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I have thought in an interasanting quest mod that would be cool in Skyrim, something like God of War series. Of course gods' names will have to be changed, something like that:

- Zeus / Lorkhan

- Chronos / Akatosh

- Hades / Arkay

- Hera / Mara

- Ares / Mehrunes Dagon

- Hermes / Zenithar

- Athena / Julianos

- Eleos / Stendarr

- Aphrodite / Dibella

- Hercules or Perseus / Talos
- Apolo / Azura

- Artemis / Hircine

- Dionysos / Sheogorath


And the story could be something like:

Lorkhan, the forgotten god, have returned, and he want revenge from Akatosh for have taken your position among the another gods. This battle causes a civil war among the divines and daedric princes, and the player have to choose whose side are he on

But could be too something like:

After dragons and the civil war, Mehrunes have become stronger than ever, and now he want revenge and the dominion of Tamriel


I personally prefer so much the first.

So many weapons and armors could be added, and this would be the best mod ever!



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