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Can anyone pls make a mod to use arms' skin option as a single arm option?


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Hi guys.
I was wondering if is there any mod that allows to use "arms" customization for single arm customization.
For example, one of the kevlar's "arms" customization shows both arms wrapped in some sort of bandages.
Is there a mod to take that customization only for one arm?
Or is there a way I can make this happen via ini ?
I think it's very easy to made for someone who's been modding xcom.
I mean a mod that allows the both arms' customization skin (like this vanilla kevlar http://i.imgur.com/aDG0NT6.jpg ) to be used as a single arm customization. So for example I can set the left arm like one of the vanilla kevlars and set the other one as warden armor for example http://images.akamai.steamusercontent.c ... 799D4B935/
Mainly I'd like to have just the kevlars' variants and maybe the predator too.
Can anyone undertake this Mission :3 ?


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