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BioWare Continuity Network (BCN) - Preserving the BSN


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Website has been updated.


Project closure listed as questionable, and I've provided links to Tarsh's ticket and the old forum URL since it has all their social media sites listed.


Took aquick look at their blog. There's been 1 post over the last two months. Sigh.

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Been awhile since an update. Hope everyone had a great holiday season :)


A couple announcements:


1. Spreadsheet progress.

We've been on break for the holidays like everyone else. The spreadsheet is almost done. I need to QA the DAO sheet once more and after that the Complete List will get some tweaks.



2. New BCN Account on Nexus.

We've finally gotten permission for a new BCN account on Nexus, which is fantastic. The forum profile is here.


All mods BCN uploads will be under this account. This includes mods already uploaded under people's personal accounts. I'll be getting a complete list of mods to Nexus that we've already uploaded and ownership will be transferred to the new account. Please don't be alarmed if you get a notification of the transfer, and certainly don't challenge the transfer. If you have any questions, please ask in this thread.


Access to this new account will only be granted to a select few BCN staff due to the project's sensitivity regarding permissions. For now, it will remain restricted to myself and Tarshana.



3. New BCN Google Account.

To go with the Nexus account, we now also have a Google account. I'll be publishing the email on the website, which will be one more way mod authors can get in touch with us. It also means I'll be able to transfer the spreadsheet from the ME3Explorer Google account to BCN's own account which is a much better place for it. Access will remain uninterrupted, though it's possible we might have to update links. I'll try to avoid that, if I can.



4. Andromeda.

With Andromeda on the Horizon, there's a good chance we'll see an announcement about the Legacy site. Now would be a good time. Please help us monitor BW's social media sites for new announcements.




That's about it, thanks :)

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