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New Community Resource: Cloth


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So I play with a lot of crafting mods and I've noticed that to create a lot of cloth items requires either leather and/or linen wraps. Often time the leather plain doesn't make sense, as I'm crafting an item made entirely of cloth. The linen wraps at least have a certain logic to them but 1) You've got to go dungeon delving to get them, which isn't always early-game friendly. 2) They weigh way more than they ought to. 3) Ew? Rotting old linen from some crypt? I mean have you seen those things?


So here's what I propose (and I'll gladly help out with making it a reality, it's just a tad beyond my current skill level:


We make a new, open source, community resource: cloth. You buy it in bolts from various vendors, break it down into pieces or scraps, and those are used to craft the items.


I'm already working out some of the details like weight, pricing, etc.


Anyone interested?

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