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I just recently started playing Skyrim SE, and so happy I can spend hours (without crashing) with epic mods from all you fine folks and have turned my version into a beautiful, fun and balanced game with these great mods from you all..
I am having a blast!!
I am seeking info of a mod that is out for SE or possibly in the works that is or are like Jaxonz Mod, Loadout Mod or Hotkey your gear Mod (just learned of them watching video on super slow net now)
This is what I am essentially looking for/alike - and None of these files show up in search on Nexus SSE currently..
I'd like to switch between a set of equipment that is my primary, a set I use for special range attacks/enchants etc like carry weight chants, and for simply roleplay in citys etc etc ..

I understand the tedious time it takes to get these mods to shine and ready to use, and in no hurry, I literally have all the time in the world.
If anyone knows of a similar mod that I can manage these things that is ready to use, It would prove most useful.

Thank you very much!

Spells and incantations for those with the knowledge to cast them..
..like the rest of the great warriors?

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