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BioWare Continuity Network (BCN) - Preserving the BSN


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More to the point what I really wanted ask was where and when will the BCN launch?


The website has been up for months and the inventory is close to finished.


What do you mean by "launch"? Not sure what you're waiting for. The website is very, very clear about the goal of BCN. We're an information source. No more, no less.

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Thanks a lot for doing this - it is so sad that they are closing down everything, I don't know why. Maybe they were really disappointed from reactions to Inquisition or EA is doing this. Because it looks like EA put all their propagation into DAI too - like "we stand up for our games" and so on and now they are trolling players with Star Wars for like no reason - like they would give up too.

When I was reading old Bioware writers commenting about their work on Dragon Age Origin, they were so proud, so they added toolsets and all the tutorials, and then everything went down. I really wish they could make another game with all their wishes - something with succes like DAO again.

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