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XRE Missing Keys!

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Ok this is a problem I haven't seen anything about, I've checked with numerous sources. The XRE Cars! mod works great with some minor faults. However I'm experiencing a problem with my keys! I loaded my save today and went outside to my car and I was locked out for some reason. So I checked my inventory and low and behold my keys were missing! So I checked my followers thinking maybe I accidentally gave them the keys... Nope! I activated pickpocket on every npc between the hotel and my car... NOPE! So I did what any one would do, I reloaded my last save and checked my inventory, and my keys were there. So I thought "good that fixed my problem it was a minor error" then I went back to the car and I was locked out again. Check my inventory, no keys. Loaded my last save and checked my inventory again... there are the keys. So this time I just went right outside the building and checked my inventory, no keys. What is going on? Now I would just use a cheat to get the caps to replace my car buuut I have alot of stuff in the trunk of that particular car that cannot be added with a code. What do I do to fix this?

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Sounds like you have the keys in inventory only when you are "in the hotel" (an interior cell). They are missing in an exterior cell. That suggests the keys are in a container specific to the interior cell that is showing up in your inventory only there. Have you got some mod like that?


A possible "workaround" would be to use the console "player.additem <base id> <amount>" command in the exterior cell. To get the "<base id>", see this entry in the "Fallout NV Mod Conflict Troubleshooting" guide. The potential problem is that you could wind up with two sets in some circumstances, which the mod may not be prepared to encounter.



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