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Warden armor Swaps


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greetings all,


i was wondering if someone would be able to make some stand alone mods to swap the warden armors around namely:


a mod to swap the PC Human/Dwarven Male armors to that of the warden officer armor seen here:








i always felt the winged helmets looked odd using them with the standard warden armor which lacks the elongated flaps in the back. The Elven males, female chars and female inquisitor are already wearing this style and the winged helmets go together well.


one to swap the female armors to that of the variant that doesnt have the elongated flaps seen here;






the flapless female warden armor is already in the files at least for the human females.


The other mod i was hoping someone could make was one to swap the warden winged helmet for the non winged version since the Vanilla player armor doesn't have the elongated flaps. Attempting to swap the models around using mod maker didn't work since mod maker requires the exact same amount of vertices in order to import a model asset.


I don't suppose aoyone is willing to attempt it?

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I'm surprised that this never caught wind to anyone even after six years. I've been wanting the exact same thing since the game came out. Don't worry my friend, I'll try and get it to some modders' attention so this beautiful dream may someday be a reality!

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