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Simple help needed (hopefully)


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Hi all


I have recently reinstalled Morrowind after a loooooonnnngggg way away from the game, put several mods on and lovin it but I am desperately trying to remember a quest/mod I used to do.


All I recall was you went to some ruins (i believe) and found a ring, this then gave u access to a multi-level tower with mannequins etc but for the life of me I can't remember if its a quest in-game or a mod.


Sorry for the vagueness but can anyone remember what it is from this description?





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I've never had the pleasure of playing a Morrowind Mod in my life, a disgrace I'll be changing very soon, but I do have over a decade of experience playing unmodded Morrowind. While I'm woefully unprepared to help you locate the mod your looking for, I can tell you that your looking for a mod as there are no "mannequins" of any kind in the base game nor the expansions. Sorry for the lack of otherwise useful help.

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