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I am an amateur composer, looking for some experience etc. just to join some development and make music for it.

Yeah I am an amateur, but I really like scoring and I'm writing stuff in my free time, although there lay a lot of things to teach ahead, I think my music is sometimes similar to professional scores and You wouldn't recognize it's an amateur one...


Note: I am about to pass an state exams on my school so I will have plenty of free time by June 2017 and later. Just writing to get know about myself... interested? Wanna listen to something I've created? Write back :smile:




below href to my first Christmas song, although there's plenty thing to improve, still listenable, isn't ? :smile:



TO: [email protected]


EDIT: please write a comment below as well, I don't so often check inbox...





at the Internet: http://gfscores.yolasite.com

at soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/user-76085691

at deviantart: http://gfscores.deviantart.com

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