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Why the HECK hasn't it happened yet?


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By all means, I'm not copping an attitude when I ask this... this is a legitimately honest question... in all the time that Fallout 4 has been around, WHY the HELL hasn't a working-drivable-controllable car, motorcycle or aircraft mod been made yet!!?? I don't mean sit in something click on the map and it takes you there mod. I mean YOU drive it yourself. Isn't it about time? lol

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Because it's insanely complicated to do, especially without F4SE being developed enough to really help (so far as I'm aware).


The only mod(s) I'm aware of that even come close to functional vehicles are currently in early alpha stages of development, and the oldest of them only came out back in the first week of July.

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Why the hell has nobody made a mod to allow me to dig into the ground ? /s

Take all the ground, lower it a few thousand feet, replace the space with (b/)millions of rocks at .01 or .001 scale and dirt textured and nonhavocsettled (?) and scrap'able, level the whole worldspace off just right, add the rocks to the build menu (in case a player makes a mistake), dig till your hearts content (frame rate drops be darned!).


...yeah, not doing that...never mind. =/

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