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Script Compilation Error

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Hello. I have installed the mod as in the instructions and merged all my mods with "script merger" but when I start the game I get the error: "Script Compilation Error: Error [modenhancementsystemfulleasy]local\amm_swordeffects.ws(1): Class 'CAMM' already defined."

I remembered to add the Hearts of Stone DLC add-on Version 3.0 addon to the light version and I have all the DLCs.

The mods I am using are:

AMM - The Appearances Menu Mod

Better Horse Equipment

Better Icons (All inclusive BCE version)

Custom Localization Fix

Fast Travel from Anywhere

Over 9000 - Weight limit mod

Disable Intro and storybook videos

Random Encounters

Slots Slots SLOTS

Lore-friendly Witchers

Has anyone encountered the problem before?

Thank you for your help. :smile:

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