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Big changes for the Nexus Mod Manager and the introduction of Tannin42, our new head of NMM development


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In response to post #43209145. #43209380 is also a reply to the same post.

RoyBatterian wrote: Here's hoping for advanced mode.

Here's also hoping for quashing that time zone bug (I think) that likes to uninstall all your mods I've reported several times.

I don't know how to feel about this.
DuskDweller wrote: Hi Roy, can you post a link to one of your reports so we can have a look at it?

I'd have to dig, that was like 2 years ago by now I think. I stopped using NMM the third time it uninstalled all my Skyrim mods after an update. I saw someone complain about it not even a week ago though.
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I'm quite excited about this. I've used both tools quite extensively and the idea of only needing to worry about one program for all of my needs is very nice indeed. I hope all goes well and when the time eventually comes for testing I'll keep an eye out to see if you're needing volunteers.
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I'm cautiously optimistic about this. If you can successfully merge the easy learning curve of NMM and the virtualization features of MO, I'm sold. That seems like a fantastic goal. However, they both have problems and I feel like compromises will have to be made. I also feel like those compromises, if they do come up, will tend to resolve more on the side of NMM, which, as an MO user, I don't like the sound of. That said, good luck and congrats to Tannin.
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Hopefully this will separate all mods into their own folders by default, like MO! The un-navigable dumpyard in my Data folder was really the one reason I could never use NMM. All users will benefit from this, Especially the ones that don't understand what that means. Edited by opusGlass
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In response to post #43210170. #43211035, #43211690 are all replies on the same post.

moho25 wrote: Just had to check if it was April 1st.

Wow. This is... surprising.

I'm a pretty diehard MO fan. It does have a significantly steeper learning curve than NMM, yes, but is a much more powerful tool. It's a flat out amazing tool, actually, despite the somewhat dated GUI.

Which is why I fall into the "concerned" camp. People used MO precisely b/c they didn't want to use NMM. B/c they wanted (possibly even needed) the additional features and level of control that MO provided. So, the big concern, of course, is: will those features be retained? Or, in the goal to try to please/appeal to everyone -- advanced and novice users -- will the new tool end up with too many compromises? Ultimately, the question is this: Do the goals Nexus has for NMM redux align with what MO users expect (and were expecting) from MO?

Well... I guess we'll find out.
Tannin42 wrote: One goal for the new NMM is to be very extensible so the goals we have don't necessarily have to 100% align with the expectations of every single user.
There just has to be a developer somewhere willing to implement the adjustments.
moho25 wrote: Will Nexus be bundling a certain amount of extensions with the tool (that are optional) that retain all the features in MO that NMM lacks (last time I checked, anyway)?

Also, will it retain MO's virtual file system rather than modifying the Data directory, physically?

A moddable mod tool?
(Thanks for MO, while I'm here. It's almost perfect for me) Edited by Tastou
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In response to post #43209810. #43210050 is also a reply to the same post.

christoph392008 wrote: Stunning. Explains a lot on the MO end tho. Being saddled with NMM (lacking a stable MO for FO4) hasn't always been a pleasure.

Excited to see what happens!
Tannin42 wrote: Please don't draw the wrong conclusion here: MO2 progress was very slow long before I was offered this position. My previous job was quite tiring and made it hard for me to invest time into MO.
This slow progress on MO was a reason for me to accept the offer, it wasn't the other way around.

Of course there was some progress on MO and now there is none but I'm not sure if I would have had a stable MO2 anytime soon even if I had continued.

Totally understandable and thanks for the response.

I'm very happy you are getting a paying gig for MM development. Its excellent news!
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