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HELP changing water currents


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Hello, and thank you in advance for reading this!


I've recently received a bug report that my mod (which simply adds smelters and other crafting equipment to town/cities/etc.) has reversed the direction of the water current in Riverwood. I have no idea how I managed to accomplish this, but I did. When I loaded up Riverwood in the creation kit in attempt to fix this issue, I quickly became frustrated..


Is there no way to select the water plane? I can select the sound and fx markers, but I have no idea how to select the water itself.


I've watched a couple YouTube tutorials in which new water planes of the desired current direction were placed into a cell, and I've read online forums which suggest placing and modifying WaterCurrentMarkers. Neither of these methods have seemed to work in my situation. I am unable to drag and drop any new water planes into Riverwood, and the addition of new WaterCurrentMarkers, or the alteration of current ones, does not seem to have any effect on the direction of the current.


Any suggestions or tips would be GREATLY appreciated!

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