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My (poor) experience with Nexus and things that could be improved


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I don't enjoy nexus but it's the only place hosting some mods. (which, naturally, are too large to download without an account. so, to download the mod, I go through the rigamarole of creating an account with a website I use only out of necessity, because there's no other way to obtain the file. Lo and behold, nexus *immediately* tries to fool new users into paying them money. I know the site needs money to continue running, but the way the splash page is laid out makes it appear as though you have to pay to get access, it is not obvious that premium is optional.)

the website is laggy as heck and barely functional, honestly would not used if I were not forced to in order to download some mods.


0/10 If you require a monopoly to maintain users, then maybe that's a hint that you're doing a terrible job.



In actuality, some things that would make for a better overall experience, assuming anyone cares-


1. ditch the large file size account requirement. if necessary, do something like adfly or force users to download via torrent, I don't care. having to make an account just to download one mod that happens to be over the file size limit is extremely irritating.

2. optimize it. the only web page to rival the lagginess of Nexusmods is Tumblr. Not only do pages load slowly, but my browser actually drops frames noticeably whenever a nexus page is open. framerates should not be an issue on web pages, period.

3. navigation currently sucks. first item: author names should be clickable. this shouldn't be too difficult to implement given that users can already search posts by author. uploader should also have a link in the top banner thing.

4. navigation: second item: screen real estate. the top bar is nearly useless and would make more sense as a dropdown of the nexus mods logo. replace the existing links with mod categories or sorting options.put search and login on the same line, those two little bits of text really don't need a whole toolbar to themselves. It would also be nice to have the content area fill up a little more horizontal space, both allowing more room to display the actual content of the page, as well as reducing the ridiculous amount of margin space.

5. the background is distracting as heck. toning it down a bit with some dark transparency would make it attract they eye less and make everything less overly busy the way it is now. this brings me to

6. while some places have wasted space, others are too cramped and busy. for one thing, the info panel below the images. on it's own, the information bits are okay, but coupled with the sizing and density of the action buttons and the relative smallness of the image thumbnails, it's overwhelmingly dense. a good way to fix this would be to make the action buttons smaller and the thumbnails larger. by providing a scaling difference, you provide an importance hierarchy, wherein the largest elements call the most attention. The webpages as they appear now are dense and distracting because there isn't much of a sizing difference between everything, which makes sorting through all of that information more stressful and difficult. Not intuitive or pleasant.

7. the tabs at the bottom are a good idea, but they don't need icons, or at least not ones so massive. text is enough, maybe with a small inline icon for decoration.

8. Just about the only parts of the design I like are the color scheme (dark is good for night readers and saves a little screen power) and the little banner thing for mods. The banners look nice and are very well laid out.



?. possibly consider moving the top banner ad to float on the side or overlay on the bottom so as to take up less vertical screen-space (or stick it on the download popup that appears)? most browser windows have more horizontal than vertical space available.

?. Ads are part of the reason these pages are so slow. Is there a way to forcibly disable ads that use nested iframes instead of images + video? (I mean really, some ads have 4+ nested iframes, x4 ads per page. 16 iframes is going to take a toll on any webpage.)

?. considering the parallels, comparing nexus to curse seems reasonable. Curse pulls it off fairly well, despite the technical failings of their own mod manager- the website itself runs smoothly and is marvelously easy to use. consider borrowing some of their design concepts.


?. a web-based page load speed test for a random SDV mod page- https://tools.pingdom.com/#!/cyWYR1/http://www.nexusmods.com/stardewvalley/mods/607/? shows places where performance could be improved.


My main beefs are, of course 1 & 2, though the visual layout of the site *is* a problem in my opinion.




EDIT: when I have free time this weekend maybe I'll do a mockup stylesheet to try and fix the visual issues. Unfortunately issues 1-4.5 aren't really solvable without editing the html itself.

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I recently recognized a bug while viewing a mod. I like to read what others are saying about a mod before deciding to download a file or I have issues with it. Navigating to he next page if it has multiple pages suddenly no longer work. This happens on every mod page I visit. Scrolling thru the forums to see if this issue was already addressed I have had no problems. The issue now is reporting this to Nexus using the proper channels. I clicked on the button to report the problem and OMG! You'd think I was asking for Top Secret Clearance. I spent hours viewing that website's page trying different things but Alas could not make heads or tails out of anything. I admit I am not computer savvy as many who play these games, silver sneaker 67, but I've been playing videos games since Doom,San Andreas and Vice City. Long story short I was unable to let this issue be known thru the proper channels and I tried. There was no particular section that clearly outlined as to where text should be typed or drop down menu. The only thing that was clear to me was this web page was clearly out of my league. My hope , someone will see this and get back to me with clearer instructions. If there is the only place to report a bug I fill is connected to Nexus website then I will have to live with bugs. Until then It's gameplay as usual.

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Hi LEE65x,


Are you blocking Javascript? That is the most common reason for pages to fail to work as intended.


Can you please create a new topic if you're still having an issue as this thread is over 2 years old.

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