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The most beautiful NPC


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The mage with the enemies explode spell...



...with enemies explode spell? ...is it from some mod,i think it is... :yes:


Nope, I think shes in the Skingrad mages guild if memory serves.


And above poster, I sense a bunch of perverts going to azuras shrine right now <__<

Nah, that was a literary technique known as sarcasm.


As for the mage, she's in Bravil. Don't argue with me. She's in Bravil.

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Yea don't mess with ninja_lord! :P


When did I mess with Ninja_lord?


You sound like you are sad that you were wrong about the NPC not being a mod...I suggest boosting self confidence



I think we have some misunderstanding, when i said "Yea don't mess with ninja_lord",that was some kind of joke...

...and about that NPC in Bravil (or where ever she is),i made a mistake, :sweat: ...



...(sorry about my english,I'm not very good in it)...

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I was always partial to Sigrid, found in the Kvatch camp, so much so I used her face on the Rhianna Companion mod for a long while. Not so much that she's beautiful, more cute and classical; interesting.


Sigrid re-visits Kvatch



Sigrid as companion atop Frostcraig Spire building



A few enhancements in Construction set helped too.


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