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Maybe it's just me, I feel like there is not a lot of good shotgun mods out there for FO4 except the IF-88 :( It seems that gun modders add in new rifles, sniper rifles, smgs, but not not a lot of modders add in shotguns? :'( For us shotgun lovers, we'd all appreciate a good shotgun such as the saiga 12. A nice clean texture, rails on the gun for optic attachments, a few barrel attachments like a suppressor, muzzle break, or a flash hider. And nobody needs to spend all day making up a new reload animation for it, just use the vanilla ak reload animation from nuka world and have the ejection port, plus the charging handle on the left side of the gun so the reload animation makes sense obviously..


Anybody who would like a sweet semi auto/full auto shotgun in fo4 should comment and maybe if it gets enough attention we could have a great mod on our hands! I personally think a quality saiga 12 mod into fo4 will be a hit since there is not a lot of shotgun mods for the game yet. Any takers? :D

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