item: Goodberry, Useable 1 time per day.

- Power 2: +2 Skill Bonus Survival.

- Power 3:+1 Wisdom (Ioun Stone Bonus, stacks with wisdom enhancing equipment).

- Power 4: Usable only by Druid and Neutral



This is a small fistful of plump, juicy berries that radiate a faint aura of magic. When eaten, they can, (at the user's option), feed a full grown adult for an entire day or heal 4 hit points of damage.


- Power 1: Flagged as a food item, consumed on rest in place of rations.

- Power 1: Use to heal 4 hit points of damage.





Development Diary 7/21/16:

- CK Campaign Bible is now over 70 pages, You can download it HERE if you'd like to take a peek at how we are implementing features and story.

- Currently writing an encounter with the Marid Princess and her... "wish" game.


And no, I have not yet added some less caustic dialog. Once I get the last few plot pieces organized, we can go back for rewrites.


The next week is going to be largely consumed by fleshing out the first round of the campaign bible and then discussing the feasibility of what we have planned.





Development Diary 7/30/16:

- The Campaign bible has had about 30 pages added to it over the course of the week - the DL will be updated after editing.

- A special set of items which gain power as pieces are added is being developed.

- Our 3D Modeler has been hard at work creating an amazing floor for the Tomb of Horrors - check it out!!!







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Development Diary 8/03/16:

- Migrating all of the Campaign Add-Ons to the Nexus Mods Website.

- Migrating the content from this thread to the Nexus Mods Website.

- Nearly completed the Marid Princess's "wish game" text.

- Completed Current Development team and Contributor's list.

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Development Diary 8/04/16:

- Completed the first pass of the Marid Wish-Duel

- Updating the Campaign Bible.

Sample Wish-Duel Conversation with Marid Princess Hasani:

Princess Hasani: Greetings little mortal – welcome to my court! I am pleased to see you.


1: Uhhhh... yeah... this suddenly seems like a really BAD idea... sorry for wasting your time...


Princess Hasani: Ahahahaha! You seem to misunderstand your position. You are here for my… amusement. I will not allow you to leave this place until you’ve banished my boredom. Now come little fleshling, let us play. Our game is a simple one… You WILL wish for something… and I will give you everything you ask for… and exactly what you… deserve. If your wits are keen, you may profit – and thus… win our game. If not… well then… I shall have my entertainment…

Coder’s Note: Each wish from the Marid is only offered once. Each time the players enter Hasani’s zone, they MUST make one wish to exit. Once the wish dialog choices are exhausted, the option to enter her abode is removed from the list of places the Shadow Tear can take the party. The Princess offers only one wish per trip.

2: I want to make a wish!


Princess Hasani: Hahaha! That’s the spirit! Your every desire, from the mundane to the perverse, is my command - and pleasure.


(The Princess beams an ear-to-ear smile that you find both disingenuous and unnerving).


What might I grant you?

A: Great Wealth.
(Requirements: None).
Princess Hasani: And wealth you shall have - although it's current owner might object!
- Result: Gives Reward. Ancient Blue Dragon summoned, goes hostile.


B: An opportunity to peacefully earn great wealth.
(Requirements: Diplomacy 35).
Princess Hasani: I shall grant it!
- Result: Gives Reward. The Mariad “buys,” (read: takes), each player’s helmet for the reward.


Coder’s Note: The hats will be added to her inventory and flagged as pick-pocketable.


C: To take great wealth from the weak and powerless.
(Requirements: Intimidate 35).
Princess Hasani: Oh such delicious cruelty! The master is weak – but what of his dog's bite?
- Result: Gives Reward. Alignment moves five points to Evil. A hostile level 1 NPC named “Weakling Noble Fop” appears. The second the party kills him, his ten level 20 Paladin guardsman spawn and attack.


D: To trick my way into great wealth.
(Requirements: Bluff 35).
Princess Hasani: Ahh… the clever fox, always sharp of wit and fleet of foot – but what happens when the rubes discover you’ve conned them?
- Result: Gives Reward. Ten level 20 assassins spawn, and attack the party.


E: To inherited a large sum of money from a long dead relative.
(Requirements: Wisdom CHECK 40).
Princess Hasani: Ahhh, the humble beginnings of sprouting wisdom.
- Result: Gives Reward. The Marid allows the players to leave or make another wish.


- 500,000 Gold
- 1 Blue Diamond
- 1 King’s Tear
- 1 Rogue Stone
- 1 Emerald



A: A weapon of power.
(Requirements: None).
Princess Hasani: The finest of weapons shall be yours, simply remove them from your foe's corpse!
- Result: Gives Reward. Spawns hostile level 15/15 Weaponmaster/Fighter armed with Blackrazor.


B: To steal a weapon of power.
(Requirements: Sleight of Hand 35).
Princess Hasani: The eternal rogue, but sometimes you must pay the price for your misdeeds.
- Result: Gives Reward. Gives the player a judgment note, takes ALL of the player’s gold.

Judgment Note Text: “In accordance with the laws and regulations of the City of Waterdeep, legally and legitimately passed by its lords, this court finds the defendant guilty of grand theft with regards to the property of one Halaster Blackcloak, the Mad Mage of Undermountain, hereto referred to as “The Plaintiff.” It is the judgment of this court that the responsible parties immediately and instantaneously remit all owned funds to the Plaintiff as recompense for the robbery.


C: To create a weapon of power.
(Requirements: Spellcraft 35, Craft Magical Arms and Armor Feat).
Princess Hasani: A fleeting epiphany for the skilled and brilliant!
- Result: Gives Reward.


D: To discover a weapon of power.
(Requirements: Spot 35).
Princess Hasani: You have found a mighty weapon – but tis haunted by the forlorn spirits of its past owners!
- Result: Gives Reward. Party attacked by 8 Dreadful Banshee.


- Blackrazor Bastard Sword (Evil)
- Celestial Fury Katana (Neutral)
- Stonefire Dwarven Waraxe (Good)


A: Impenetrable armor!
(Requirements: None ).
Princess Hasani: No finer armor was ever made than this Adamantine Golem's Pelt!
- Result: Gives Reward. Summons hostile Adamantine Golem.


B: To forge impenetrable armor.
(Requirements: Armorcraft 35).
Princess Hasani: Sweat and perseverance given in exchange for power!
- Result: Gives Reward. Player loses 10,000 Experience points.


C: To win impenetrable armor in a game of chance.
(Requirements: Luck of Heroes Feat).
Princess Hasani: Sometimes victory boils down to simple luck!
- Result: Gives Reward.


D: To take Impenetrable armor from a fallen foe.
(Requirements: Intimidate 35).
Princess Hasani: Now, make him fall!
- Result: Gives Reward. Summons hostile Adamantine Golem.


E: To barter for Impenetrable armor at a bargain price.
(Requirements: Appraise 35).
Princess Hasani: And a bargain you shall, relatively speaking, receive!
- Result: Gives Reward. Takes 100,000 gold from the player.


- Golem’s Pelt Full Plate +7


A: To bring my dead companions back!
(Requirements: None).
Princess Hasani: Let the dead rise!
- Result: Hostile level 30 Zombie Shandra. Elanee, Qara, Bishop, and Grobnar spawn.


B: To resurrect my dead companions.
(Requirements: Lore 35).
Princess Hasani: I grant them life! In payment, they shall be bound to my halls for 1001 years of servitude!
- Result: Bishop, Elanee, Grobnar Qara, and Shandra appear in the hall and bemoan being pulled away from the afterlife. If spoken to, they respond with anger towards the party (see below). They remain in the Princess’s audience hall for the rest of the game. Alignment shifts 5 towards chaotic.


C: To resurrect my dead companions as thralls!
(Requirements: Any Evil Alignment).
Princess Hasani: You care for not but yourself and your own power. But the universe is cruel – sometimes… fate favors the wicked!
- Result: Alignment shifts 10 points towards evil. Level 16 Fighter Shandra, level 18 Druid Elanee, level 17 Ranger Bishop, level 17 Bard Grobnar, and level 19 Sorceress Qara join as Henchmen. They cannot be resurrected or disbanded, and die forever if killed. They have modest equipment and armor. They can be spoken with, but will only complain of their fate:


Shandra Conversation: You know… somehow I knew it… I KNEW… you’d even manage to screw up my afterlife – the same way you burned down everything else I cherished. And I do mean that literally. You have no idea what you tore me from. Pure bliss… now stolen. By YOU! AGAIN! I now understand it’s IMPOSSIBLE for you not to ruin the existence of every single being you trample across.

Elanee Conversation: Why have you done this! I carefully watched over you… protecting you from unseen dangers since you were a cub… in the end I traded my life for yours… and this is how you repay me? I am compelled to obey, but I spit at the mention of your name forever more.


Bishop Conversation: So… you’ve pulled me from the only peace I’ve ever known - to once again be your leashed dog have you? The only thing I’ve ever desired was oblivion, and now - thanks to you - even that’s ashes in my mouth. Sleep with an eye open “Captain.”

Qara Conversation: How DARE you! I was sitting at Kossoth’s right hand… I had power… and RESPECT. I did as I wished!!! You’ve brought me back HERE? I was in paradise… I… I… had everything I ever wanted! I will make the world BURN for this!


Grobnar Conversation: Oh dear! Not to be overly rude, but… why-oh-why did you do this to me? I was happy - with a whole audience of people who wanted to hear of my adventures – and I’ll note they never fell asleep while I talked! Why… I even discovered the secret of the Wendersnaven… not that I’d share it with you after what you’ve done to me.


*These are the same conversations if the Companions end up as the Marid’s slaves.


Coder’s Note: If the player chooses this option, the first time he returns to Crossroad Keep with his new thralls, the KC is confronted by Khelgar, Duncan, Sand, Neeshka and Ammon Jerro, who roundly rebuke him for this deplorable decision.


Coder’s Note: Neeshka died, do not play her dialog options.


Optional Cut-Scene: OC Characters Rebuke the Knight Captain in the CK Basement.

Companion Dialog: Khelgar, Neeshka, Ammon Jerro, Sand, Duncan


(This only takes place if the Knight Captain asked Hasani to resurrect their dead companions as thralls. It’s triggered the first time the KC returns to the keep after the dastardly deed).

Khelgar: It’s true! By Tyr’s stump, you’ve done it! You’ve brought’em back… how’d you do this… why I… I thought they were beyond the reach o’priestly magic?


Neeshka: I hate to admit it… but I sure am happy to see you all again… well.. MOST of you anyways. Uh… hello? Are you guys ignoring me? What’s the deal... why do they just… glare…


Sand: There is powerful magic at work here – and none of it benign. Demonic pact perhaps? Striking bargains with Mephasam again?


Ammon Jerro: What is the MEANING of this… NO!. It cannot be… what HAVE YOU DONE!!!


Khelgar: I don’t understand… they ain’t undead… but they ain’t right neither. This ain’t natural. Tell me this is some sort of illusion or… or… summoning… or sumthin… right?


Sand: No. What we have here is a despicable display of rank narcissism combined with wretched villainy. Perhaps you should have scribed a treaty with the King of Shadows rather than destroying him. Why… you’d even fit right in with the Host Tower mages. Would you like a reference? Although… at this point… your resume speaks for itself…

Duncan: For once in my blasted life I’m agreeing with Sand. Whatever you’ve done to them is so far beyond “wrong” words fail. Even a blackheart like Bishop deserves better…

Ammon Jerro: Understand this… for what you’ve done on this day… this… sacrilege… I will see to your eventual destruction. While our present circumstances do not permit me the luxury of acting on impulse, rest assured, I will be the man who kills you.


Khelgar: I… I… thought I knew you… I was… so wrong. Tyr forgive me.


Neeshka: You know… maybe I’d have been better off if I’d just stayed with Lledon. Sure he was a dirty backstabber… but he never did anything this terrible.

Coder’s Note: This cut-scene disables the “happy-fare-well portion of the game’s final chapter. None of the Game’s companions show up to see the Knight Captain off should this confrontation occur – they all now despise the player, seeing them as only marginally better than The Kaiser.


D: To respect the memory of my fallen companions and allow them to rest in death.
(Requirements: None).
Princess Hasani: It is a wise person who knows when to let the past lie in peace.
- Result: Nothing happens, question removed.

A: An adventure!
(Requirements: None).
Princess Hasani: And you shall have an adventure like none other!
- Result: Opens the XXXX area on the world map. Give the players a “Treasure Map” that leads the party around the area on a pointless wild goose-chase, and the end-reward is a sword that is rusted beyond use, a cure light wounds potion and a pile of copper pieces. The monsters are pathetic goblins that pose absolutely no threat.


B: A rewarding adventure!
(Requirements: Search 35).
Princess Hasani: A great reward awaits – but you shall earn it!
- Result: Opens the YYYY area on the world map. The zone is almost entirely a series of near-impassable cliffs that even a good rogue with a Rope of climbing will be hard pressed to successfully navigate. The monsters are all dangerous creatures native to the environment, and the final battle is against a powerful tribe of Fire Giants.

A: To never know the pangs of hunger and thirst again.
(Requirements: None).
Princess Hasani: You shall never feel thirst or be hungry forever more! Starve and wither fleshlings!
- Result: Party instantly dies of dehydration. Thirst Gauge set to zero.


B: To own more food and water than we could ever use.
(Requirements: Intelligence CHECK 15).
Princess Hasani: I grant you more food than you could ever carry!
- Result: Gives the party 10 stacks of 10x 100 Pound Cakes and 10 Stacks of 10x Filled Rain Barrels. Each 100 Pound Cake weighs 100 pounds, as does each Rain Barrel. They cannot be sold, dropped or traded.


C: To raise foods from the land to feed ourselves.
(Requirements: Survival 35).
Princess Hasani: Let your labor yield fruits!
- Result: Gives the party 10 stacks of 10x fruit and vegetable food items.


D: To create magical items capable of filling our bellies and quenching our thirst.
(Requirements: Survival 35, Wisdom CHECK 40, Create Wondrous Object Feat).
Princess Hasani: Piety, understanding and your life’s essence yields a grand bounty.
- Result: Gives the party a Bountiful Bag of Goodberries and an Enchanted Waterflask. Takes 20,000 xp from player.

A: I wish for more experience.
(Requirements: None).
Princess Hasani: Mwhahahahahaha! And experience you shall EARN!
- Result: - Hostile monsters spawn – 5 Level 25 Mind Flayers, 5 Level 25 Fell Trolls, 5 Level 25 Ogre Magi, 10 Level 25 Bugbears.


B: I wish to gain experience easily.
(Requirements: Bluff 35).
Princess Hasani: Effort invested equals reward earned.
- Result: Players attacked by six level 1 kobolds. Each one gives 1 experience.

A: I wish for my enemies to be destroyed.
(Requirements: None).
Princess Hasani: Destroy them then! Destroy them ALL!
- Result: The following hostile creatures are spawned:
1. Githyanki Queen Lich-Queen Vlaakith
2. The King of Shadows
3. Akachi the Betrayer
4. The Herald of Zehir
5. Lorne Starling
6. XXXX (MotB Hag Coven Leader)
7 Black Garius
8. Araman
9. N'Safa
10. XXXX (MoW Demoness).


B: I wish to for the knowledge to destroy my enemies.
(Requirements: Lore 35, Intelligence CHECK 40).
Princess Hasani: Knowledge is the keenest blade of all… your true foe most fears the bite of cold-wrought iron.
- Result: She tells the players how to bypass Graz’zt’s damage reduction.


C: I wish for my enemies to die of natural causes.
(Requirements: Wisdom CHECK 15).
Princess Hasani: I shall send you to a time when all of your enemies have perished! Farewell forever! There is no return from the end of all that is.
- Result: The Marid jumps the party to a hellish zone filled with lava, charred stone and rugged, barren mountains. There is no water, no food and NO EXIT. The party has been transported to the literal “end of the time” when all of their enemies are no more. Their only option is to eventually die of thirst or re-load from the last save. The area is totally devoid of anything living or useful.

A: I wish to regenerate from any injury,
(Requirements: None).
Princess Hasani: I shall imbue you with Trollish fortitude!
- Result: Party polymorphed into Trolls – duration set to permanent.


B: I wish to be fully restored.
(Requirements: Healing 35).
Princess Hasani: Be refreshed!
- Result: Party fully recovers all spells and hit points, all status effects purged.


C: I wish to be healed.
(Requirements: Charisma CHECK 15).
Princess Hasani: Gladly, though I’ll note you didn’t specify how much…
- Result: Casts Mass Cure Light Wounds on the party.

A: I wish for all of your wealth!
(Requirements: None).
Princess Hasani: Your demand is my desire! Hold on a moment… let me see what I have on me… (The princess begins rummaging in her pockets).
- Result: Gives Reward.
- 13 gold pieces
- 1 obsidian
- 1 faint earth essence
- 1 broken item
- 1 empty potion bottle
- 1 ball of lint
- 2x strange (and empty) red and silver wrappers that smell strongly of cinnamon, each covered with writing in a language no sage has ever seen before.


Upon making a wish, (assuming the results do not obliterate the party), the Marid opens the exit, and allows the party to return to the CK Basement:

Princess Hasani: That was delightfully fun – was it not? Do come back again… I would so like to play with you once! So long for now my little flesh draped darlings!

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Indeed - the chapter based in the Whalebones is going to be my favorite part to write. Consequently, I am saving it for last - to better motivate myself to finish up the rest of the campaign. Even after dumping most of a week into it, I am still probably looking at another 50 or so pages to wrap it all up.

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Looking forward to this, especially for the Tomb of Horrors. I tried to play both versions that got created over the years and never finished because I always felt that something was missing or done sloppy. I appreciated the effort but it could be better. You show great professionalism and I have my hopes quite high for this :).

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Development Diary 8/16/16:

- We're back in business!

- The first Treatment of "The Vigilant II" is completed, will share more information as we have it.

- Kaldor Silverwand has built an AMAZING Hammer of Thunderbolt's for the Campaign:


The Hammer of Thunderbolts Components:

True-Name Scroll:

This scroll carries the name of the Hammer of Thunderbolts. Until this item is found and then used on the hammer, the bludgeon will not gain extra powers when worn with the belt + gloves.

The Hammer of Thunderbolts +3:

- Unique Ability: Throw-able - like a throwing axe.

- Returns to user's hand after throwing.

- +3 Enhancement

- + 4d6 Bludgeoning Damage

- Adamantine


The Gauntlet's of Ogre Power:

- +6 to Strength when worn

- +6 Regeneration

- Immunity to Poison

- Immunity to Disease


The Belt of Giant Strength:

- +7 to Strength when worn

- 10 Slashing Damage Reduction

- 10 Bludgeoning Damage Reduction

- 10 Piercing Damage Reduction


The items interact with each other when worn together:


The Hammer of Thunderbolts + Gloves + Belt:

- Enhancement bonus becomes +5.

- Kills any giant it hits DC 30.

- Throw attack now gives off a thunderclap, stunning everything in it's area of effect, DC 20.


The Gauntlet's of Ogre Power + Hammer + Belt:

- Wielder becomes immune to level and ability drain.

- Wielders gains the ability to cast "Call Lightning Storm," "Chain Lightning" and "Lightning Bolt" once per day each.


The Belt of Giant Strength + Hammer + Gloves:

- Strength bonus rises to +12

- +5 to all fortitude saves.




Additionally, while there are a specific pair of gloves and belt attuned to the hammer, Kaldor has ensured that the standard Gauntlets of Ogre Power and Belts of Giant Strength work properly with hammer and scroll!


Check out the video for his creation in action - what a great addition to the campaign!!!

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Development Diary 7/18/16:

- Our programmer/3D Modeler is hard at work refining the ToH traps and log-book.

- I have started writing the dialog for the Black Dog Pirate encounters in Highcliff and The Whalebones.

- I'll show off the new Fresco Hall walls as soon as we get a breather to grab some screenshots.

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