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Show important information as you would a file requirement?


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Hi there, just a small suggestion or request for help. Nexus is robust... a particular feature isn't "missing" per se but I'm noticing how it would certainly aid me in my current modding experience.


I've noticed that I need to give people some important information before they download. I can't say it's necessary for every mod out there, but clearly people are not reading the description page, downloading and encountering a problem that is mentioned in the description they chose not to read. By the time they've read it or been told to read it, it's generally too late - they've saved their game many times between then and now and reverting back is a pain. Again probably not an issue with the majority of mods, but the nature of this bug is one time I would definitely choose to leave some forced important notice for downloaders.


Is there a step, or could there be a step included in file requirements like "Important Notice" or such? This way I could slip in what they need to look out for when using the mod and they'd be forced to OK that information.


This will also reduce the number of times I need to write "read the description" in the mods users comments... :wink: I guess "Read the desc" is today's form of "Read the manual"... a lot of people choose not to. If there's any current way to make this important info pop up (it doesn't look like you can manipulate the file requirements settings to do so) please let me know.


Thanks Nexus!

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I'm afraid it's a case of "you can lead a horse to water, but you can't make it drink" on this subject.


It doesn't matter how many warnings, notices, info boxes or messages you throw at some people, they refuse to read the important details, or ignore them on the odd occasions where they do. Some people just seem adverse to reading details.

The closest thing we have to what you are looking for is reserved for the "required files" information. I suppose there could be some alteration done to that allow it to display a sort of vital information "Bullet points" style list, but it would have to be kept short and direct.

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Thanks. Well, I don't disagree about whatever you write may be ignored. It could be thought of as an agreement between the mod author and the end user, a sort of EULA if you will that is more "endorsed by" Nexus than it is "to do with the operation of [Nexus]". People make mods, a lot of people play them, many mod authors quit cos they're tired of the question-answer loop, a semi-EULA would allow mod authors to outright cease those kind of replies, and other users (who read the same EULA) will answer on mod authors behalf. This does happen to some degree simply by writing a decent description, but the description doesn't really have the stance of being any kind of EULA, it's certainly got little weight as an agreement between the author and the end user.


I totally agree it should be short, concise and not bloated or anything. By downloading a mod, you should really agree to the terms of the author, as part of that download, especially if you feel you can just ask anything of them simply cos you played/own their mod. A single bullet point that allows a paragraph of "author terms" in the popup that checks if you have the right DLC just before the download starts, would be a blessing. I think the site does everything really well and very intuitively. But for an end user when it comes to "requirements" to accept using (my) works I feel there is a step missing where I can call some shots about their use of my work (or warning them of a nasty bug or such). It probably sounds a bit harsh in writing, but not so sure it is in reality. Mine would say:


  • By downloading and using my mod, you have read and accept the [name of] bug in this mod that may exist, that you will take the necessary steps noted in the description to fix it before asking me for help, as my time is limited. Thank you.

Or something to that effect in about that many words. And that's that. I don't know what other people might write. If my mod didn't have a bug (btw it's an unsolved issue across many mods) I might simply put "By downloading and using my mod, you agree that it may/may not function as intended and that you are responsible for backing up any save games and attempts to fix it, I cannot be held responsible for broken save games" etc. Of course, wouldn't want it to be abused "By downloading you accept to send me $5 every month" or whatever kind of naughty EULA clauses, so I can see there may be a need for moderation, or perhaps only a feature for paid users or those with certain credentials (3+ mods or whatnot)...or both.


Ok well thanks for reading my idea and responding :smile: As I say, it's good as it is. But with desc page to make this statement, as a mod author, I don't feel I've quite been given the tool or done all I can to make a point clear. Merely a suggestion, though - thanks again for responding!

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