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Concrete floor pieces needed.


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I was using the concrete pieces from the wasteland workshop and noticed that it would be really nice if there were a couple pieces added notably floor pieces.





in this pic is a normal concrete floor snapped to a large curved wall i have highlighted in red the part that needs to be deleted so that the floor would snap flawlessly to the round wall leaving an opening in the center of the round wall. reason for this is so you can make columns and have the opening still open but have a floor snapped to it I use a mod called G2M workshop that adds some spiral stair cases that work with the round walls but there is currently no way to have a floor on top of the round walls.


and for the smaller size round walls i have two pics to show 2 different way this could be handled.

first is a large floor snapped to the center of the column.




next pic is using the small floors





If anyone is willing to tackle something like this I would be greatly thankful.


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