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The only spoiler here is the name of a place and an extremely vague comment, nothing more.


A little while after reaching Starcity, I lose the ability to meditate. I was a level 28 when I realized this, and I thought it had to do with Starcity itself, like I missed something in the dialogue that explained it.


I leveled up to 29, and eventually 30. After going through some plot points, I returned to Sun Temple, and I still cannot meditate. When I press the Talent button, the compass bar flashes a few times as if to say I'm waiting for a cool-down or something, but I'm starting to think it's a bug.


Is it written into the game to restrict the player from assigning more skills once you've visited Starcity? I've already replayed over two hours of the game (leveling up from 28 through 30 again), and the "bug" begins right after the old guy yells down to us about a security system.


If you don't know the answer, but know of a better place I should ask this question, I'd appreciate that too.

Anything helps.

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Seems quite a common problem after a quick google search. One post i found suggested this...

If it's only affecting meditation you could try...

cow akropolis 0,0
and for return
coc arkmarket.

Although that is just bypassing the problem, not fixing it. And obviously won't help if the problem spreads to other powers....but it's something at least.

Maybe they can help you better over on the SureAI forums


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