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BioWare Continuity Network (BCN) - Preserving the BSN


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I finally had some free time and started playing ME3 again and of course, I couldn't do that without looking at the mods. How far the tools and mods have come since I was active. Fortunately, my Photoshop and technical skills have improved, so I'm back to modding ME3 again. Due to an unfortunate drive crash I lost all the original PSD's of everything I've ever done. Fortunately, I was smart enough to back most of them up to Mediafire. I'm updating some of my mods and re-releasing them on the Nexus.

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I've got several mods available on the Nexus now. Although, I'm not sure what you mean about comments in the inventory. Oddly, I'm quite new to this site.


Click the link in the OP to the BSNPI. Locate each of your old BSN mods on the sheet, and insert a comment for each one that contains the link to their new page on Nexus. The most logical place to insert the comment is in the column for download location.

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I didn't see anything of mine on that spreadsheet.


....And did you originally release your mods for ME3 as Projects on the old BioWare Social Network (BSN)?



I am fairly certain the N7 Defender Armor and the variants I made for it were up there like that. Everything else, I couldn't say. I hadn't touched the game in years so I wasn't active while everything transitioned. In fact, I was contacted by CreeperLava in 2015 I think it was and that was the last person I talked to about anything mod related. That was after I had been inactive for some time as it is. I missed the whole "DLC" breakthrough for modding and the updated toolset.

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The reason why I contacted DeadMeat was because many of his mods were on smarteck's post, on the forums (not on the projects page). Those links also disappeared with the forum shutdown.

Could be, I wasn't as active on those forums as I probably should have been. I know I had a couple of my own threads later on which should have contained everything I did.

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