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Vertibird Missile Add-on won't let New Vegas load.


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I'm having a problem with the Vertibird Missile Add-on mod. It goes like this:


Whenever I have "XRE Missiles.esp" enabled, New Vegas freezes at the second load screen, (guy with the 6-gun). I've installed with MO, uninstalled and reinstalled manually. Played it back and forth in the load order, (set with LOOT), toggled Archive Invalidation, and whatever I could think of even it not indicated with this.


Whenever "XRE Missiles.esp" is unchecked for load, NV loads OK, and everything else seems to work OK, including other XRE car and Vertibird mods such as "Vertibird Interior".


It seems that others are using this mod without any difficulties. Apparently there's something very simple and basic I've missed, and the information on the Vertibird Missile Add-on I need to be able to get a clue on how to solve this just doesn't seem to be available. At least I've not been able to find it.


I'm wondering if anyone else has had this problem with the missile add-on. And if so, what caused it?, and how to fix it?


Any help or insight on this would be greatly appreciated. I can give a lot more info on my load setup and so on if needed, but I hope someone has a quick answer to this. As I said, it must be something very simple and maybe obvious, to others :-)



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