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Shiv gaining xp/promotions


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Yea, that's why I put it in a PS, since it was unrelated to your post, just a personal opinion of mine. There's a few different options available to you at this point so if you're willing to put in the energy and time then I'm certain you can manage to make the changes. Best of luck!

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I just wanted to drop in and give my support for both the idea of a SHIV Progression system and a 'we got a slot to spare for SHIV'. I absolutely love the SHIV's and the idea that they could gain perks and have a level progression is very awesome in my opinion.


Of course there's also the question of how fast a SHIV should level, and what perks they'd be able to get that has to be solved.

And possibly how enemies should deal with them as they can be quite powerful.







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