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Hey guys! I just have a simple request for anyone who might have already made a Divine Crusader weapons and armor mod for Skyrim, if they would be willing to make it available for Xbox One. Back in the glory days of Oblivion this was my favorite gear and I was a big fan of the Knights of the Nine DLC and its lore. I always wished I could RP an anti-Thalmor Divine Crusader in Skyrim, but was unable too, since the 360 didn't allow mods of course. I remember seeing this mod for PC a long time ago, and was always quite envious. With the addition of Xbox One console mods, I would be very grateful if the creator of this mod could up-load it to the xbox one. Anyhow, I thought I would throw this request out there. Thanks for your time guys! I hope we can make this a thing.

In addition, anyone who might be interested in making a quest mod involving the divine crusader, a new order of the Knights of the Nine, Talos, and the thalmor I think would find a lot of potential here for something lore friendly and fulfilling as parameters for a good quest mod.

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