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Uh, hello. I don't think I've posted here ever, for Fallout 4 at least. Well, I'll lay out what I'd like to see here, and hope that someone capable can set this up.


I want to reintroduce the hidden perk Meat of Champions into Fallout 4. It was a funny one in New Vegas that most people never found or bothered with because it entailed killing and eating the bodies of every faction leader in the game. So, since that was a huge thing to do for a minor SPECIAL boost, it was hilarious but useless.


I want to add a different version of this to the game. I want to make it so that if you choose to kill the faction leaders and eat them that you gain a permanent buff to your cannibal healing.


For example, if you choose to kill and eat Elder Maxson, you will from then on gain a temporary +1 Strength and +1 Endurance for about the next minute after you eat a corpse. It doesn't stack, and eating another corpse just resets the minute, it doesn't add extra time.


If you kill and eat Father, you get +1 Intelligence and +1 Perception. For Desdemona, +1 Agility and +1 Luck.


The only one you get withou huge consequence is if you eat the already deceased General McGann in the Castle you get +1 Charisma. This is the odd one out because he's already dead and you don't lose a major faction by doing this so you only get one, noncombat focused point.


Ultimately, if you eat all four you get a +1 to every SPECIAL stat for around a minute, a useful buff in combat or while traveling, which makes cannibalism enticing to it's garbage 8 endurance requirement.


I know this is a huge thing to ask for. Mainly because there's no order to the way you acquire the boosts, so it might need a version of each perk for however many you do collect (so if you don't want to lose your favorite faction you just don't get the boost for that leader but still get the others.)


I would love to see this though. And especially if you can get it to Xbox One / PS4.


Either way, does anyone have any thoughts on this? Some way to improve it without it being overpowered, like duration increases for the buffs based on, say, how many bodies eaten so far? Let me know!

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