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Witcher placeable conversion project


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I like it, and I need to get those mushrooms, myself.


Did you see this, Mokah? New lab jars!


And here's v0.257. Includes the most recent placeables as shown in the earlier screenshots, a full set of blueprints from EvilShade and PJ (untested by me), and a nearly completely textured country house.


No...completely missed those. Sweet!

The mushrooms are available on the vault.

Amazing placeables, as always... a great source of inspiration ! Some of the placeables appear black in the toolset, is it normal ? It's not a big problem though, you juste have to change the tint to get the right color.


By the way, did I hear someone say "mushrooms ?"


Those are also nice mushrooms. smile.png


If the placeables appear black, then it's because the blueprint has the colour set to black. The colours should all be set to white by default in their blueprints and resaved, except for certain ones that I made personally to work with custom tint maps. I did not test all of the blueprints.


Mokah, since you want to use the tree scaled up to that size, I could make an alternate version with its texture tiled so that it doesn't look so scaled.


an object this big would also benefit from a 2k texture wink.png

Are those available somewhere?


Yes, I would love a better version of the texture if you want to make one. I also was thinking of making a prefab with that tree even larger, so yes...anything would help.

Not yet, but they'll be available soon on the nexus. I just made one more mushroom growing on the tree, and there is a last one very special I would like to model -but this one is very difficult to make, especially because of the texture work. As soon as it is complete, I'll upload the whole pack on the nexus.


Speaking of that, I think I saw some mushrooms on the Witcher placeables gallery ?


These mushrooms? These are the only ones I recall.


I found an other one ! (no, I'm not obsessed with mushrooms:lol:)


Ah, yes, so there is. It's a very small mushroom, with a small texture, so it can't be enlarged much.


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Mushrooms pack released happy.png

Neat! Any chance they fall into the Reserved 2DA Ranges?

Ah, yes, I forgot this one. I'll see what I can do (don't forget to post screens if you use my mushrooms !happy.png).

All you'll need to do is edit the wiki to add the range you use, and use the same range in your 2da. Using the reserved ranges is more community friendly (you're already being friendly by releasing stuff at all biggrin.png ), it makes it easier for people to incorporate your work.

Done ! (Sorry Tchos for flooding your post sad.png).


I can't complain, when it includes great new placeables. smile.png Besides, I started it, by linking to your lab jars.

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I tinkered with the alpha channel on the cabbage texture, and roughened up the edges of the leaves a bit. You have to be zoomed right in to see the difference in an unscaled cabbage, but you never know when one might be sitting on a table in the foreground of a cinematic conversation. Where halflings are concerned, cabbages could very well be the focus of the conversation in question. When they're not discussing turnips, of course.


Half of the cabbage texture seems to be devoted to pumpkins. Was there a pumpkin model in The Witcher?

Yes, there is a pumpkin, and also a separate model for the pumpkin's vines, for pumpkins placed in a garden. Judging from one of the end scenes in Return of the King, pumpkins are also a matter of enthusiastic discourse for halflings.


Is it this model ?


Yes, that's the one.


Just asking, because I have some pumpkins in my garden, too^_^

Do you have an idea how much placeables you want left to convert ? (I know it's probably not your priority currently...)


I don't have the number offhand, but this is version 0.257 because it contains 25.7% of the total models converted. I divide the number of completed models by the total number to be converted to get the version number. When 100% of the models are converted, it will be version 1.0.


The Witcher pumpkins are not as nice looking as those pumpkins you're making, though they were pretty bad looking in any case and were low in priority.


The project itself has a lower priority than my adventure module, which is in beta test and is near release.

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A list Hmmmm, Let's take a look at all these sweeties.

In seriousness, many of the models have an equivalent in the current stock but for me the following would be a top ten from the ones that do not.

  • The pile of rubbish that has the wheel in it.
  • The book on a stand.
  • The rough wooden bed
  • the rough wooden rocker
  • The rough wooden cabinet (next to the green bottle)
  • The rush bed.
  • The wooden cabinet next to the rush bed
  • The wheel over the shaft head (next to the pike)
  • The rough cot with the blue blanket.
  • The cabinet (next to the array of pots over a fire)
  • The rough wooden stool (next to the mace)
  • The wooden tub (next to the broad leaf plant)
  • The log on a cutting frame/saw horse
  • The table next to the pick axe.
  • The scroll table with the scroll falling off it.
  • Coats on a rail.
  • A pitcher and bottle on a wooden platter.
Sorry, very bad at counting to ten,


In essence There is a huge resource of interior details to be had. All the furniture for sure since the new custom content is light on furniture. things like the lights and the weapons less so as we have these even if the models are NWN2 coarse (callsiter clearly is excluded from this comment). I really don't think anyone will miss the mushroom, The corpses are good and the house plants, the tools are very nice.


Anyways, if you get to these that would be very good indeed. If you can't we will wait, though our fingers be drumming and our mouths drooling in anticipation.



For your list, can you provide filenames for the ones you describe? The names of the thumbnails in the thumbnail gallery are the names of the files.


I don't really know how some of them look, therefore I don't understand your parenthesis references PJ. But, if I may be so bold, and add a couple to this nice list of 10(17) placeables smile.png. They are mostly placeables that I see the names on the utps, and exist nowhere else as models.


1: kennel

2: mapwall

3: mirage

4: wagon. We have many wagons in stock placeables, but if this wagon is as different as the known bed... could be a good addition.


As PJ said, these are simply suggestions in case you want and have time smile.png.



I didn't make the UTPs, but as long as PJ used the name of the file as the name of the UTP, I should be able to find them.


Okay, I've done the kennel. No screenshots yet, though.


Also, strangely enough it doesn't have an interior texture. So I think you'd need to put a door on it, or put the black box on the inside, if you don't want it to be invisible when you look through the door.


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Excellent news. I remember I searched for kennel when I was starting on the toolset. In fact I searched for kennel, cage, jail... and all I found was the wooden cages from the OC. I wanted a kennel since then. Awesome.

It is a little hard to tell from the names but I am going to go with witcher_:




That is the best I can get from the names. I can see from the blueprints that there are many more models than you put into the gallery. I think it would be great to have one of the jugs ... lordy I have wanted something other than the bloddy pitcher model for a very long time.


Thank you for the time you have given to date and, in advance, for any time you can spare.



I've done a few more, from both of your lists.


This one shows drawerhob01, a handsome little piece of furniture, as well as all five of the jugkitch* objects.


Here is the one called kennel01, and clothhang. No individual tinting on the hanging clothes. This one's all sackcloth, all the time.


I'm not sure this is the kind of kennel you had in mind, Andy. It's really more like a henhouse, and not a cage at all. However, there is an object that's in the currently-released pack, called ob_cagesma01 (appearance name "witcher_cagesma01"), which looks like this.


There are two mapwall objects -- 01 and 02. Only one of them is hanging on the wall. The other one should be called mapfloor or something. These need a little editing in their transparency channel to compensate for NWN2's lack of antialiasing for transparencies in placeables.


Oh, and the reason there are more placeables in the 2DA than there are in the gallery is that I've been removing items from the gallery as I've completed the conversions, so that you can see which ones are left to do. I've been a little inconsistent with that, though.


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Hello Tchos,


I've just started a Witcher 3 trilogy play through and haven't played part 1 for ages but was wondering how if it uses the same engine as NWN2 does it look so different ( improved ) and could NWN2 be boosted like this and could it ever "borrow" the over the shoulder camera angle from it ?


ps I really haven't got a clue how these engines work ( but I'm alright with cars ) so feel free to shoot my thoughts down in flames :laugh:

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